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Research on the Teaching Method for Computer Network Course
Found in: Computer Science-Technology and Applications, International Forum on
By Gao Fuxiang, Yao Lan, Yao Yu, Cui Xiuli, Zhang Dongmei
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 414-416
Combined with the characteristics of this course and the authors’ teaching experience, a teaching method that seeks to innovate in teaching objective, teaching concept, teaching content, and teaching resources is proposed in this paper after deep considera...
A Security Architecture for Intranet Based on Security Area Division
Found in: Intelligent Information Technology and Security Informatics, International Symposium on
By Gao Fuxiang, Li Sha, Wang Xiaolu, Yao Lan
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 539-543
Aiming at the security requirement of the Intranet that is different from Internet, an security architecture for Intranet is proposed. In physical layer and data link layer, based on network switch the intranet is divided into several parts separated from ...
Design and Implementation of the Web Access Monitoring System Based on URL Analysis
Found in: Information Technology and Applications, International Forum on
By Gao Fuxiang, Wang Yanyan, Shen Wenjun, Yao Lan
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 425-428
With the widespread use of broadband network, the firewall, as a filter installed on the border of network, can easily cause congestion and becomes the bottleneck of network transmission. The Web Monitoring System Based on the URLAnalysis introduced in thi...
An Energy-Balanced Clustering Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Found in: Computer Science and Information Engineering, World Congress on
By Yao Lan, Cui Xiuli, Wang Meng
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 316-320
When cluster heads transmit their data to the sink via multi-hop communication, the cluster heads closer to the sink not only gather the data in its cluster but also forward the data for other cluster heads. These key nodes are burdened with heavy relay tr...
Design and Implementation of Web-Based Network Teaching Platform
Found in: Education Technology and Computer Science, International Workshop on
By Yao Lan, Cui Xiuli, Li Miao, Liu Tianyuan, Meng Qingxin
Issue Date:March 2009
pp. 956-958
In order to increase education scope and explore new teaching models, while network teaching is deeply investigated, the implementation model, method and technologies are researched. Therefore, the web-based network teaching platform is designed and develo...
Design and Implementation of Web-Based Open-Laboratory Management Information System
Found in: Education Technology and Computer Science, International Workshop on
By Cui Xiuli, Yao Lan, Wang Fengwei
Issue Date:March 2009
pp. 980-982
In order to improve the utilization ratio of laboratory devices, according to the actual requirements of laboratory management, a Web-based open-Laboratory Management Information System is designed and implemented based on B/S architecture and JSP + Servle...