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January/February 2015

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The Growing Pains of Cloud Storage

The rapid growth of cloud storage has created challenges for storage architects to meet different customers' diverse performance and reliability requirements while controlling costs in a multitenant cloud environment. Erasure-coded storage and software-defined storage (SDS) could address these challenges and open up new opportunities for innovation, as well as ease the transition from traditional IT storage solutions to cloud storage solutions. Read full article (Requires login) »

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IEEE Internet Computing covers all aspects of Internet computing, from programming and standards to security and networking. Published bimonthly, the magazine offers peer-reviewed feature, department, and column articles for both industry and academic readers.

Articles from IEEE Internet Computing

Understanding Location-Based User Experience

Understanding Location-Based User Experience

As location-based applications increase in scope and variety, engineering them to deliver a high-quality user experience becomes increasingly important. Read full article »

Knocking Down Strawmen

Knocking Down Strawmen

Many debates concerning the Internet's openness and neutral treatment are based on strawman proposals that don’t consider its fundamental design philosophy of architecture and protocols. Read full article »


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