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PIWI: Visually Exploring Graphs Based on Their Community Structure
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
By Jing Yang, Yujie Liu, Xin Zhang, Xiaoru Yuan, Ye Zhao,S. Barlowe, Shixia Liu
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 1034-1047
Community structure is an important characteristic of many real networks, which shows high concentrations of edges within special groups of vertices and low concentrations between these groups. Community related graph analysis, such as discovering relation...
Real-Time Speed Limit Sign Detection and Recognition from Image Sequences
Found in: Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence, International Conference on
By Wei Liu, Yujie Liu, Hongfei Yu, Huai Yuan, Hong Zhao
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 262-267
Traffic sign, especially speed limit sign recognition is important in a driver assistance system. In this paper, a robust approach for real-time detection and recognition of speed limit sign is presented. It consists of two major steps: sign detection and ...
Mindicators: A Scalable Approach to Quiescence
Found in: 2013 IEEE 33rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS)
By Yujie Liu,Victor Luchangco,Michael Spear
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 206-215
We introduce the Mindicator, a new shared object that is optimized for querying the minimum value of a set of values proposed by several processes. A mindicator may hold at most one value per process. This interface is designed for use in shared memory run...
On the platform specificity of STM instrumentation mechanisms
Found in: 2013 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO)
By Wenjia Ruan,Yujie Liu,Chao Wang,Michael Spear
Issue Date:February 2013
pp. 1-10
Supporting atomic blocks (e.g., Transactional Memory (TM)) can have far-reaching effects on language design and implementation. While much is known about the language-level semantics of TM and the performance of algorithms for implementing TM, little is kn...
Mounds: Array-Based Concurrent Priority Queues
Found in: 2012 41st International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP)
By Yujie Liu,Michael Spear
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 1-10
This paper introduces a concurrent data structure called the mound. The mound is a rooted tree of sorted lists that relies on randomization for balance. It supports O(log(log(N))) insert and O(log(N)) extract Min operations, making it suitable for use as a...
Detection Geometric Object in the Conformal Geometric Algebra Framework
Found in: Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics, International Conference on
By Zongmin Li,Xiaoxuan Hong,Yujie Liu
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 198-201
An eficient rndomized agorithm for line and circle detection in the Conformal Geometric Algebra framework is designed and implemented. This arithmetic performs well when an image has strong background noise. In conformal geometric algebra, circle and line ...
The Multimode Estimation Modeling for Flight Delay of a Busy Hub-Airport in Flight Chain
Found in: Services Science, Management and Engineering, IITA International Conference on
By Yujie Liu, Song Ma
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 557-561
Flight delay is the root of Delay Propagation, while delay propagated within a Flight Chain. Busy hubairport plays an important role in a Flight Chain, since the Initial Delay often happens there. To research more possible impacting factors in the Flight C...
Curvature-Based Feature Extraction Method for 3D Model Retrieval
Found in: Computer Engineering and Technology, International Conference on
By Yujie Liu, Xiaolan Yao, Zongmin Li
Issue Date:January 2009
pp. 161-165
Curvature on the surface of 3D mesh model is an important discrete differential geometrical descriptor. It can show the curving degree very well for those models with curving pieces and the ones with extreme points or extension components. In this paper, w...
Modeling and Estimating for Flight Delay Propagation in a Reduced Flight Chain Based on a Mixed Learning Method
Found in: Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling, International Symposium on
By Yujie Liu, Song Ma
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 491-495
Flight delay and delay propagation has been paid more and more attention by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Flight delay is the source of propagation, while delay propagated within a Flight Chain. Busy hub-airport plays an important role...
3D Model Retrieval Based on V System Rotation Invariant Moments
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Zongmin Li, Xiuping Men, Yujie Liu, Hua Li
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 565-569
No summary available.
The curve-structure invariant moments for shape analysis and recognition
Found in: Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, International Conference on
By Zongmin Li, Yujie Liu, Hua Li, Jan Zhang
Issue Date:December 2005
pp. 163-167
This correspondence addresses the problem of rotation, scale, and translation invariant recognition of images. Object shape comparability is a challenging problem in the field of pattern recognition and computer vision. The method based on the geometric mo...
The Multi-layer Spherical Helix Curve-Based 3-D Fourier Feature
Found in: Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics, International Conference on
By Yujie Liu,Zongmin Li,Weiguo Cao,Hua Li
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 433-436
This paper proposes an extended 3-D shape retrieval feature, which is based on a new scheme. In our method, continuous principal component analysis is used to align 3-D models into a canonical position. We then represent 3-D polygonal mesh as a 3-D multi-l...
Newdle: Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Online News Collections
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By Jing Yang, Dongning Luo, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 32-41
Newdle is a visual-analytics system for exploring tagged online news collections. Newdle automatically constructs an article network and article-tag network for a collection and conducts clustering and path analyses on them. Using the analysis results, the...
Transactionalizing legacy code: an experience report using GCC and Memcached
Found in: Proceedings of the 19th international conference on Architectural support for programming languages and operating systems (ASPLOS '14)
By Michael Spear, Trilok Vyas, Wenjia Ruan, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:March 2014
pp. 399-412
The addition of transactional memory (TM) support to existing languages provides the opportunity to create new soft- ware from scratch using transactions, and also to simplify or extend legacy code by replacing existing synchronization with language-level ...
Boosting timestamp-based transactional memory by exploiting hardware cycle counters
Found in: ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)
By Michael Spear, Wenjia Ruan, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 1-21
Time-based transactional memories typically rely on a shared memory counter to ensure consistency. Unfortunately, such a counter can become a bottleneck. In this article, we identify properties of hardware cycle counters that allow their use in place of a ...
Using hardware transactional memory to correct and simplify and readers-writer lock algorithm
Found in: Proceedings of the 18th ACM SIGPLAN symposium on Principles and practice of parallel programming (PPoPP '13)
By Dave Dice, Mark Moir, Victor Luchangco, Yossi Lev, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:February 2013
pp. 261-270
Designing correct synchronization algorithms is notoriously difficult, as evidenced by a bug we have identified that has apparently gone unnoticed in a well-known synchronization algorithm for nearly two decades. We use hardware transactional memory (HTM) ...
Delegation and nesting in best-effort hardware transactional memory
Found in: Proceedinbgs of the 24th ACM symposium on Parallelism in algorithms and architectures (SPAA '12)
By Michael Spear, Stephan Diestelhorst, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 38-47
The guiding design principle behind best-effort hardware transactional memory (BEHTM) is simplicity of implementation and verification. Only minimal modifications to the base processor architecture are allowed, thereby reducing the burden of verification a...
A lock-free, array-based priority queue
Found in: Proceedings of the 17th ACM SIGPLAN symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP '12)
By Michael Spear, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:February 2012
pp. 323-324
High-performance computing systems increasingly combine multi-core processors and heterogeneous resources such as graphics-processing units and field-programmable gate arrays. However, significant application design complexity for such systems has often le...
A nonblocking set optimized for querying the minimum value
Found in: Proceedings of the 30th annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS symposium on Principles of distributed computing (PODC '11)
By Michael F. Spear, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 345-346
We describe an extension of the Java language with parallel programming primitives inspired by pi-calculus and outline the advantages compared to other parallel programming approaches.
NOMAD: networked-observation and mobile-agent-based scene abstraction and determination
Found in: Proceedings of the 8th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys '10)
By Jiantao Jiao, Lin Zhang, Linglong Li, Ming Gu, Shijie Zheng, Teng Wang, Wenzhu Zhang, Xinyu Mao, Yujie Liu
Issue Date:November 2010
pp. 415-416
With the advancement of the sensor network technology and cyber physical systems [2], the merging between the virtual cyber space and the real physical world is bound to happen, which will impact the lifestyle of the human being. The metropolitan area sens...