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Semantic Sensor Web
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Amit Sheth, Cory Henson, Satya S. Sahoo
Issue Date:July 2008
pp. 78-83
Sensors are distributed across the globe leading to an avalanche of data about our environment. It is possible today to utilize networks of sensors to detect and identify a multitude of observations, from simple phenomena to complex events and situations. ...
Semantic Provenance for eScience: Managing the Deluge of Scientific Data
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Satya S. Sahoo, Amit Sheth, Cory Henson
Issue Date:July 2008
pp. 46-54
Provenance information in eScience is metadata that's critical to effectively manage the exponentially increasing volumes of scientific data from industrial-scale experiment protocols. Semantic provenance, based on domain-specific provenance ontologies, le...
Capturing Workflow Event Data for Monitoring, Performance Analysis, and Management of Scientific Workflows
Found in: eScience, IEEE International Conference on
By Matthew D. Valerio, Satya S. Sahoo, Roger S. Barga, Jared J. Jackson
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 626-633
To effectively support real-time monitoring and performance analysis of scientific workflow execution, varying levels of event data must be captured and made available to interested parties. This paper discusses the creation of an ontology-aware workflow m...
Extending Semantic Provenance into the Web of Data
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Jun Zhao, Satya S. Sahoo, Paolo Missier, Amit Sheth, Carole Goble
Issue Date:January 2011
pp. 40-48
In this article, the authors provide an example workflow—and a simple classification of user questions on the workflow's data products—to combine and interchange contextual metadata through a semantic data model and infrastructure. They also analyze their ...
Knowledge modeling and its application in life sciences: a tale of two ontologies
Found in: Proceedings of the 15th international conference on World Wide Web (WWW '06)
By Amit Sheth, Christopher Thomas, Samir Tartir, Satya S. Sahoo, William S. York
Issue Date:May 2006
pp. 317-326
High throughput glycoproteomics, similar to genomics and proteomics, involves extremely large volumes of distributed, heterogeneous data as a basis for identification and quantification of a structurally diverse collection of biomolecules. The ability to s...