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Popup: automatic paper architectures from 3D models
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Chao-Hui Shen, Shi-Min Hu, Shi-Sheng Huang, Tao Ju, Xian-Ying Li, Chao-Hui Shen, Shi-Min Hu, Shi-Sheng Huang, Tao Ju, Xian-Ying Li, Chao-Hui Shen, Shi-Min Hu, Shi-Sheng Huang, Tao Ju, Xian-Ying Li, Chao-Hui Shen, Shi-Min Hu, Shi-Sheng Huang, Tao Ju, Xian-Ying Li
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 1-10
Paper architectures are 3D paper buildings created by folding and cutting. The creation process of paper architecture is often labor-intensive and highly skill-demanding, even with the aid of existing computer-aided design tools. We propose an automatic al...
K-set tilable surfaces
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Chi-Fu Lai, Chi-Wing Fu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Ying He, Chi-Fu Lai, Chi-Wing Fu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Ying He, Chi-Fu Lai, Chi-Wing Fu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Ying He, Chi-Fu Lai, Chi-Wing Fu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Ying He
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 1-10
This paper introduces a method for optimizing the tiles of a quad-mesh. Given a quad-based surface, the goal is to generate a set of K quads whose instances can produce a tiled surface that approximates the input surface. A solution to the problem is a K-s...
SubEdit: a representation for editing measured heterogeneous subsurface scattering
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Fabio Pellacini, Pieter Peers, Xin Tong, Ying Song, Fabio Pellacini, Pieter Peers, Xin Tong, Ying Song, Fabio Pellacini, Pieter Peers, Xin Tong, Ying Song, Fabio Pellacini, Pieter Peers, Xin Tong, Ying Song
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 1-2
In this paper we present SubEdit, a representation for editing the BSSRDF of heterogeneous subsurface scattering acquired from real-world samples. Directly editing measured raw data is difficult due to the non-local impact of heterogeneous subsurface scatt...
Research on Acoustic Signal Detection Simulation for Passive Sonar
Found in: Computational and Information Sciences, International Conference on
By Ying-ying Zhang, Ji-chang Sun, Ying Zhang
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 948-951
This paper establishes a simulation platform of acoustic signal detection for ship target researches and passive sonar performance improvement. The acoustic signal is decomposed to ocean ambient noises and ship radiated noises, which consist of continuous ...
Solenoid Valve Respond Time Test System Basing on Single Chip Micro-computer
Found in: Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, International Conference on
By Ying-bao Zhao, Xue-ling Song, Chao-ying Liu, Zhe-ying Song
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 125-128
Solenoid valve characteristics are the important factors influencing the system precision and control effect. Respond time is one of the most important parameter for solenoid valve. For some kinds of switching solenoid valve, the respond time is very short...
Solenoid Valve Switching Characteristic Test System Design
Found in: Hybrid Intelligent Systems, International Conference on
By Xue-ling Song, Ying-bao Zhao, Chao-ying Liu, Zhe-ying Song
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 388-391
Respond time is an important parameter for solenoid valve. For some kinds of switching solenoid valve, the respond time is very short and difficult to detect. In this paper, taking a typical hydraulic disc valve as an example it analyzes switching characte...
An Intelligent Control Strategy for Power and Voltage of PEMFC Generator
Found in: International Conference on Natural Computation
By Ying-ying Zhang, Ji-chang Sun, Li-bin Du, Ying Zhang
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 458-462
The power of PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell) generator needs to be controlled to follow the variable load demand, and the voltage also needs to be conditioned for the load use. An intelligent power and the voltage control strategy of a 60kW PEMF...
Towards a Multiple Ontology Framework for Requirements Elicitation and Reuse
Found in: Computer Software and Applications Conference, Annual International
By LI Zong-yong, WANG Zhi-xue, YANG Ying-ying, WU Yue, LIU Ying
Issue Date:July 2007
pp. 189-195
In order to elicit system requirements correctly and unambiguously, researchers in the requirements engineering community have been studying and developing a number of ontology based approaches. Many of them adopt the single ontology schema, which utilizes...
AggregateRank: bringing order to web sites
Found in: Proceedings of the 29th annual international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval (SIGIR '06)
By Guang Feng, Tie-Yan Liu, Wei-Ying Ma, Xu-Dong Zhang, Ying Bao, Ying Wang, Zhiming Ma
Issue Date:August 2006
pp. 75-82
Since the website is one of the most important organizational structures of the Web, how to effectively rank websites has been essential to many Web applications, such as Web search and crawling. In order to get the ranks of websites, researchers used to d...
Multi-Node Broadcasting in an Arrangement Graph Using Multiple Spanning Trees
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By Yuh-Shyan Chen, Tong-Ying Juang, Ying-Ying Shen
Issue Date:July 2000
pp. 213
The arrangement graph A_{n,k} is not only a generalization of star graph (n-k=1), but also more flexible. Designing efficient routing algorithm on a regular interconnection network is a fundamental issue for the parallel processing techniques. In this stud...
Mobile Application Security
Found in: Computer
By Ying-Dar Lin,Chun-Ying Huang,Matthew Wright,Georgios Kambourakis
Issue Date:June 2014
pp. 21-23
With a multitude of mobile apps available in the market, most users are unaware of the security risks they bring. Strategies for coping with the diversity of these threats deserve a closer look.
Parallel chen-han (PCH) algorithm for discrete geodesics
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Shi-Qing Xin, Xiang Ying, Ying He
Issue Date:January 2014
pp. 1-11
In many graphics applications, the computation of exact geodesic distance is very important. However, the high computational cost of existing geodesic algorithms means that they are not practical for large-scale models or time-critical applications. To tac...
A New Model of Minimum Variance Hedge Ratio: EGARCH-Copula-EWMA
Found in: 2013 Ninth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security (CIS)
By Yang Jian-Hui,Chen Ying-Ying
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 812-816
This paper proposes a new model to calculate minimum variance hedge ratio based on EGARCH-Copula-EWMA model. Based on Minimum variance hedging model, the new model calculates Futures yield rate by EGARCH model and Spot yield rate by EWMA model respectively...
Saddle vertex graph (SVG): a novel solution to the discrete geodesic problem
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Xiang Ying, Xiaoning Wang, Ying He
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 1-12
This paper presents the Saddle Vertex Graph (SVG), a novel solution to the discrete geodesic problem. The SVG is a sparse undirected graph that encodes complete geodesic distance information: a geodesic path on the mesh is equivalent to a shortest path on ...
An Intrinsic Algorithm for Parallel Poisson Disk Sampling on Arbitrary Surfaces
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
By Xiang Ying, Shi-Qing Xin, Qian Sun, Ying He
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 1425-1437
Poisson disk sampling has excellent spatial and spectral properties, and plays an important role in a variety of visual computing. Although many promising algorithms have been proposed for multidimensional sampling in euclidean space, very few studies have...
Surface-Related Multiples Prediction Based on Wave Equation
Found in: 2013 Fifth International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences (ICCIS)
By Shi Ying,Liu Shi-zhu,Li Ying
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 45-48
Multiples prediction and adaptive subtraction are two important aspects for surface-related multiples suppression method based on wave-equation. In this paper, only the prediction part is discussed. GPU (graphic processing unit) with parallel computation a...
Approach to Grey Prediction Model of Structural State of Large Span Reinforced Concrete Continuous Beam Bridge
Found in: 2013 Third International Conference on Intelligent System Design and Engineering Applications (ISDEA)
By Zhang Ying-Ying
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 377-381
The real-time monitoring, prediction and assessment of reinforced concrete large span continuous beam bridge structural state is the scientific basis for operation and maintenance of the large bridge. Here, with a bridge project as example, the grey model ...
A global algorithm to compute defect-tolerant geodesic distance
Found in: SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Technical Briefs (SA '12)
By Dao T. P. Quynh, Shi-Qing Xin, Xiang Ying, Ying He
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 1-4
Computing geodesic distance on surfaces plays a critical role in digital geometry processing. However, due to its locally shortest nature, geodesic distance is highly sensitive to local geometrical and topological changes, diminishing its applications to r...
Application Smart Grid to Trunk System for Emergency Communication
Found in: 2012 IEEE 12th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT)
By Ying Zhao,Shouming Wei,Yuning Chu,Xuezhi Tan,Ying Zhao,Shouming Wei,Yuning Chu,Xuezhi Tan
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 943-947
This paper demonstrates the lately developing technology-Smart Grid. Compared with the traditional way of trunked communication system in emergency, this paper proposed a more efficient method to solve this problem to use smart meter installed in the ubiqu...
A fast texture-by-numbers synthesis method based on texture optimization
Found in: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction (VINCI '12)
By Jing Fan, Xiao-Ying Shi, Ying Tang, Zhan Zhou
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 1-10
The framework of Texture-by-numbers (TBN) synthesizes images of global-varying patterns with intuitive user control. Previous TBN synthesis methods have difficulties in achieving high-quality synthesis results and efficiency simultaneously. This paper prop...
Interval-Valued Cloud Model Based Personal Sub-health Status Diagnosing Prototype System on TCM Syndrome Data
Found in: 2012 IEEE 9th Int'l Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence & Computing / 9th Int'l Conference on Autonomic & Trusted Computing (UIC/ATC)
By Feng Guo,Ying Lin,Shaozi Li,Ying Dai
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 803-810
According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, there are a number of TCM syndromes closely related to the sub-health status. In this paper, a personal sub-health status diagnosing prototype system, which acquires users' answers from health-rel...
Modeling and Simulation System Design of Tactical Ballistic Missile Interception Based on UML
Found in: 2012 Fourth International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences (ICCIS)
By Long-Yue Li,Fu-Xian Liu,Ying-Ying Mei
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 53-56
In this paper, ideas of TBM interception modeling and simulation system design based on Unified Modeling Language (UML) are proposed. Firstly, this paper introduces the basic framework for UML modeling. Secondly, static structure model and dynamic interact...
A New Decomposition Method of Influential Factors on Energy Consumption Intensity
Found in: Computer, Consumer and Control, International Symposium on
By Ying Han,Xiaohui Fang,Ying Liu,Deren Guo,Shuang Kan
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 753-758
To study the influential degree of energy consumption influential factors impacting on energy consumption is the foundation of reducing energy consumption and saving energy. Energy consumption intensity influential factors decomposition is a class method o...
The Effects of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) on Germination and Physiological Status of Rice Seedlings
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Xiao-Lu Xu,De-Yong Zhang,Hui-Ying Xu,Xiu-Ying Shen
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 1807-1810
Seeds of rice were treated with serial concentrations of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) for observation of germination and development. PFOS of 150 mg/L dose resulted in a germ inability rate of 87% and a germination rate of 88%, which was 96% and 97% re...
Constant-time all-pairs geodesic distance query on triangle meshes
Found in: Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D '12)
By Shi-Qing Xin, Xiang Ying, Ying He
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 31-38
Computing discrete geodesics on polyhedral surfaces plays an important role in computer graphics. In contrast to the well-studied "single-source, all-destination" discrete geodesic problem, little progress has been reported to the all-pairs geodesic, i.e.,...
A flit-level speedup scheme for network-on-chips using self-reconfigurable bi-directional channels
Found in: 2012 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE 2012)
By Zhiliang Qian, Ying Fei Teh, Chi-Ying Tsui
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 1295-1300
In this work, we propose a flit-level speedup scheme to enhance the network-on-chip(NoC) performance utilizing bidirectional channels. In addition to the traditional efforts on allowing flits of different packets using the idling internal and external band...
Session Level Flow Classification by Packet Size Distribution and Session Grouping
Found in: Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, International Conference on
By Chun-Nan Lu,Ying-Dar Lin,Chun-Ying Huang,Yuan-Cheng Lai
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 221-226
Classifying traffic into specific network applications is essential for application-aware network management and it becomes more challenging because modern applications obscure their network behaviors. While port number-based classifiers work only for some...
Majorization of Artillery Fire Distribution Based on Quantum Genetic Algorithm
Found in: Intelligent System Design and Engineering Application, International Conference on
By Zhiteng Wang,Hongjun Zhang,Rui Zhang,Ying Huang,Li Li Shan,Ying Xing
Issue Date:January 2012
pp. 337-340
Artillery fire Distribution is a typical NP-hard problem, it will fall into the plight of local optimum when we use traditional methods to solve the problem. The idea of qubit and quantum gate are introduced to QGA(quantum genetic Algorithm ), which combin...
Sharpness Enhancement Algorithm through Edge Information
Found in: Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation, International Conference on
By Shen-Chuan Tai,Zih-Siou Chen,Yi-Ying Chang,Tzu-Wen Liao,Yi-Ying Chang,Juo-Chen Chen
Issue Date:January 2012
pp. 459-462
Goal of proposed algorithm is to enhance images like the digital camera photos or, better. Some enhancement filters process too excessive that makes image look unnatural. The paper proposes an algorithm to represent obviously the detailed textures and shar...
Constant-time O(1) all pairs geodesic distance query on triangle meshes
Found in: SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Sketches (SA '11)
By Shi-Qing Xin, Xiang Ying, Ying He
Issue Date:December 2011
pp. 1-2
Geodesic plays an important role in geometric computation and analysis. Rather than the widely studied single source all destination discrete geodesic problem, very little work has been reported on the all pairs geodesic distance query So far, the best kno...
Parallel and accurate Poisson disk sampling on arbitrary surfaces
Found in: SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Sketches (SA '11)
By Qian Sun, Shi-Qing Xin, Ying He, Ying Xiang
Issue Date:December 2011
pp. 1-2
Sampling plays an important role in a variety of graphics applications. Among existing sampling methods, Poisson disk sampling is popular thanks to its useful statistical property in distribution and the absence of aliasing artifacts. Although many promisi...
Bloodstain Segmentation in Color Images
Found in: International Conference on Robot, Vision and Signal Processing
By Ying-Wei Wang,Deng-Yuan Huang,Wu-Chih Hu,Chun-Ying Ho
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 52-55
The identification of bloodstains in color images is critical in some accident investigation cases. A suspected bloodstain segmentation method was proposed in this study. The algorithm transforms the RGB to the YCgCr color space after the image undergoes c...
Structure Information and Temporal Ordinal Measure Fused Video Copy Detection
Found in: Multimedia Information Networking and Security, International Conference on
By Jin-hua Gao,Yi-hua Du,Ying-ying Zhu,Zhen-kun Wen
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 51-54
This paper propose a video copy detection method based on structure information and temporal ordinal measure. Firstly each frame is divided into a grid and calculate the difference of the mean of block brightness, then we treat these values as the structur...
A data mining research method based on the concept of evidence based TCM inheritance in famous veteran TCM doctors' personal medical records
Found in: Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshop, IEEE International Conference on
By Ying-rong Lao,Qiu-zhi Gu,Zhao-hui Liang,Ding-ying Tan,Yu-peng Fan,Shu-chun Li,Zhimin Yang,Yan Li
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 746-748
Data mining from the Famous Veteran TCM doctors' medical records is an important method of medical information analysis. This paper raises a data mining method based on the idea of Evidence Based Medicine research, which applied to research Famous Veteran ...
Research on Structure Analysis for Java Program
Found in: Intelligent Networks and Intelligent Systems, International Workshop on
By Qin Li-Yong,Jiang Ying,Li Ying-Na
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 157-160
Software testing includes static testing and dynamic testing. The static testing needn't run the program to be tested. The static analysis belongs to static testing, whose purpose is to collect program's information in order to do further analysis. This pa...
A Study on an Automatic Early-Alert Mechanism for a Tag-based Learning Environment: Development of a Teaching Support Platform Based on a Tag-based Knowledge Acquisition Approach
Found in: Advanced Learning Technologies, IEEE International Conference on
By Jun Ming Chen,Ying Ying Chen,Yeali S. Sun,Meng Chang Chen
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 83-87
Reading exercises are critical for developing strong reading comprehension. With the advent of Web 2.0 technology, researchers have attempted to use Web 2.0 tools to develop adaptive and cooperative learning environments. Moreover, previous research has de...
A Novel Approach for Developing Automatic Knowledge Construction and Diagnostic System for Tag-Based Learning Environment
Found in: Social Network Analysis and Mining, International Conference on Advances in
By Jun Ming Chen, Ying Ying Chen, Yeali S. Sun, Meng Chang Chen
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 624-625
With the advent of Web 2.0 technology, researchers have attempted to use Web 2.0 tools to develop adaptive and cooperative learning environments. However, in building learning and teaching diagnostic system, one of the major difficulties is the lack of pri...
A Learning Organisation Approach to Managing Service Quality
Found in: Service Sciences, International Joint Conference on
By Ebrahim Soltani, Ying-Ying Liao, Wei-Yuan Wang
Issue Date:May 2011
pp. 89-91
The aim of this study is to elucidate different types of management's approach and explore their knock-on effects on the entirety of service quality operations. Using a qualitative case study approach, data were collected from a sample of managers represen...
Morphological Operator and Rough Set Theory for Fault Line Detection
Found in: Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference
By Yun-zhu An, Xi-shan Wen, Xun Li, Ying Xu, Ying-kai Long
Issue Date:March 2011
pp. 1-4
Data-driven image color theme enhancement
Found in: ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
By Baoyuan Wang, Chun Chen, Tien-Tsin Wong, Ying-Qing Xu, Yizhou Yu, Baoyuan Wang, Chun Chen, Tien-Tsin Wong, Ying-Qing Xu, Yizhou Yu
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 1-12
It is often important for designers and photographers to convey or enhance desired color themes in their work. A color theme is typically defined as a template of colors and an associated verbal description. This paper presents a data-driven method for enh...
Application of AIS in Marine Search and Rescue Radar
Found in: Intelligent Systems, WRI Global Congress on
By Ying Shijun, Lu Ying, Xia Peng
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 65-68
Nowadays marine radar detects targets by Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR). But the search and rescue efficiency is low in poor visibility or serious interference. In this paper, we reference learning mechanism, set up the AIS information for the sample and...
Design of Experiment Method for Microsatellite System Simulation and Optimization
Found in: Computational and Information Sciences, International Conference on
By Xiao-lu Liu, Ying-guo Chen, Xian-rong Jing, Ying-wu Chen
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 1200-1203
A system optimization framework based on design of experiment (DOE) and simulation is proposed. Simulation is effective in the optimization of many complex systems, however, it is time consuming and tough. DOE can reduce the number of test cases drasticall...
Prediction Method and Experimental Study of Cone/Bit Speed Ratio of Roller Cone Bit
Found in: Computational and Information Sciences, International Conference on
By Lian Chen, Ying-xin Yang, Hai-tao Ren, Cai-ying Zhang
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 816-819
Based on fundamental theory and proceeding from major factor influencing the cone/bit speed ratio, the calculation model for calculating the average cone/bit speed ratio is to be derived. To contrast verify model calculated results with experimental result...
Subband Architecture Based Exposure Fusion
Found in: Image and Video Technology, Pacific-Rim Symposium on
By Ying Zhao, Jianbing Shen, Ying He
Issue Date:November 2010
pp. 501-506
In this paper, we present a novel detail-preserving fusion approach from multiple exposure images using sub band architecture. Given a sequence of different exposures, the Quadrature Mirror Filters (QMFs) based sub band architecture is first employed to de...
Exploiting the reuse supplied by loop-dependent stream references for stream processors
Found in: ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)
By Gen Li, Guibin Wang, Guibin Wang, Ian Rogers, Ian Rogers, Jingling Xue, Jingling Xue, Xicheng Lu, Xicheng Lu, Xudong Fang, Xudong Fang, Xuejun Yang, Xuejun Yang, Ying Zhang, Ying Zhang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 1-35
Memory accesses limit the performance of stream processors. By exploiting the reuse of data held in the Stream Register File (SRF), an on-chip, software controlled storage, the number of memory accesses can be reduced. In current stream compilers, reuse ex...
Research on Rapid Reconfiguration Platform of Dynamic Forest Growth Simulation System Based on Service Component
Found in: High Performance Computing and Communications, 10th IEEE International Conference on
By Tian-yang Dong, Jing Fan, Li-rong Xiong, Ying Shen, Ying Tang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 55-61
Due to the problem that the forest growth simulation system has relatively fixed system architecture and difficulty in reconstruction, this paper presents a rapid reconfiguration platform of dynamic forest growth simulation system based on service componen...
Fuzzy Logic Based Energy Management Strategy of Battery-Ultracapacitor Composite Power Supply for HEV
Found in: Pervasive Computing, Signal Porcessing and Applications, International Conference on
By Ying-Ming Lv, Hai-Wen Yuan, Ying-Yi Liu, Qiu-Sheng Wang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 1209-1214
The battery-ultracapacitor composite power supply for the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is studied, and the configuration and the model of it are introduced. The operating states of the battery-ultracapacitor composite power supply are analyzed and the fuz...
The FPGA Implementation of High-Speed DS-CDMA Receiver
Found in: Pervasive Computing, Signal Porcessing and Applications, International Conference on
By Diao Zhuo-zhi, Wang Hao-xian, Shen Ying-hong, Moa Xing-peng, Liu Ai-ying
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 751-754
Nowadays, the higher frequency increases difficulty to implement full-digital receivers, a high-speed full-digital DS-CDMA receiver has been designed based on FPGA in the paper, meanwhile, traditional digital system is improved by adopting the idea of high...
The Support of Interface Specifications in Black-box Components Testing
Found in: Frontier of Computer Science and Technology, Japan-China Joint Workshop on
By Ying Jiang, Ying-Na Li, Xiao-Dong Fu
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 305-311
The adequate testing of black-box components is an important basis before they will be reused in the approach of Component Based Software Development. The test-data generation and test adequacy ensuring are difficult issues for the unavailability of the so...
Variation Relationship among Multi-Time-Scale Runoff Series in East River Basin
Found in: Electrical and Control Engineering, International Conference on
By Ping Xie, Ya-song Tang, Li Chen, Ying-ying Tan, Cai-xia Hu
Issue Date:June 2010
pp. 5789-5792
East River, one of the three main river networks of Pearl River Basin, runs through Jiangxi, Guangdong province and provides drinking water to Hongkong, thus it's great important for the water supply and flood control to the above three regions. Using Hydr...
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