WEBINARS — Leads Your Way

IEEE Computer Society is known around the world for its cutting-edge webinars presented by true Subject Matter Experts. Now, associate your brand with our expertise in webinars prepared by you—or by us.
  • 300 guaranteed lead optional
  • Extensive marketing by IEEE Computer Society
  • Average number of registrants: 630
  • Over 97% of past attendees would attend future webinars
  • Over 87% of attendees are likely to refer webinars to colleagues
  • 60% view webinars foe 40 minutes or more
  • Your topic or ours
  • Your experts or ours

SPONSORED WHITE PAPERS — Build Credibility and Leads

You have white papers and we have an audience for them.
  • 400,000 computing professionals visit computer.org, where your whitepaper can be featured 
  • Position your technology content with the most sought-after expertise in the industry
  • Build your database with prescreened qualified leads
  • No easier way to enhance your brand and target your audience

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