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Practical Implementation of Defect-Oriented Testing for a Mixed-Signal Class-D Amplifier
Found in: European Test Workshop, IEEE
By R.H. Beurze, R.J.W.T. Tangelder, N. Engin, Y. Xing, R. Van Kleef
Issue Date:September 1999
pp. 28
This paper describes the flow of defect-oriented testing from beginning to end, based on the industrial test development for a commercial mixed-signal class-D amplifier. A software tool called DOTSS (Defect-Oriented Test Simulation System) was used to perf...
Defect-Oriented Testing of Mixed-Signal ICs: Some Industrial Experience
Found in: Test Conference, International
By Y. Xing
Issue Date:October 1998
pp. 678
Some of Philips? industrial experience are presented in this paper on defect-oriented testing of mixed-signal ICs. Case studies on analog circuit blocks in two automotive mixed-signal ICs are described. This is done to demonstrate the potential of the defe...