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The Personal Data Store Approach to Personal Data Security
Found in: IEEE Security & Privacy
By Tom Kirkham,Sandra Winfield,Serge Ravet,Sampo Kellomaki
Issue Date:September 2013
pp. 12-19
A growing number of actors believe personal data stores (PDSs) are the solution to the issue of online privacy. With PDSs, people can choose to share specific personal information or restrict access to certain interested parties. A small-scale test involvi...
An Identity-Centric Internet: Identity in the Cloud, Identity as a Service and Other Delights
Found in: Availability, Reliability and Security, International Conference on
By Mikael Ates,Serge Ravet,Abakar Mohamat Ahmat,Jacques Fayolle
Issue Date:August 2011
pp. 555-560
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