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Event-Based Retrieval from a Digital Library Containing Medical Streams
Found in: Digital Libraries, Joint Conference on
By Mohamed Kholief, Kurt Maly, Stewart Shen
Issue Date:May 2003
pp. 231
We describe a digital library that contains streams and supports event-based retrieval. Streams used in the digital library are CT scan, medical text, and audio streams. Events, such as ?tumor appeared?, were generated and represented in the user interface...
Event-Based Retrieval from Digital Libraries Containing Streamed Data
Found in: Information Technology: Coding and Computing, International Conference on
By Mohamed Kholief, Stewart Shen, Kurt Maly
Issue Date:March 2000
pp. 234
Data streams are a very important source of information for both researchers and ordinary users. Data streams might be video or audio streams or might be a stream of sensor readings, satellite images, etc. Saving data, streams in digital libraries add the ...
Using Analogical Reasoning for Mechanism Design
Found in: IEEE Intelligent Systems
By Ghassan Issa, Stewart Shen, Meng Sang Chew
Issue Date:June 1994
pp. 60-69
<p>Our experience in developing a traditional expert system motivated us to develop a practical system that applies analogical reasoning to mechanism design. The new system could use existing solutions (apply analogical reasoning) to synthesize new m...