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Large-Scale Orthology Predictions for Inferring Gene Functions across Multiple Species
Found in: HPCMP Users Group Conference
By Chenggang Yu,Valmik Desai,Nela Zavaljevski,Jaques Reifman
Issue Date:June 2010
pp. 269-272
An effective approach to infer the functions of genes is to use the concept of gene orthology. Because orthologous genes are likely to share similar functions, the functions of genes in an unstudied species can be inferred through the functions of their or...
Accelerating Biomedical Research in Designing Diagnostic Assays, Drugs, and Vaccines
Found in: Computing in Science and Engineering
By Anders Wallqvist, Nela Zavaljevski, Ravi Vijaya Satya, Rajkumar Bondugula, Valmik Desai, Xin Hu, Kamal Kumar, Michael Lee, In-Chul Yeh, Chenggang Yu
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 46-55
The US Department of Defense Biotechnology High-Performance Computing Software Applications Institute for Force Health Protection develops state-of-the-art high-performance computing applications that accelerate biomedical research in the development of di...
PIPA: A High-Throughput Pipeline for Protein Function Annotation
Found in: HPCMP Users Group Conference
By Chenggang Yu, Valmik Desai, Nela Zavaljevski, Jaques Reifman
Issue Date:July 2008
pp. 241-246
Traditional experimental methods to determine the functions of proteins encoded in genomic sequences cannot keep pace with the avalanche of sequence data produced by new high-throughput sequencing technologies. This prompted the development of numerous bio...
SEE: A Service Execution Environment for Edge Services
Found in: Internet Applications, IEEE Workshop on
By Vikrant Mastoli, Valmik Desai, Weisong Shi
Issue Date:June 2003
pp. 61
The increasing mismatch between the low-bandwidth, resource characteristics of wireless mobile devices and the high-bandwidth expectations of many content-rich services drives the demand for deploying content-oriented services along the data path between t...