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Face Recognition: The Problem of Compensating for Changes in Illumination Direction
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Yael Adini, Yael Moses, Shimon Ullman
Issue Date:July 1997
pp. 721-732
<p><b>Abstract</b>—A face recognition system must recognize a face from a novel image despite the variations between images of the same face. A common approach to overcoming image variations because of changes in the illumination conditio...
Space-Time Tradeoffs in Photo Sequencing
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)
By Tali Dekel,Yael Moses,Shai Avidan
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 977-984
Photo-sequencing is the problem of recovering the temporal order of a set of still images of a dynamic event, taken asynchronously by a set of uncalibrated cameras. Solving this problem is a first, crucial step for analyzing (or visualizing) the dynamic co...
Geometrically consistent stereo seam carving
Found in: Computer Vision, IEEE International Conference on
By Tali Basha,Yael Moses,Shai Avidan
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 1816-1823
Image retargeting algorithms attempt to adapt the image content to the screen without distorting the important objects in the scene. Existing methods address retargeting of a single image. In this paper we propose a novel method for retargeting a pair of s...
Multi-view scene flow estimation: A view centered variational approach
Found in: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE Computer Society Conference on
By Tali Basha, Yael Moses, Nahum Kiryati
Issue Date:June 2010
pp. 1506-1513
We present a novel method for recovering the 3D structure and scene flow from calibrated multi-view sequences. We propose a 3D point cloud parametrization of the 3D structure and scene flow that allows us to directly estimate the desired unknowns. A unifie...
Transitivity-based Removal of Correspondence Outliers for Motion Analysis
Found in: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop
By Antonio Robles-Kelly, Yael Moses
Issue Date:June 2006
pp. 202
In this paper we address the problem of removing correspondence outliers in a sequence of images. The input to the system is a set of putative matches which are based upon image-feature similarity. Classical methods for outlier removal, such as RANSAC-base...
Reconstruction of Movies of Facial Expressions
Found in: Recognition, Analysis, & Tracking of Faces & Gestures in Real -Time Systems, IEEE ICCV Workshop on
By Gideon Moiza, Ayellet Tal, Ilan Shimshoni, David Barnett, Yael Moses
Issue Date:August 2001
pp. 0008
Abstract: We present a technique for reconstructing facial movies, given a small number of real images and a few parameters for the in-between images. The parameters can be automatically extracted by a tracking system. This scheme can also be used for crea...
Homography based multiple camera detection and tracking of people in a dense crowd
Found in: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE Computer Society Conference on
By Ran Eshel, Yael Moses
Issue Date:June 2008
pp. 1-8
Tracking people in a dense crowd is a challenging problem for a single camera tracker due to occlusions and extensive motion that make human segmentation difficult. In this paper we suggest a method for simultaneously tracking all the people in a densely c...
3D Shape Recovery of Smooth Surfaces: Dropping the Fixed-Viewpoint Assumption
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Yael Moses, Ilan Shimshoni
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 1310-1324
We present a new method for recovering the 3D shape of a featureless smooth surface from three or more calibrated images illuminated by different light sources (three of them are independent). This method is unique in its ability to handle images taken fro...
Shape Reconstruction of 3D Bilaterally Symmetric Surfaces
Found in: Image Analysis and Processing, International Conference on
By Ilan Shimshoni, Michael Lindenbaumlpr, Yael Moses
Issue Date:September 1999
pp. 76
The paper presents a new approach for shape recovery based on integrating geometric and photometric information. We consider 3D objects which are symmetric with respect to a plane (e.g., faces) and their reconstruction from a single image. Both the viewpoi...
Viewpoint-independent book spine segmentation
Found in: 2014 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)
By Lior Talker,Yael Moses
Issue Date:March 2014
pp. 453-460
We propose a method to precisely segment books on bookshelves in images taken from general viewpoints. The proposed segmentation algorithm overcomes difficulties due to text and texture on book spines, various book orientations under perspective projection...
When Is It Possible to Identify 3D Ojects from Single Images Using Class Constraints?
Found in: Computer Vision, IEEE International Conference on
By Ronen Basri, Yael Moses
Issue Date:January 1998
pp. 541
One approach to recognizing objects seen from arbitrary viewpoint is by extracting invariant properties of the objects from single images. Such properties are found in images of 3D objects only when the objects are constrained to belong to certain classes ...