Open Simulation Laboratories

September/October 2015

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In this introduction for the special issue on open simulation laboratories, the guest editors describe how OSLs will become more common as their potential is better understood and they begin providing access to valuable datasets to much larger segments of the scientific community. New analysis tools and ways to do science will inevitably develop as a result. Read full article »

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Copublished with the American Institute of Physics, CiSE features the latest computational science and engineering research in an accessible format along with departments covering news and analysis, CSE in education, and emerging technologies.

Articles from CiSE

Big Data: Next-Generation Machines for Big Science

Big Data: Next-Generation Machines for Big Science

James Hack and Michael Papka explore the current state of exascale computing capabilities. Read full article »

Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Interested volunteers — and their computers — join the team as citizen scientists when the amount of raw data exceeds our capacity to process it. Read full article »


Calls for Papers

Committee on the Future of Advanced Computing
"Whither the Future of NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure?" Associate editor in chief Steven Gottlieb discusses a National Research Council's Committee on the future of advanced computing. Read full article»


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