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Modeling the performance and energy of storage arrays
Found in: International Conference on Green Computing
By Sankaran Sivathanu, Ling Liu, Cristian Ungureanu
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 229-242
We propose a novel framework for evaluating techniques for power optimization in storage. Given an arbitrary trace of disk requests, we split it into short time intervals, extract a set of simple statistics for each interval, and apply an analytical model ...
Who Is Your Neighbor: Net I/O Performance Interference in Virtualized Clouds
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
By Xing Pu,Ling Liu,Yiduo Mei,Sankaran Sivathanu,Younggyun Koh,Calton Pu,Yuanda Cao
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 314-329
User-perceived performance continues to be the most important QoS indicator in cloud-based data centers today. Effective allocation of virtual machines (VMs) to handle both CPU intensive and I/O intensive workloads is a crucial performance management capab...
Performance Analysis of Network I/O Workloads in Virtualized Data Centers
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
By Yiduo Mei,Ling Liu,Xing Pu,Sankaran Sivathanu,Xiaoshe Dong
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 48-63
Server consolidation and application consolidation through virtualization are key performance optimizations in cloud-based service delivery industry. In this paper, we argue that it is important for both cloud consumers and cloud providers to understand th...
Storage Management in Virtualized Cloud Environment
Found in: Cloud Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Sankaran Sivathanu, Ling Liu, Mei Yiduo, Xing Pu
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 204-211
With Cloud Computing gaining tremendous importance in the recent past, understanding low-level implications of the cloud infrastructure becomes necessary. One of the key technologies deployed in large Cloud infrastructures namely the Amazon EC2 for providi...
Understanding Performance Interference of I/O Workload in Virtualized Cloud Environments
Found in: Cloud Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Xing Pu, Ling Liu, Yiduo Mei, Sankaran Sivathanu, Younggyun Koh, Calton Pu
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 51-58
Server virtualization offers the ability to slice large, underutilized physical servers into smaller, parallel virtual machines (VMs), enabling diverse applications to run in isolated environments on a shared hardware platform. Effective management of virt...
Performance Measurements and Analysis of Network I/O Applications in Virtualized Cloud
Found in: Cloud Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Yiduo Mei, Ling Liu, Xing Pu, Sankaran Sivathanu
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 59-66
Virtualization is a key technology for cloud based data centers to implement the vision of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and to promote effective server consolidation and application consolidation. However, current implementation of virtual machine mo...