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Robust Classification Method of Tumor Subtype by Using Correlation Filters
Found in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB)
By De-Shuang Huang, Shu-Lin Wang, Shu-Lin Wang, Yi-Hai Zhu, Yi-Hai Zhu, De-Shuang Huang, De-Shuang Huang, Shu-Lin Wang, Wei Jia, Wei Jia, Wei Jia, Yi-Hai Zhu
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 580-591
Tumor classification based on Gene Expression Profiles (GEPs), which is of great benefit to the accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment for different types of tumor, has drawn a great attention in recent years. This paper proposes a novel tumor class...
Detecting Broken Mappings for Deep Web Integration
Found in: Semantics, Knowledge and Grid, International Conference on
By Jia-Jia Miao, Kai Du, Ai-Ping Li, Yan Jia
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 56-61
The deep web integration system employs a set of semantic mappings between the mediated schema and the schemas of data sources. In this dynamic distributed environment, sources often undergo changes that invalidate the mappings. Such continuous monitoring ...
Exploring clinical efficacy of wrinkled giant hyssop
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM)
By Zhen Jia,Jian Sun,Zhi-xing Li,Chun Luo,Xin-yan Jia,Yue Zhao
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 79-82
Systematic summarizing clinical efficacies of wrinkled giant hyssop to provide references for clinician's medication. Clinical efficacies of wrinkled giant hyssop can be summarized as : dissolving damp with aromatics, regulating qi to soothe zhongjiao (the...
WeCard: a multimodal solution for making personalized electronic greeting cards
Found in: Proceedings of the 21st ACM international conference on Multimedia (MM '13)
By Huijie Lin, Lianhong Cai, Hanyu Liao, Jia Jia
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 479-480
In this demo, we build a practical system, WeCard, to generate personalized multimodal electronic greeting cards based on parametric emotional talking avatar synthesis technologies. Given user-input greeting text and facial image, WeCard intelligently and ...
Evaluating E-Commerce System Security Using Fuzzy Multi-criterion Decision-Making
Found in: 2013 IEEE Seventh International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC)
By Wen Jiang,Zhenjian Li,Jia Jia,Dianting Liu
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 438-443
In the development of E-Commerce, security has always been the core and key issue. To aim at the assessment of E-Commerce security, in order to efficiently handle uncertain information in the process of decision making, a new fuzzy multi-criteria decision-...
Research on Micro-Doppler Feature of Precession Target Based on Bistatic Radar
Found in: 2013 Fourth International Conference on Digital Manufacturing & Automation (ICDMA)
By Gang Zhang,Jia-jia Sun
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 1086-1089
The micro-motion feature extracted form micro-Doppler is an important basis for target recognition in BMD. The micro-Doppler information in bistatic radar has many differences because of its spatial complexity compared with the monostatic radar. In this pa...
Effects of Heat Stress on the Reproductive Performance of Mammalians
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Tang Jia,Xie Jia,Chen Zhong
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 1408-1411
Relevant researches in the past semi century have shown that there is a significant decrease in fertility during the hot months. The most important factor is a consequence of increased temperature. Heat stress (HS) can have large effects on most aspects of...
A Model for Role-Playing Game with Mobile Learning
Found in: Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning, IEEE International Workshop on
By Jia-Sheng Heh,Hsueh-Fu Lu,Jia-Chi Hwang,Shu-Mei Lin,Kuo-Chen Li
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 102-104
This paper proposes a role-playing game model with mobile learning (MRPGL) platform, which is an extension of the previous KBIC (Knowledge-Based Intelligent Classroom) system. In addition to the six layers of KBIC structure, MRPGL owns an extra seventh lay...
A Power Loss Calculation Method of IGBT Three-Phase SPWM Converter
Found in: Intelligent System Design and Engineering Application, International Conference on
By Rui Wu,Jia Liang Wen,Jian Han,Zhongyuan Chen,Quanqing Wei,Na Jia,Chenghao Wang
Issue Date:January 2012
pp. 1180-1183
This paper proposes an improved method to describe power losses in IGBT converters. This method includes dependency of voltage, current and temperature, and it could be fast and accurate. Since the relative higher converter dissipation is one of the main b...
Image smoothing via L0 gradient minimization
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Cewu Lu, Jiaya Jia, Li Xu, Yi Xu, Cewu Lu, Jiaya Jia, Li Xu, Yi Xu
Issue Date:December 2011
pp. 1-15
We present a new image editing method, particularly effective for sharpening major edges by increasing the steepness of transition while eliminating a manageable degree of low-amplitude structures. The seemingly contradictive effect is achieved in an optim...
Speaker Identification Using HHT Spectrum Features
Found in: Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, International Conference on
By Jia-Wei Liu,Jia-Ching Wang,Chang-Hong Lin
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 145-148
This paper proposes new acoustical features based on Hilbert Huang transform (HHT) for speaker identification. HHT is a powerful analysis method to obtain instantaneous frequency (IF). First, empirical ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) is used t...
Analysis of Chinese Interrogative Intonation and its Synthesis in HMM-Based Synthesis System
Found in: Internet Computing and Information Services, International Conference on
By Yongxin Wang,Jia Jia,Lianhong Cai
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 343-346
In the training process of HMM-based speech synthesis systems, the states of the HMM models are clustered based on the context features labeled on the training corpus. A good feature set would enable the synthesis system to generate natural prosody. In thi...
Error Detection by Redundant Transaction in Transactional Memory System
Found in: Networking, Architecture, and Storage, International Conference on
By Wei Song,Jia Jia,Yu-xing Peng
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 220-224
This paper addresses the issue of error detection in transactional memory, and proposes a new method of error detection based on redundant transaction (EDRT). This method creates a transaction copy for every transaction, and executes both original transact...
Seat Inventory Control Based on Dual Directional Diversion of Demands
Found in: Service Sciences, International Joint Conference on
By Zhang Jia-ying, Li Xiang-yong, Huo Jia-zhen
Issue Date:May 2011
pp. 262-266
A mathematic model based on dual directional diversion of demands is used to model inventory control for an airline company, who provides two fare classes. Case studies are done which show that the revenue will be improved if dual directional diversion is ...
Shedding New Light on Reason for Conflict between Evidences
Found in: Network Computing and Information Security, International Conference on
By Li-fang Hu, Jia-qi Liu, Xin Guan, Wei-jia Liu, Ting-ting Zhou
Issue Date:May 2011
pp. 405-409
The Dempster-Shafer evidence theory (DST) is widely used in many fields of information fusion. However, counter-intuitive results may be obtained by the classical Dempster combination rule (DRC) when collected evidences conflict highly with each other. How...
Optimal Model Predictive Control for Path Tracking of Autonomous Vehicle
Found in: Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, International Conference on
By Lei Li, Zhurong Jia, Tingting Cheng, Xinchun Jia
Issue Date:January 2011
pp. 791-794
This paper investigates the optimal model predictive control for the path tracking of an autonomous vehicle. For the control algorithm of an autonomous vehicle following pre-calculated path, two indices must be considered: 1. The performance index includin...
CloudSEC: A Cloud Architecture for Composing Collaborative Security Services
Found in: Cloud Computing Technology and Science, IEEE International Conference on
By Jia Xu, Jia Yan, Liang He, Purui Su, Dengguo Feng
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 703-711
Massive Internet invasions implemented through the distributed platform fabricated by rapid diffusion of malwares, has become a significant issue in network security. We argue that the notion of “Collaborative Security” is an emerging trend in resisting di...
Saliency detection based on 2D log-gabor wavelets and center bias
Found in: Proceedings of the international conference on Multimedia (MM '10)
By Guochen Jia, Jia Li, Lingyu Duan, Min Wang, Tiejun Huang, Yonghong Tian
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 979-982
Visual saliency can be a useful tool for image content analysis such as automatic image cropping and image compression. In existing methods on visual saliency detection, most of them are related to the model of receptive field. In this paper, we propose a ...
Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy Combined with Partial Least Squares in Quantitative Analysis of Polysaccharide in Irpex Lacteus Fr. Mycelia
Found in: Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence, International Conference on
By Jia Song, Lin-na Du, Hong-bin Wang, Jia-hui Lu, Wei Han
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 311-314
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) combined with partial least squares (PLS) was applied to establish model for quantitative analysis of the Polysaccharide in Irpex lacteus Fr. mycelia. Savitzky-Golay smoothing, First derivative, second derivative, fast Fou...
SCS: Signal, Context, and Structure Features for Genome-Wide Human Promoter Recognition
Found in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB)
By Hong Yan, Jia Zeng, Jia Zeng, Xiao-Qin Cao, Xiao-Qin Cao, Xiao-Yu Zhao, Xiao-Yu Zhao
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 550-562
This paper integrates the signal, context, and structure features for genome-wide human promoter recognition, which is important in improving genome annotation and analyzing transcriptional regulation without experimental supports of ESTs, cDNAs, or mRNAs....
Designing Game-Based Learning Framework - A Motivation-Driven Approach
Found in: Advanced Learning Technologies, IEEE International Conference on
By Kuo-chen Li, Jia-Chi Huang, Jia-Sheng Heh, Cheng-Ting Chen, Hui-Chih Wang, Shiou-Wen Yeh
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 215-216
The objective of this study is to design a game-based learning framework based on motivation approach. According to the framework, a system, GPS-E, was developed and tailored for fall-behind learners whose biggest problem is lack of motivation about learni...
GPD: A Graph Pattern Diffusion Kernel for Accurate Graph Classification with Applications in Cheminformatics
Found in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB)
By Aaron Smalter, Gerald Lushington, Gerald Lushington, Jun Huan, Jun Huan, Yi Jia, Yi Jia
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 197-207
Graph data mining is an active research area. Graphs are general modeling tools to organize information from heterogeneous sources and have been applied in many scientific, engineering, and business fields. With the fast accumulation of graph data, buildin...
GIS-Integrated Learning System for Taiwan Local Cultures
Found in: IEEE International Conference on Wireless, Mobile, and Ubiquitous Technology in Education
By Ju-Ling Shih, Chien-Wen Chuang, Jia-Jia Cheng, Gwo-Jen Hwang
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 210-212
This research integrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS), history-geography database and web pages to form a digital learning system that allows users to learn significant historical events and its associated local cultures in southern Taiwan. With th...
A Probabilistic Mobility Prediction Based Resource Management Scheme for WiMAX Femtocells
Found in: Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, International Conference on
By Chenn-Jung Huang, Po-Chiang Chen, Chih-Tai Guan, Jia-Jian Liao, Yi-Wen Lee, Yi-Chen Wu, I-Fan Chen, Kai-Wen Hu, Hong-Xin Chen, You-Jia Chen
Issue Date:March 2010
pp. 295-300
With the popularization of mobile wireless networks in recent year, we can expect that the future mobile communication environments will be constructed from networks of different coverages and characteristics. The integration of WiMAX and femtocell technol...
Client Designing for Mobile E-commerce System Based on .NET
Found in: Computer Modeling and Simulation, International Conference on
By Xiao-jun Feng,Jia Jia,Hui-dan Wang
Issue Date:January 2010
pp. 407-410
In the study of discussion regarding the status of mobile e-Commerce in domestic and overseas, it was proposed to make use of .NET framework which has a local database on mobile devices to develop an e-Commerce platform in order to successfully achieve the...
Noise brush: interactive high quality image-noise separation
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Chi-Keung Tang, Jia Chen, Jue Wang, Chi-Keung Tang, Jia Chen, Jue Wang
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 1-2
This paper proposes an interactive approach using joint image-noise filtering for achieving high quality image-noise separation. The core of the system is our novel joint image-noise filter which operates in both image and noise domain, and can effectively...
Image Segmentation of the Underwater Welding V-seam Image Based on Improved Two-dimensional Ostu Algorithm
Found in: Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, Fourth International Conference on
By Jianping Jia, Hongli Li, Zhujun Jia
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 397-400
To meet the request of V-seam tracking of underwater welding robot vision sensor, an improved two-dimensional image segmentation algorithm Ostu is presented in this paper. According to this algorithm, changing discriminate domain partition of 2D histogram,...
Research on Tracking Optimization Strategy of Three-Axis Tacking Equipment Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Found in: Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, International Conference on
By Zhang Daxing, Jia Jianyuan, Wang Weidong, Jia Wei
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 14-17
Three-axis tracking equipment can solve the question of blind region existing in azimuth -elevation tracking equipment. And it can track the target in the whole-space. However, the relationship of measurement value and space position is more-to-one, which ...
ImageNet: A large-scale hierarchical image database
Found in: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE Computer Society Conference on
By Jia Deng, Wei Dong, R. Socher, Li-Jia Li, Kai Li, Li Fei-Fei
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 248-255
The explosion of image data on the Internet has the potential to foster more sophisticated and robust models and algorithms to index, retrieve, organize and interact with images and multimedia data. But exactly how such data can be harnessed and organized ...
Mobile IPv6 Protocol Research and Development
Found in: Information Technology and Applications, International Forum on
By Zhou Yi, Zheng Xuefeng, Jia Jia
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 313-317
The limitation of Mobile IPv4 can't satisfy with the people's increasing demands and Mobile IPv4 is difficult to use broadly. Mobile IPv6 resolved the problem of Mobile IPv4 and it became an important technique to realize personal communications. On the ot...
WiMAX Research and Implementation
Found in: Information Technology and Applications, International Forum on
By Zhou Yi, Zheng Xuefeng, Jia Jia
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 309-312
Based on the analysis of key WiMAX technology, we aggregated the key advantages of WiMAX technology development, and given the WiMAX network implementation plan.
The Application of Fuzzy Control in Strategic Decision-Making of Small and Medium Enterprises
Found in: Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, International Conference on
By Zhengyuan Jia, Lihua Gong, Jia Han
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 602-605
In China small and medium enterprises is an important component of the national economic system, and play an essential role in the development of national economy. small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are different from the mature large-scale enterprises, h...
A Class of Variable Payment Life Insurance Model with the Stochastic Interest Rate
Found in: Computational Sciences and Optimization, International Joint Conference on
By Niannian Jia, Yunquan Hu, Changqing Jia
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 455-459
In order to decrease the pricing risk of the insurance companies caused by the variable interest rate, a class of variable payment life insurance model with stochastic interest rate is proposed in this paper. By introducing a n-years variable payment endow...
Application of Cellular Automata Modeling to Simulate Bottom Hole Assembly Performance
Found in: Computer Science and Information Engineering, World Congress on
By Qing-you Liu, Jia-jia Jing, Yan Yang
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 581-586
Bottom hole assembly (BHA) component failures continue to afflict the oil and gas industry, annually involving huge amount of direct and consequential cost. However, actual assemblies and drilling situations are too complex to rely on the simpler idealizat...
Service control layer (SCL): enabling rule-based control and enrichment in next-generation telecom service delivery
Found in: Proceedings of the ACM/IFIP/USENIX international middleware conference companion on Middleware '08 Companion (Companion '08)
By Jia Jia Wen, Koustuv Dasgupta, Lee Longmore, Li Na Ren, Nilanjan Banerjee, Sougata Mukherjea
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 31-36
Telecom operators have started to make significant investments towards evolving their Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) to a next-generation architecture based on IP technologies and standards such as SIP, SOA and increasingly, Web 2.0. With consumers and ...
An Improved Model of Executive Stock Option Based on Rough Set and Support Vector Machines
Found in: Pacific-Asia Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Industrial Application, IEEE
By Zhengyuan Jia, Jia Han
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 256-261
This paper shows that share price could be confirmed accurately by the assessment model of stock price based on rough set (RS) and Support Vector Machines (SVM). This model can remove the impact of
A Services Processes Editing Environment Based on ERP Development Platform
Found in: Information Science and Engieering, International Symposium on
By Shi-sheng Zhu, Xiao-zhu Xie, Jia-jia Zheng, Hong Dia
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 593-596
This paper presents an ERP system development platform ERP_DSS (Develop Support System) which is based on service components and can be reconstructed. It introduces the design and the implementation of the platform’s service process for editing environment...
A Clustering Head Selection Algorithm for Underwater Sensor Networks
Found in: Future Generation Communication and Networking
By Chenn-Jung Huang, You-Jia Chen, I-Fan Chen, Kai-Wen Hu, Jia-Jian Liao, Dian-Xiu Yang
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 21-24
Underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) is a novel networking paradigm to explore aqueous environments. The characteristics of mobile UWSNs, such as low communication bandwidth, large propagation delay, floating node mobility, and high error probabilit...
Application of Support Vector Machine Based on Rough Sets to Project Risk Assessment (RS-SVM)
Found in: Computer Science and Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Zhengyuan Jia, Lihua Gong, Jia Han
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 508-511
The risk assessment of project is the important content for project management. This paper combines rough sets theory and support vector machine. The paper selects rough sets (RS) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithms to establish a new mathematical ...
GiFT: Automating FTPA Implementation for MPI Programs
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By Hongyi Fu, Yunfei Du, Panfeng Wang, Jia Jia, Xuejun Yang
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 91-98
Fault tolerance is a critical issue in the arena of large-scale computing. The fault-tolerant parallel algorithm (FTPA) is an application-level technique for tolerating hardware failures. FTPA achieves fast failure recovery making use of parallel recomputi...
Design and Evaluation of a Physical Interactive Learning Environment for English Learning
Found in: Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning, IEEE International Workshop on
By Jie Chi Yang, Yi Lung Lin, Jia Jia Wu, Kun Huang Chien
Issue Date:November 2008
pp. 36-43
Recently, many researchers believe that learning motivation and interest can be enhanced by participating in educational games. Video capture virtual reality technologies provide a possibility for designing games. However, it has not been widely used in th...
Study on Intelligent Optimization Model Based on Grey Relational Grade in Long?Medium Term Power Load Rolling Forecasting
Found in: Risk Management & Engineering Management, 2008 International Conference on
By Dong-xiao Niu, Jian-rong Jia, Jia-liang Lv, Yuan Zhang
Issue Date:November 2008
pp. 227-232
According to the low sample and multifactor impact for long-medium term power load forecasting, the grey relational grade was used in screening factors, the combined model in BP neural network and SVM was established, and the multivariate variables and his...
The Error Correcting Markov Chains Study on Medium/Long Term Load Rolling Forecasting of SVM Based on Grey Relational Grade
Found in: Risk Management & Engineering Management, 2008 International Conference on
By Dong-xiao Niu, Yuan Zhang, Jia-liang Lv, Jian-rong Jia
Issue Date:November 2008
pp. 233-238
According to the low sample and multifactor impact for long-medium term power load forecasting, the grey relational grade was used in screening factors, the combined model in BP neural network and SVM was established, and the multivariate variables and his...
Gray Neural Network Forecasting Model of Power Load Based on Ant Colony Algorithm Method
Found in: Risk Management & Engineering Management, 2008 International Conference on
By Dong-xiao Niu, Jia-liang Lv, Jian-rong Jia
Issue Date:November 2008
pp. 222-226
Because power loads are influenced by various factors, and the changes of power load presents are complicate, the traditional forecasting methods are always not satisfied. According to the random-increase and non-linearity fluctuation of residual series, g...
FTPA: Supporting Fault-Tolerant Parallel Computing through Parallel Recomputing
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Xuejun Yang, Yunfei Du, Panfeng Wang, Hongyi Fu, Jia Jia
Issue Date:October 2009
pp. 1471-1486
As the size of large-scale computer systems increases, their mean-time-between-failures are becoming significantly shorter than the execution time of many current scientific applications. To complete the execution of scientific applications, they must tole...
Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Ant Colony Fuzzy Clustering and SVM Algorithm
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Yuan-Sheng Huang, Jia-Jia Deng
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 162-166
Support vector machine (SVM) has been applied to load forecasting field widely. However, if the training data has much noise and redundancy, the generalized performance of SVM will be weakened, so this can cause some disadvantages of slow convergence speed...
Managing feature interaction based on service broker in IP multimedia subsystem
Found in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Mobile Technology, Applications, and Systems (Mobility '08)
By Jia-Jia Wen, Jian Qin, Rong-jun Li, Yu-mei Wang
Issue Date:September 2008
pp. 1-21
It is generally accepted that the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based platform is the development trend of service platform for fixed and mobile convergence. With a variety of multimedia services provided flexibly by IMS, feature interaction between differ...
Feedforward Neural Network Based on Convex Optimization Theory and Its Application on Urban Information Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
Found in: Computing, Communication, Control and Management, ISECS International Colloquium on
By Wenchen Jia, Shiwei Ye, Juanle Wang, Cheng Wang, Xiangyun Jia, Fuyin Li
Issue Date:August 2008
pp. 3-7
According to Young inequality of convex function’s conjugate properties, a new error function is constructed for feedforward neural network. The function is convex to both connection weight value and hidden layer's output, so it has no local minimum points...
Compiler-Assisted Application-Level Checkpointing for MPI Programs
Found in: Distributed Computing Systems, International Conference on
By Xuejun Yang, Panfeng Wang, Hongyi Fu, Yunfei Du, Zhiyuan Wang, Jia Jia
Issue Date:June 2008
pp. 251-259
Application-level checkpointing can decrease the overhead of fault tolerance by minimizing the amount of checkpoint data. However this technique requires the programmer to manually choose the critical data that should be saved. In this paper, we firstly pr...
Automated application-level checkpointing based on live-variable analysis in MPI programs
Found in: Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and practice of parallel programming (PPoPP '08)
By Hongyi Fu, Jia Jia, Panfeng Wang, Xuejun Yang, Yunfei Du, Zhiyun Wang
Issue Date:February 2008
pp. 26-33
This paper proposes an optimization method of data saving for application-level checkpointing based on the live-variable analysis method for MPI programs. We presents the implementation of a source-to-source precompiler (CAC) for automating applicationleve...
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