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Preserving Location Privacy in Geosocial Applications
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
By Krishna P.N. Puttaswamy,Shiyuan Wang,Troy Steinbauer,Divyakant Agrawal,Amr El Abbadi,Christopher Kruegel,Ben Y. Zhao
Issue Date:January 2014
pp. 159-173
Using geosocial applications, such as FourSquare, millions of people interact with their surroundings through their friends and their recommendations. Without adequate privacy protection, however, these systems can be easily misused, for example, to track ...
Privacy, availability and economics in the Polaris mobile social network
Found in: Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile '11)
By Alessandra Sala, Ben Y. Zhao, Christo Wilson, Gang Wang, Haitao Zheng, Troy Steinbauer
Issue Date:March 2011
pp. 42-47
While highly successful, today's online social networks (OSNs) have made a conscious decision to sacrifice privacy for availability and centralized control. Unfortunately, tradeoffs in this "walled garden" architecture naturally pit the economic interests ...