Irregular Applications:
From Architectures to Algorithms

August 2015

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Irregular applications present unpredictable memory-access patterns, data-dependent control flow, and fine-grained data transfers. Only a holistic view spanning all layers of the hardware and software stack can provide effective solutions to address these challenges. Read full article »

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Anil Jain: 25 Years of Biometric Recognition

Anil Jain: 25 Years of Biometric Recognition

With everyday biometrics use — unlocking your smartphone with your fingerprint or face, for example — we review its technological evolution to help us understand where it might lead us. Read full article »

Roy T. Fielding: Understanding the REST Style

Roy T. Fielding: Understanding the REST Style

Scratch the surface of most modern networked applications, and you'll see the various application parts exchanging data using an approach called Representational State Transfer (REST). Read full article »


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Promoting Semantic Interoperability in Europe

ISA fosters interoperability in various layers. This includes a number of initiatives for promoting semantic interoperability in Europe. Via a common metadata vocabulary or Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS), relevant assets can be searched and exchanged through the Federation on Joinup.

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