NERSC: 40 Years and Counting

May/June 2015

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The oil embargo of the early 1970s stalled cars but began a supercomputing story that continues to this day. The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, the state-of-the-art national facility that serves government, industry, and academic users today, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014. The guest editors of this special issue document that history and describe the articles they selected to highlight it. Read full article »

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Articles from CiSE

What Got Done in One Year at NSF's Stampede Supercomputer

What Got Done in One Year at NSF's Stampede Supercomputer

Aaron Dubrow describes the National Science Foundation's Stampede supercomputer and how scientists are using it to tackle seven important research topics. Read full article »

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration

Here, Matthew Turk considers the trade-offs and drawbacks between providing a full stack, versus components, when vertically integrating developments into scientific software. Read full article »


Calls for Papers

Committee on the Future of Advanced Computing
"Whither the Future of NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure?" Associate editor in chief Steven Gottlieb discusses a National Research Council's Committee on the future of advanced computing. Read full article»


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