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July/August 2015

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For each and every one of us, big data impinges on our personal and professional lives. However, the development of visualization and visual analytics tools has focused on data important to science, business, and government. This special issue gathers six research articles that explore personal visualization and analytics, showing the range and diversity of topics, ranging from health and fitness information, to energy consumption, to records of their interactions with others through social media. The articles in this issue illustrate that personal visualization and analytics offer substantial opportunities to help individuals gain insight and knowledge about themselves and their communities. Read full article »

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Articles from IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Premo: DreamWorks Animation's New Approach to Animation

Premo: DreamWorks Animation's New Approach to Animation

Premo offers a state-of-the-art animator experience with fully deforming characters, complex environments, and real-time lighting that is indicative of final rendered images. The result is a natural interface for 3D animation, in contrast to the highly technical interfaces often required by other professional animation tools. Read full article »

Eye Tracking for Personal Visual Analytics

Eye Tracking for Personal Visual Analytics

Eye tracking analyzes the distribution of visual attention in various scenarios and could soon become ubiquitous, recording massive amounts of data in everyday situations. Read full article »


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