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Energy Consumption Characteriation of Heterogeneous Servers
Found in: 2013 8th ChinaGrid Annual Conference (ChinaGrid)
By Xiao Zhang,Jianjun Lu,Xiao Qin
Issue Date:August 2013
pp. 14-21
Energy and cooling cost is becoming the main cost of data centers. Many studies focused on how to schedule job and migrate Virtual Machine between servers to save energy. An accurate energy consumption model is the basic of energy management. Most past stu...
BFEPM: Best Fit Energy Prediction Modeling Based on CPU Utilization
Found in: 2013 IEEE 8th International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS)
By Xiao Zhang,Jianjun Lu,Xiao Qin
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 41-49
Energy cost becomes a major part of data center operational cost. Computer system consume more power when it runs under high workload. Many past studies focused on how to predict power consumption by performance counters. Some models retrieve performance c...
ALPHASUM: A Score Matrix Based on Low Identity All-alpha Proteins
Found in: BioMedical Engineering and Informatics, International Conference on
By Hai Song Xu, Wen Ke Ren, Xiao Hui Liu, Xiao Qin Li
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 878-882
Aligning protein sequences using a score matrix has became a routine but valuable method in modern biological research. However, alignment in
SCS: Signal, Context, and Structure Features for Genome-Wide Human Promoter Recognition
Found in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB)
By Hong Yan, Jia Zeng, Jia Zeng, Xiao-Qin Cao, Xiao-Qin Cao, Xiao-Yu Zhao, Xiao-Yu Zhao
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 550-562
This paper integrates the signal, context, and structure features for genome-wide human promoter recognition, which is important in improving genome annotation and analyzing transcriptional regulation without experimental supports of ESTs, cDNAs, or mRNAs....
Communication-Aware Load Balancing for Parallel Applications on Clusters
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Xiao Qin, Hong Jiang, Adam Manzanares, Xiaojun Ruan, Shu Yin
Issue Date:January 2010
pp. 42-52
Cluster computing has emerged as a primary and cost-effective platform for running parallel applications, including communication-intensive applications that transfer a large amount of data among the nodes of a cluster via the interconnection network. Conv...
SGDE-GEP: A Novel Algorithm of GEP
Found in: Computer Science and Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Yu-zhong Peng, Chang-an Yuan, Yan Wang, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 419-422
Traditional GEP algorithm takes up many system resources in decoding and evaluating due to the operation of the tree construction and corresponding traversing. This paper aims to introduce a novel GEP algorithm to alleviate the drawback mentioned above. Th...
Scheduling Security-Critical Real-Time Applications on Clusters
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Tao Xie, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:July 2006
pp. 864-879
Security-critical real-time applications such as military aircraft flight control systems have mandatory security requirements in addition to stringent timing constraints. Conventional real-time scheduling algorithms, however, either disregard applications...
Boosting Performance for I/O-Intensive Workload by Preemptive Job Migrations in a Cluster System
Found in: Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing, Symposium on
By Xiao Qin, Hong Jiang, Yifeng Zhu, David R. Swanson
Issue Date:November 2003
pp. 235
Load balancing in a cluster system has been investigated extensively, mainly focusing on the effective usage of global CPU and memory resources. However, if a significant portion of applications running in the system is I/O-intensive, traditional load bala...
A Dynamic Load Balancing Scheme for I/O-Intensive Applications in Distributed Systems
Found in: Parallel Processing Workshops, International Conference on
By Xiao Qin, Hong Jiang, Yifeng Zhu, David R. Swanson
Issue Date:October 2003
pp. 79
In this paper, a new I/O-aware load-balancing scheme is presented to improve overall performance of a distributed system with a general and practical workload including I/O activities. The proposed scheme dynamically detects I/O load imbalance on nodes of ...
Improved Read Performance in a Cost-Effective, Fault-Tolerant Parallel Virtual File System (CEFT-PVFS)
Found in: Cluster Computing and the Grid, IEEE International Symposium on
By Yifeng Zhu, Hong Jiang, Xiao Qin, Dan Feng, David R. Swanson
Issue Date:May 2003
pp. 730
Due to the ever-widening performance gap between processors and disks, I/O operations tend to become the major performance bottleneck of data-intensive applications on modern clusters. If all the existing disks on the nodes of a cluster are connected toget...
Dynamic, Reliability-Driven Scheduling of Parallel Real-Time Jobs in Heterogeneous Systems
Found in: Parallel Processing, International Conference on
By Xiao Qin, Hong Jiang
Issue Date:September 2001
pp. 0113
Abstract: In this paper, a heuristic dynamic scheduling scheme for parallel real-time jobs in a heterogeneous system is presented. The parallel real-time jobs studied in this paper are modelled by directed acyclic graphs (DAG). We assume a scheduling envir...
Measuring and Analyzing Write Amplification Characteristics of Solid State Disks
Found in: 2013 IEEE 21st International Symposium on Modelling, Analysis & Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS)
By Hui Sun,Xiao Qin,Fei Wu,Changsheng Xie
Issue Date:August 2013
pp. 212-221
Write amplification brings endurance challenges to NAND Flash-based solid state disks (SSDs) such as impacts upon their write endurance and lifetime. A large write amplification degrades program/erase cycles (P/Es) of NAND Flashes and reduces the endurance...
PEAM: Predictive Energy-Aware Management for Storage Systems
Found in: 2013 IEEE 8th International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS)
By Xunfei Jiang,Ji Zhang,Mohammed I. Alghamdi,Xiao Qin,Minghua Jiang,Jifu Zhang
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 105-114
This paper presents a novel Predictive Energy-Aware Management (PEAM) system that is able to reduce the energy costs of storage systems by appropriately selecting data transmission methods. In particular, we evaluate the energy costs of three methods (1. t...
Evaluation of Spatial Keyword Queries with Partial Result Support on Spatial Networks
Found in: 2013 14th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM)
By Ji Zhang,Wei-Shinn Ku,Xunfei Jiang,Xiao Qin,Yu-Ling Hsueh
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 279-282
Numerous geographic information system applications need to retrieve spatial objects which bear user specified keywords close to a given location. In this research, we present efficient approaches to answer spatial keyword queries on spatial networks. In p...
Efficient Data Migration to Conserve Energy in Streaming Media Storage Systems
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Yunpeng Chai,Zhihui Du,David A. Bader,Xiao Qin
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 2081-2093
Reducing energy consumption has been an important design issue for large-scale streaming media storage systems. Existing energy conservation techniques are inadequate to achieve high energy efficiency for streaming media computing environments due to high ...
Multicore-Enabled Smart Storage for Clusters
Found in: 2012 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER)
By Zhiyang Ding,Xunfei Jiang,Shu Yin,Xiao Qin,Kai-Hsiung Chang,Xiaojun Ruan,Mohammed I. Alghamdi,Meikang Qiu
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 108-116
We present a multicore-enabled smart storage for clusters in general and MapReduce clusters in particular. The goal of this research is to improve performance of data-intensive parallel applications on clusters by offloading data processing to multicore pr...
A Pipelining Approach to Informed Prefetching in Distributed Multi-level Storage Systems
Found in: 2012 IEEE 11th International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA)
By Maen M. Al Assaf,Mohammed I. Alghamdi,Xunfei Jiang,Ji Zhang,Xiao Qin
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 87-95
In this paper, we present an informed prefetching technique called IPODS that makes use of application-disclosed access patterns to prefetch hinted blocks in distributed multi-level storage systems. We develop a prefetching pipeline in IPODS, where an info...
Towards Power-Efficient Smartphones by Energy-Aware Dynamic Task Scheduling
Found in: 2012 IEEE 14th Int'l Conf. on High Performance Computing and Communication (HPCC) & 2012 IEEE 9th Int'l Conf. on Embedded Software and Systems (ICESS)
By Meikang Qiu,Zhi Chen,Laurence T. Yang,Xiao Qin,Bin Wang
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 1466-1472
Smartphones are facing a grand challenge in extending their battery life to sustain an increasing level of processing demand while subject to miniaturized form factor. Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) has emerged as a critical technique to leverage power mana...
Performance Evaluation of Traditional Caching Policies on a Large System with Petabytes of Data
Found in: 2012 IEEE 7th International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS)
By Ribel Fares,Brian Romoser,Ziliang Zong,Mais Nijim,Xiao Qin
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 227-234
Caching is widely known to be an effective method for improving I/O performance by storing frequently used data on higher speed storage components. However, most existing studies that focus on caching performance evaluate fairly small files populating a re...
ES-MPICH2: A Message Passing Interface with Enhanced Security
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
By Xiaojun Ruan,Qing Yang,Mohammed I. Alghamdi,Shu Yin,Xiao Qin
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 361-374
Reliability analysis of an energy-aware RAID system
Found in: IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference
By Shu Yin,Yun Tian,Jiong Xie,Xiao Qin,Xiaojun Ruan,Mohammed Alghamdi,Meikang Qiu
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 1-8
We develop a mathematical model -- MREED -- to quantitatively evaluate the failure rate of energy-efficient parallel storage systems. The Power-Aware Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk (PARAID) aims to reduce energy use of commodity server-class disks wit...
A Secure File Allocation Algorithm for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
Found in: Parallel Processing Workshops, International Conference on
By Yun Tian,Jiong Xie,Shu Yin,Ji Zhang,Xiao Qin,Mohammed I. Alghamdi,Meikang Qiu,Yiming Yang
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 168-175
In this study we develop a secure allocating processing(SAP) algorithm for the S-FAS scheme [13] to improve the security level and consider its performance using the heterogeneous feature of a large distributed system. The SAP allocation algorithm consider...
MIND: A black-box energy consumption model for disk arrays
Found in: International Green Computing Conference and Workshops
By Zhuo Liu, Jian Zhou, Weikuan Yu, Fei Wu, Xiao Qin, Changsheng Xie
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 1-6
Energy consumption is becoming a growing concern in data centers. Many energy-conservation techniques have been proposed to address this problem. However, an integrated method is still needed to evaluate energy efficiency of storage systems and various pow...
Secure Fragment Allocation in a Distributed Storage System with Heterogeneous Vulnerabilities
Found in: Networking, Architecture, and Storage, International Conference on
By Yun Tian,Shu Yin,Jiong Xie,Ji Zhang,Xiao Qin,Mohammed I. Alghamdi,Meikang Qiu,Yiming Yang
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 170-179
There is a growing demand for large-scale distributed storage systems to support resource sharing and fault tolerance. Although heterogeneity issues of distributed systems have been widely investigated, little attention has yet been paid to security soluti...
QoS-Aware Fault-Tolerant Scheduling for Real-Time Tasks on Heterogeneous Clusters
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Xiaomin Zhu, Xiao Qin, Meikang Qiu
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 800-812
Fault-tolerant scheduling plays a significant role in improving system reliability of clusters. Although extensive fault-tolerant scheduling algorithms have been proposed for real-time tasks in parallel and distributed systems, quality of service (QoS) req...
Heat-based dynamic data caching: A load balancing strategy for energy-efficient parallel storage systems with buffer disks
Found in: Mass Storage Systems and Technologies, IEEE / NASA Goddard Conference on
By Ziliang Zong,Xiao Qin, Xiaojun Ruan,Mais Nijim
Issue Date:May 2011
pp. 1-6
Performance improvement and energy conservation are two conflicting objectives in large scale parallel storage systems. In this paper, we propose a novel solution to achieve the twin objectives of maximizing performance and minimizing energy consumption of...
Energy-Aware Loop Parallelism Maximization for Multi-core DSP Architectures
Found in: IEEE-ACM International Conference on Green Computing and Communications and International Conference on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing
By Meikang Qiu, Jian-Wei Niu, Laurence T. Yang, Xiao Qin, Senlin Zhang, Bin Wang
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 205-212
With the advance of semiconductor, multi-core architecture is inevitable in today's embedded system design. Nested loops are usually the most critical part in multimedia and high performance DSP (Digital Signal Processing) systems. Hence, maximizing loop p...
EAD and PEBD: Two Energy-Aware Duplication Scheduling Algorithms for Parallel Tasks on Homogeneous Clusters
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Ziliang Zong, Adam Manzanares, Xiaojun Ruan, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:March 2011
pp. 360-374
High-performance clusters have been widely deployed to solve challenging and rigorous scientific and engineering tasks. On one hand, high performance is certainly an important consideration in designing clusters to run parallel applications. On the other h...
TRACER: A Trace Replay Tool to Evaluate Energy-Efficiency of Mass Storage Systems
Found in: Cluster Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Zhuo Liu, Fei Wu, Xiao Qin, Changsheng Xie, Jian Zhou, Jianzong Wang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 68-77
Improving energy efficiency of mass storage systems has become an important and pressing research issue in large HPC centers and data centers. New energy conservation techniques in storage systems constantly spring up; however, there is a lack of systemati...
Multi-layer Prefetching for Hybrid Storage Systems: Algorithms, Models, and Evaluations
Found in: Parallel Processing Workshops, International Conference on
By Mais Nijim, Ziliang Zong, Xiao Qin, Yousef Nijim
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 44-49
Parallel storage systems have been highly scalable and widely used in support of data-intensive applications. In future systems with the nature of massive data processing and storing, hybrid storage systems opt for a solution to fulfill a variety of demand...
Energy Efficient Prefetching with Buffer Disks for Cluster File Systems
Found in: Parallel Processing, International Conference on
By Adam Manzanares, Xiaojun Ruan, Shu Yin, Jiong Xie, Zhiyang Ding, Yun Tian, James Majors, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 404-413
Energy efficient computing is becoming increasingly important as the scale of parallel computing systems is expanding. As the processing power of parallel computing systems has been incremented there has been an increased demand for large scale storage sys...
Improving Energy Efficiency and Security for Disk Systems
Found in: High Performance Computing and Communications, 10th IEEE International Conference on
By Shu Yin, Mohammed I. Alghamdi, Xiaojun Ruan, Mais Nijim, Ashwin Tamilarasan, Ziliang Zong, Xiao Qin, Yiming Yang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 442-449
Improving security and minimizing power consumption are crucial for large-scale data storage systems. Although a handful of studies have been focused on data security and energy efficiency, most of the existing approaches have concentrated on only one of t...
Human Body Parts Tracking Using Sequential Markov Random Fields
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By Xiao-Qin Cao, Jia Zeng, Zhi-Qiang Liu
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 1759-1762
Automatically tracking human body parts is a difficult problem because of background clutters, missing body parts, and the high degrees of freedoms and complex kinematics of the articulated human body. This paper presents the sequential Markov random field...
Feedback Dynamic Algorithms for Preemptable Job Scheduling in Cloud Systems
Found in: Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on
By Jiayin Li, Meikang Qiu, Jianwei Niu, Wenzhong Gao, Ziliang Zong, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 561-564
An infrastructure-as-a-service cloud system provides computational capacities to remote users. Parallel processing in the cloud system can shorten the execution of jobs. Parallel processing requires a mechanism to scheduling the executions order as well as...
A Fine-Grained Data Reconstruction Algorithm for Solid-State Disks
Found in: Networking, Architecture, and Storage, International Conference on
By Peng Wang, Diqing Hu, Changsheng Xie, Jianzong Wang, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 51-59
Solid-state disks (SSDs) with high I/O performance are increasingly becoming popular. To extend the life time of flash memory, one can apply wear-leveling strategies to manage data blocks. However, wear-leveling strategies certainly inevitably degrade writ...
Interaction Simulate Method in Business Process Simulation
Found in: Service Sciences, International Conference on
By Ding Xiao, Qin Luo
Issue Date:May 2010
pp. 319-323
How to apply Web achievements to the Business Process Simulation (BPS) to compensate for the deficiencies of existing simulation technology and improve the ability of BPS is facing a major problem. Based on simulation technology development trend, this art...
Improving MapReduce performance through data placement in heterogeneous Hadoop clusters
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Processing Workshops and PhD Forum, 2011 IEEE International Symposium on
By Jiong Xie, Shu Yin, Xiaojun Ruan, Zhiyang Ding, Yun Tian,James Majors,Adam Manzanares, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 1-9
MapReduce has become an important distributed processing model for large-scale data-intensive applications like data mining and web indexing. Hadoop-an open-source implementation of MapReduce is widely used for short jobs requiring low response time. The c...
Study on Standardization Strategy for SMEs
Found in: International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering
By Yin Zhuling, Hou Kaihu, Niu Xiao, Qin Shihuan
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 145-148
Facing the rapid development of collaborative design and manufacturing and networked manufacturing, standardization has become one of the important measures which enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Focusing on these problems in the process of...
A Compression Algorithm for Multi-streams Based on GEP
Found in: Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, International Conference on
By Chao Ding, Chang-an Yuan, Xiao Qin, Yu-zhong Peng
Issue Date:October 2009
pp. 402-406
This paper applied the Methods which based on GEP in compress multi-streams. The contributions of this paper include: 1) giving an introduction to data function finding based on GEP(DFF-GEP), defining the main conception of Multi-Streams, and revealing the...
HYBUD: An Energy-Efficient Architecture for Hybrid Parallel Disk Systems
Found in: Computer Communications and Networks, International Conference on
By Mais Nijim, Adam Manzanares, Xiaojun Ruan, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 1-6
No summary available.
Can We Improve Energy Efficiency of Secure Disk Systems without Modifying Security Mechanisms?
Found in: Networking, Architecture, and Storage, International Conference on
By Xiaojun Ruan, Adam Manzanares, Shu Yin, Mais Nijim, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 413-420
Improving energy efficiency of security-aware storage systems is challenging, because security and energy efficiency are often two conflicting goals. The first step toward making the best tradeoffs between high security and energy efficiency is to profile ...
Energy-Aware Prefetching for Parallel Disk Systems: Algorithms, Models, and Evaluation
Found in: Network Computing and Applications, IEEE International Symposium on
By Adam Manzanres, Xiaojun Ruan, Shu Yin, Mais Nijim, Wei Luo, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 90-97
Parallel disk systems consume a significant amount of energy due to the large number of disks. To design economically attractive and environmentally friendly parallel disk systems, in this paper we design and evaluate an energy-aware prefetching strategy f...
An Energy-Efficient Reliability Model for Parallel Disk Systems
Found in: Information Technology: New Generations, Third International Conference on
By Fangyang Shen, Xiao Qin, Andres Salazar, Adam Manzanares, Kiranmai Bellam
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 843-848
In the last decade, parallel disk systems have increasingly become popular for data-intensive applications running on high-performance computing platforms. Conservation of energy in parallel disk systems has a strong impact on the cost of cooling equipment...
Chinese Unknown Word Recognition Based on Functional Applications of Type Theory
Found in: Intelligent Information Technology Applications, 2007 Workshop on
By Dongping Gao, Zhendong Niu, Lening Lv, Peng Jiang, Xiao Qin, Jiahong Guo
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 498-502
We introduce a method based on type functional applications for unknown word recognition in Chinese texts. A major advantage of the method is that it has an ability to detect unknown words of unrestricted characters by calculating the results of type funct...
An Adaptive Energy-Conserving Strategy for Parallel Disk Systems
Found in: Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications, IEEE/ACM International Symposium on
By Mais Nijim, Adam Manzanares, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 75-82
In the past decade parallel disk systems have been highly scalable and able to alleviate the problem of disk I/O bottleneck, thereby being widely used to support a wide range of data-intensive applications. Optimizing energy consumption in parallel disk sy...
A prefetching scheme for energy conservation in parallel disk systems
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, International
By Adam Manzanares, Kiranmai Bellam, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:April 2008
pp. 1-5
Large-scale parallel disk systems are frequently used to meet the demands of information systems requiring high storage capacities. A critical problem with these large-scale parallel disk systems is the fact that disks consume a significant amount of energ...
Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Parallel Applications Running on Heterogeneous Clusters
Found in: Parallel Processing, International Conference on
By Ziliang Zong, Xiao Qin, Xiaojun Ruan, Kiranmai Bellam, Mais Nijim, Mohamed Alghamdi
Issue Date:September 2007
pp. 19
High performance clusters have been widely used to provide amazing computing capability for both commercial and scientific applications. However, huge power consumption has prevented the further application of large-scale clusters. Designing energy-efficie...
Security-Aware Resource Allocation for Real-Time Parallel Jobs on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Clusters
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Tao Xie, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 682-697
Security is increasingly becoming an important issue in the design of real-time parallel applications, which are widely used in industry and academic organizations. However, existing schedulers for real-time parallel jobs on clusters generally do not facto...
Security-aware resource management for real-time applications on clusters
Found in: Cluster Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Xiao Qin
Issue Date:September 2007
pp. xv
An increasing number of real-time parallel applications on clusters, such as aircraft control and medical electronics systems, require high quality of security to assure confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of information. Conventional scheduling a...
An Energy-Delay Tunable Task Allocation Strategy for Collaborative Applications in Networked Embedded Systems
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Tao Xie, Xiao Qin
Issue Date:March 2008
pp. 329-343
Collaborative applications with energy and low-delay constraints are emerging in various networked embedded systems like wireless sensor networks and multimedia terminals. Conventional energy-aware task allocation schemes developed for collaborative applic...
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