Distinguished Visitors Program: US and Canada

The IEEE Computer Society is pleased to present the Regions 1-7 (U.S. and Canada) Distinguished Vistors [Speakers] Program. North American chapters interested in the speakers below should refer to the general guidelines for the DVP.



Shiyan Hu (2015-2017)

Smart Home Cybersecurity: Threat and Defense in a Cyber-Physical System
Nanoscale Interconnect Optimizations for Emerging Technologies



Hal Berghel (2014-2016)

The Digital Assault on Privacy
The Modern Surveillance State
Technology and Survivable Journalism
The Future of Digital Money Laundering

Crime.Com: post-modern criminal behavior


Dennis J. Frailey (2012-2014)
An Industry View of Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Software Engineering Education and Accreditation
Careers in Computing - How to Prepare and What to Expect
Can Software Engineering Thrive in a Computer Science or Computer Engineering Department?



Ramesh Kari (2013-2015)

Specializations: VLSI Test and Trust; Trustworthy Hardware; Cyber Meets Nano




Prabhakar Kudva (2013-2015)




Vahid Garousi (2013-2015)
Practical Software Testing: Linking Industry and Academia
Software Testing Education: How can we train Highly-skilled Software Test
Test Cost-Effectiveness and Defect Density: A Case Study on the Android Platform


Philippe Kruchten (2013-2015)
Managing Technical Debt
Games Software Architects Play
Agility and Architecture: An Oxymoron?



George Proeller  (2014-2016)
Multimodal Biometrics Uses in Person Identification and Verification
Personal Electronic Devices; iPODS, PDAs and Cell Phones a Forensics Discussion
Cloud Security and Forensics
Blackhats vs Whitehats
Securing SCADA Systems
Security and Intelligent Transport Systems

Tao Xie  (2014-2016)
Software Analytics: Data Analytics for Software Engineering
Transferring an Automated Test Generation Tool to Practice
Teaching and Learning Programming and Software Engineering via Interactive Gaming
Improving Software Dependability via Cooperative Testing and Analysis
Pathways to Technology Transfer and Adoption: Achievements and Challenges
PhD-Program Preparation for Successful Post-PhD Career
Text Analytics for Mobile App Security and Beyond


Xun Luo

Xun Luo

Trends, Technologies and Standards Activities for Collaborative Displays
From Augmented Reality to Augmented Computing: A Look at Cloud-Mobile Convergence Paradigms