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Tutorial T1: Designing Secure SoCs
Found in: VLSI Design, International Conference on
By Srivaths Ravi, Stefan Mangard
Issue Date:January 2007
pp. 3
Information security is a critical concern in a wide range of embedded computing and communications systems. Embedded systems are being used in critical applications (medical electronics, automotive systems, and avionics), where the consequence of security...
Keeping Secrets on Low-Cost Chips
Found in: IEEE Security & Privacy
By Stefan Mangard
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 75-77
In the mass markets in which chips are integrated into everyday objects, the cost pressures are great, but so is the need for security. To help resolve the conflict between cost and security, a new strategy embeds cryptographic algorithms into a cryptograp...
Power Analysis Attacks and Countermeasures
Found in: IEEE Design and Test of Computers
By Thomas Popp, Stefan Mangard, Elisabeth Oswald
Issue Date:November 2007
pp. 535-543
One of the biggest challenges of designers of cryptographic devices is to protect the devices against implementation attacks. Power analysis attacks are among the strongest of these attacks. This article provides an overview of power analysis attacks and d...
A Highly Regular and Scalable AES Hardware Architecture
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Stefan Mangard, Manfred Aigner, Sandra Dominikus
Issue Date:April 2003
pp. 483-491
<p><b>Abstract</b>—This article presents a highly regular and scalable AES hardware architecture, suited for full-custom as well as for semi-custom design flows. Contrary to other publications, a complete architecture (even including CBC ...
A new approach to DNS security (DNSSEC)
Found in: Proceedings of the 8th ACM conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS '01)
By Giuseppe Ateniese, Stefan Mangard
Issue Date:November 2001
pp. 86-95
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed database that allows convenient storing and retrieving of resource records. DNS has been extended to provide security services (DNSSEC) mainly through public-key cryptography. We propose a new approach to DNSSE...