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Context-Based Applications in Converged Networks: Beyond SIMPLE Presence
Found in: IEEE Pervasive Computing
By Arup Acharya,Nilanjan Banerjee,Dipanjan Chakraborty,Shachi Sharma
Issue Date:April 2013
pp. 59-67
The authors present a large-scale presence virtualization and federation platform that federates across heterogeneous presence domains, letting applications exploit cross-domain contextual data. The platform also provides a programmable interface for custo...
Programmable presence virtualization for next-generation context-based applications
Found in: Pervasive Computing and Communications, IEEE International Conference on
By Arup Acharya, Nilanjan Banerjee, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Koustuv Dasgupta, Archan Misra, Shachi Sharma, Xiping Wang, Charles P. Wright
Issue Date:March 2009
pp. 1-10
Presence, broadly defined as an event publish-notification infrastructure for converged applications, has emerged as a key mechanism for collecting and disseminating context attributes for next-generation services in both enterprise and provider domains. C...
Presence virtualization middleware for next-generation converged applications
Found in: Proceedings of the ACM/IFIP/USENIX international middleware conference companion on Middleware '08 Companion (Companion '08)
By Archan Misra, Arup Acharya, Charles Wright, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Koustuv Dasgupta, Nilanjan Banerjee, Shachi Sharma, Xiping Wang
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 31-36
This paper describes the initial design of a scalable and client-programmable presence virtualization architecture.