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A Cooperative Parallel Search-Based Software Engineering Approach for Code-Smells Detection
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
By Wael Kessentini,Marouane Kessentini,Houari Sahraoui,Slim Bechikh,Ali Ouni
Issue Date:June 2014
pp. 1
We propose in this paper to consider code-smells detection as a distributed optimization problem. The idea is that different methods are combined in parallel during the optimization process to find a consensus regarding the detection of code-smells. To thi...
Design Defects Detection and Correction by Example
Found in: International Conference on Program Comprehension
By Marouane Kessentini, Wael Kessentini, Houari Sahraoui, Mounir Boukadoum, Ali Ouni
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 81-90
Detecting and fixing defects make programs easier to understand by developers. We propose an automated approach for the detection and correction of various types of design defects in source code. Our approach allows to automatically find detection rules, t...