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Computing the Rupture Degrees of Graphs
Found in: Parallel Architectures, Algorithms, and Networks, International Symposium on
By Fengwei Li, Xueliang Li
Issue Date:May 2004
pp. 368
The rupture degree of a noncomplete connected graph G is defined by r(G) = max{w(G-X)-|X|-m(G-X): X ⊂ V(G), w(G-X) ≥ 2}, where w(G-X) denotes the number of components in the graph G-X. For a complete graph K{n}, we define r(K{n}) = 1-n. This parameter can ...
Study of Wireless Power Transfer System Through Strongly Coupled Resonances
Found in: Electrical and Control Engineering, International Conference on
By Tan Linlin, Huang Xueliang, Li Hui, Huang Hui
Issue Date:June 2010
pp. 4275-4278
Wireless Power Transmission ( WPT) based on strongly coupled resonances can be achieved medium-range distance. In this paper, a system of wireless power transmission based on strong-coupling resonances is presented. We analyse the strongly coupled model of...
Weighted Lee Algorithm on Rectilinear Steiner Tree with Obstacles and Boundary
Found in: Computer Science and Information Engineering, World Congress on
By Xueliang Li, Yang Luo
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 369-374
This paper presents a new model for VLSI routing in the presence of obstacles and boundary. A new approach for reduction of the routing area is proposed, and a modified Lee algorithm - weighted Lee algorithm is applied on the extended Hanan grid to compute...