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Computer Recollections: Events, Humor, and Happenings
Found in: IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
By Walter F. Bauer
Issue Date:January 2007
pp. 85-89
Recollections of Walter Bauer's career, which he began as operations director at Ramo-Woolridge, and which primarily involved Informatics, which he cofounded. Numerous anecdotes about early computers, notably involving IBM, CDC, and Univac, are recounted.
Informatics Acquisition by Sterling Software: Unsolicited Offer, Takeover Attempt, and Merger
Found in: IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
By Walter F. Bauer
Issue Date:July 2006
pp. 32-40
A series of events began in 1983 that eventually led to Sterling Software's 1985 acquisition of Informatics. The acquisition, unique at the time in the software industry, was preceded by an unsolicited offer and takeover attempt with a proxy fight. The tra...
On ACM's role and its welfare
Found in: Communications of the ACM
By Walter F. Bauer
Issue Date:December 1964
pp. 700
Engelbart1 has reported on some demonstrations in which a group functions as various parts of a digital computer. These demonstrations are concerned with binary operations including addition. However, there are occasions when it is desirable to have a grou...
A system for general-purpose analog-digital computation
Found in: Proceedings of the 1956 11th ACM national meeting (ACM '56)
By George P. West, Walter F. Bauer
Issue Date:January 1956
pp. 79-82
Concerning the age-old argument on the relative merits of analog and digital computation, it has been said that the true future for scientific computation involves the union of the equipments by means of an analog-digital converting device. In this period ...