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The Tussle around Online Privacy
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Vijay Erramilli
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 69-71
The predominant business model for most online entities is to offer a free service that attracts users and then monetize those users' personal information via advertisements and marketing. Owing to these strong economic incentives, online services are beco...
Energy Efficient Offloading of 3G Networks
Found in: Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Systems, IEEE International Conference on
By Nikodin Ristanovic,Jean-Yves Le Boudec,Augustin Chaintreau,Vijay Erramilli
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 202-211
The increase in data consumed by smartphones is becoming a huge problem for mobile operators. In three years, mobile data traffic in AT&T's network rose 5000%. The US operators invest $50 billion in the data networks every year and the technology upgra...
Social-Aware Replication in Geo-Diverse Online Systems
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Stefano Traverso,Kevin Huguenin,Ionut Trestian,Vijay Erramilli,Nikolaos Laoutais,Konstantina Papagiannaki
Issue Date:March 2014
pp. 1
Distributing long-tail content is a difficult task due to the low amortization of bandwidth transfer costs as such content has limited number of views. Two recent trends are making this problem harder. First, the increasing popularity of user-generated con...
Challenges of keyword-based location disclosure
Found in: Proceedings of the 12th ACM workshop on Workshop on privacy in the electronic society (WPES '13)
By Augustin Chaintreau, Christopher J. Riederer, Jacob Cahan, Vijay Erramilli
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 273-278
A practical solution to location privacy should be incrementally deployable. We claim it should hence reconcile the economic value of location to aggregators, usually ignored by prior works, with a user's control over her information. Location information ...
Last call for the buffet: economics of cellular networks
Found in: Proceedings of the 19th annual international conference on Mobile computing & networking (MobiCom '13)
By Adriana Iamnitchi, Jeremy Blackburn, Konstantina Papagiannaki, Rade Stanojevic, Vijay Erramilli
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 111-122
Voice and data traffic growth over the last several years has become a major challenge for cellular operators with a direct impact on revenues, infrastructure investments, and end-user performance. The economics of these operators depend on various incenti...
TailGate: handling long-tail content with a little help from friends
Found in: Proceedings of the 21st international conference on World Wide Web (WWW '12)
By Kevin Huguenin, Kostantina Papagiannaki, Ionut Triestan, Nikolaos Laoutaris, Stefano Traverso, Vijay Erramilli
Issue Date:April 2012
pp. 151-160
Distributing long-tail content is an inherently difficult task due to the low amortization of bandwidth transfer costs as such content has limited number of views. Two recent trends are making this problem harder. First, the increasing popularity of user-g...
The little engine(s) that could: scaling online social networks
Found in: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2010 conference on SIGCOMM (SIGCOMM '10)
By Georgos Siganos, Josep M. Pujol, Nikos Laoutaris, Pablo Rodriguez, Parminder Chhabra, Vijay Erramilli, Xiaoyuan Yang
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 112-ff
The difficulty of scaling Online Social Networks (OSNs) has introduced new system design challenges that has often caused costly re-architecting for services like Twitter and Facebook. The complexity of interconnection of users in social networks has intro...
Forwarding in opportunistic networks with resource constraints
Found in: Proceedings of the third ACM workshop on Challenged networks (CHANTS '08)
By Mark Crovella, Vijay Erramilli
Issue Date:September 2008
pp. 1-2
Effective forwarding in mobile opportunistic networks is a challenge, given the unpredictable mobility of nodes, short contact durations between nodes, wireless interference and limited buffer sizes. Most forwarding algorithms aim at decreasing costs (rela...
Delegation forwarding
Found in: Proceedings of the 9th ACM international symposium on Mobile ad hoc networking and computing (MobiHoc '08)
By Augustin Chaintreau, Christophe Diot, Mark Crovella, Vijay Erramilli
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 1-2
Mobile opportunistic networks are characterized by unpredictable mobility, heterogeneity of contact rates and lack of global information. Successful delivery of messages at low costs and delays in such networks is thus challenging. Most forwarding algorith...