Continuous Digital Health

July/August 2015

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A transformation is underway regarding how we deal with our health, not only because mobile Internet technology has made it possible to have continuous access to personal health information, but also because breaking the trend of ever-growing healthcare costs is increasingly necessary. Connectivity, interoperability, sensing, and instant feedback through smartphones all provide new opportunities for gaining insights into our health behavior. Such insights improve our understanding of what motivates people to make healthier changes throughout their lifetimes. Thus, this special issue reviews and shares advances in wireless, connected, and mobile health research that expand the possibilities. Read full article »

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IEEE Internet Computing covers all aspects of Internet computing, from programming and standards to security and networking. Published bimonthly, the magazine offers peer-reviewed feature, department, and column articles for both industry and academic readers.

Articles from IEEE Internet Computing

Privacy Governance in Cyberspace

Privacy Governance in Cyberspace

Multi-stakeholder mechanisms can be a promising way to deal with privacy policies in the global cyberspace. Read full article »

Thingsonomy: Tackling Variety in Internet of Things Events

Thingsonomy: Tackling Variety in Internet of Things Events

To assure rapid adoption of Internet of Things applications, application developers and users need to be abstracted from IoT infrastructure via scalable middleware. Read full article »


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