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Impact of Thermal Gradients on Clock Skew and Testing
Found in: IEEE Design and Test of Computers
By Sebastià A. Bota, Josep L. Rosselló, Carol de Benito, Ali Keshavarzi, Jaume Segura
Issue Date:September 2006
pp. 414-424
It is a well-known phenomenon that test-mode switching activity and power consumption can exceed that of mission mode. Thus, testing can induce localized heating and temperature gradients with deleterious results. The authors quantify this problem and prop...
Bridge defect detection in nanometer CMOS circuits using Low VDD and body bias
Found in: 2013 14th Latin American Test Workshop - LATW
By Hector Villacorta,Jose Garcia-Gervacio,Victor Champac,Sebastia Bota,Jaime Martinez,Jaume Segura
Issue Date:April 2013
pp. 1-6
Bridge defects are an important manufacturing defect that may escape test. Even more, it has been shown that in nanometer regime, process variations pose important challenges for traditional delay test methods. Therefore, advances in test methodologies to ...
Critical charge characterization in 6-T SRAMs during read mode
Found in: On-Line Testing Symposium, IEEE International
By Sebastia Bota, Gabriel Torrens, Bartomeu Alorda
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 120-125
In this work we analyze the effects of radiation-induced transient pulses on 6T SRAM cells operating in read mode. The critical charge of a memory cell during read mode is lower than in hold mode. For 1 to 0 upsets, this reduction reaches a factor x1.5 for...