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On the Convergence and MSE of Chen's LMS Adaptive Algorithm
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By S. Chen, Y. Kao, C. Chen
Issue Date:April 1997
pp. 2349
No summary available.
Application of Fuzzy Relative Quality Performance Matrix on the Improvement of Critical to Quality Problems
Found in: Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, Fourth International Conference on
By K. S. Chen, T. W. Chen
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 356-360
The implementation of 6-sigma project consists of five well-known stages, that is, define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Among them, four have received much analysis and exploration by articles and scholars as well. While in the respect of definit...
Efficient String Matching Algorithms for Combinatorial Universal Denoising
Found in: Data Compression Conference
By S. Chen, S. Diggavi, S. Dusad, S. Muthukrishnan
Issue Date:March 2005
pp. 153-162
Inspired by the combinatorial denoising method DUDE, we present efficient algorithms for implementing this idea for arbitrary contexts or for using it within subsequences. We also propose effective, efficient denoising error estimators so we can find the b...
A Live TV-Quality Distant Learning Multimedia Presentation System for Education
Found in: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
By S. Li, S. Chen, M. Shyu
Issue Date:January 2001
pp. 4047
In this paper, an abstract semantic model called multimedia augmented transition network (MATN) to model a live TV-like multimedia presentation system for distance learning education purpose is presented. Unlike the original design for CISCO IP/TV system t...
A Genetic Algorithm for the Reliability Optimization of a Distributed System
Found in: Database and Expert Systems Applications, International Workshop on
By R.-S. Chen, C.C. Chiu, Y.S. Yeh
Issue Date:August 1998
pp. 484
No summary available.
A Graph Theoretical Approach to Determine a Join Reducer Sequence in Distributed Query Processing
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By M.-S. Chen, P.S. Yu
Issue Date:February 1994
pp. 152-165
<p>Semijoin has traditionally been relied upon to reduce the cost of data transmission for distributed query processing. However, judiciously applying join operations as reducers can lead to further reduction in the amount of data transmission requir...
Locally Subcube-Connected Hypercube Networks: Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Results
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By J. Chen, G. Wang, S. Chen
Issue Date:May 2002
pp. 530-540
<p>We study hypercube networks with a very large number of faulty nodes. A simple and natural condition, the <it>local subcube-connectivity</it>, is identified under which hypercube networks with a very large number of faulty nodes still ...
Distributed Quality-of-Service Routing in High-Speed Networks Based on Selective Probing
Found in: Local Computer Networks, Annual IEEE Conference on
By S. Chen, K. Nahrstedt
Issue Date:October 1998
pp. 80
No summary available.
Nonuniform Compression in Databases with Haar Wavelet
Found in: Data Compression Conference
By S. Chen, A. Nucci
Issue Date:March 2007
pp. 223-232
Data synopsis is a lossy compressed representation of data stored into databases that helps the query optimizer to speed up the query process, e.g. time to retrieve the data from the database. An efficient data synopsis must provide accurate information ab...
Subcube Allocation and Task Migration in Hypercube Multiprocessors
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By M.-S. Chen, K.G. Shin
Issue Date:September 1990
pp. 1146-1155
<p>Two important issues in managing processors in a hypercube are addressed: subcube allocation and task migration to eliminate the system fragmentation caused by allocation and deallocation of subcubes. It is proven that the subcube allocation strat...
Is Dislocation Flow Turbulent in Deformed Crystals?
Found in: Computing in Science and Engineering
By Woosong Choi,Yong S. Chen,Stefanos Papanikolaou,James P. Sethna
Issue Date:January 2012
pp. 33-39
Intriguing analogies were found between a model of plastic deformation in crystals and turbulence in fluids. A study of this model provides remarkable explanations of known experiments and predicts fractal dislocation pattern formation. Further, the challe...
Combining Joint and Semi-Join Operations for Distributed Query Processing
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By M.-S. Chen, P.S. Yu
Issue Date:June 1993
pp. 534-542
<p>The application of a combination of join and semi-join operations to minimize the amount of data transmission required for distributed query processing is discussed. Specifically, two important concepts that occur with the use of join operations a...
Blind Channel Identification Based on Higher-Order Cumulant Fitting Using Genetic Algorithms
Found in: Signal Processing Workshop on High-Order Statistics, IEEE
By S. Chen, Y. Wu, S. McLaughlin
Issue Date:July 1997
pp. 0184
A family of blind equalisation algorithms identifies a channel model based on a higher-order cumulant (HOC) fitting approach. Since HOC cost functions are multimodal, gradient search techniques require a good initial estimate to avoid converging to local m...
The Use of Hidden Deletable Pixel Detection to Obtain Bias-Reduced Skeletons in Parallel Thinning
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By Y-S. Chen
Issue Date:August 1996
pp. 91
No summary available.
Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Routing in Hypercube Multicomputers
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By M.-S. Chen, K.G. Shin
Issue Date:December 1990
pp. 1406-1416
<p>A connected hypercube with faulty links and/or nodes is called an injured hypercube. A distributed adaptive fault-tolerant routing scheme is proposed for an injured hypercube in which each node is required to know only the condition of its own lin...
Addressing, Routing, and Broadcasting in Hexagonal Mesh Multiprocessors
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By M.-S. Chen, K.G. Shin, D.D. Kandlur
Issue Date:January 1990
pp. 10-18
<p>A family of six-regular graphs, called hexagonal meshes or H-meshes, is considered as a multiprocessor interconnection network. Processing nodes on the periphery of an H-mesh are first wrapped around to achieve regularity and homogeneity. The diam...
Compact Layout Rule Extraction for Latchup Prevention in a 0.25-?m Shallow-Trench-Isolation Silicided Bulk CMOS Process
Found in: Quality Electronic Design, International Symposium on
By Ming-Dou Ker, Wen-Yu Lo, Tung-Yang Chen, Howard Tang, S.-S. Chen, M.-C. Wang
Issue Date:March 2001
pp. 267
An experimental extraction to find the area-efficient compact layout rules to prevent latchup in bulk CMOS IC's is proposed. The layout rules are extracted from the test patterns with different layout spacings or distances. A new efficient latchup preventi...
Design of the optimal separating hyperplane for the decision feedback equalizer using support vector machines
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By S. Chen, C.J. Harris
Issue Date:June 2000
pp. 2701-2704
The conventional decision feedback equalizer (DFE) separates the different signal classes using a single hyperplane. It is well known that the popular minimum mean square error (MMSE) design is generally not the optimal minimum bit error rate (MBER) soluti...
On Workload Characterization of Relational Database Environments
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
By P.S. Yu, M.-S. Chen, H.-U. Heiss, S. Lee
Issue Date:April 1992
pp. 347-355
<p>A relational database workload analyzer (REDWAR) is developed to characterize the workload in a DB2 environment. This is applied to study a production DB2 system where a structured query language (SQL) trace for a two-hour interval and an image co...
Simultaneous Layout Style and Logical Entity Recognition in a Heterogeneous Collection of Documents
Found in: Document Analysis and Recognition, International Conference on
By S. Chen, S. Mao, G. Thoma
Issue Date:September 2007
pp. 118-122
Logical entity recognition in heterogeneous collections of document page images remains a challenging problem since the performance of traditional supervised methods de- grades dramatically in case of many distinct layout styles. In this paper we present a...
Distributed QoS Routing with Imprecise State Information
Found in: Computer Communications and Networks, International Conference on
By S. Chen, K. Nahrstedt
Issue Date:October 1998
pp. 614
No summary available.
A Distributed Protocol for Multi-Class QoS Provision in Noncooperative Many-Switch Systems
Found in: Network Protocols, IEEE International Conference on
By S. Chen, K. Park
Issue Date:October 1998
pp. 0098
No summary available.
Optimal Design of Distributed Information Systems
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By P.P.-S. Chen, J. Akoka
Issue Date:December 1980
pp. 1068-1080
In this paper a model is developed for the optimization of distributed information systems. Compared with the previous work in this area, the model is more complete, since it considers simultaneously the distribution of processing power, the allocation of ...
Speech recognition for DARPA Communicator
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By A. Aaron, S. Chen, P. Cohen, S. Dharanipragada, E. Eide, M. Franz, J.-M. Leroux, X. Luo, B. Maison, L. Mangu, T. Mathes, M. Novak, P. Olsen, M. Picheny, H. Printz, B. Ramabhadran, A. Sakrajda, G. Saon, B. Tydlitat, K. Visweswariah, D. Yuk
Issue Date:May 2001
pp. 489-492
We report the results of investigations in acoustic modeling, language modeling and decoding techniques, for the DARPA Communicator, a speaker-independent, telephone-based dialog system. By a combination of methods, including enlarging the acoustic model, ...
Congestion-Free Embedding of Multiple Spanning Trees in an Arrangement Graph
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By Y.-S. Chen, T.-Y. Juang, E.-H. Tseng
Issue Date:December 1998
pp. 360
No summary available.
Path-Based Multicast Communication in Wormhole-Routed Star Graph Multicomputers
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By T.-S. Chen, N.-C. Wang, C.-P. Chu
Issue Date:December 1998
pp. 350
No summary available.
Development of reworkable underfills, materials, reliability and processing
Found in: Adhesive Joining and Coating Technology in Electronics Manufacturing
By L. Crane, A. Torres-Filho, C.K. Ober, S. Yang, J.-S. Chen, R.W. Johnson
Issue Date:September 1998
pp. 262-265
The development of a reworkable underfill system for flip chip assembly is described. The materials selection process, information on the process for rework and pertinent reliability data are described.
Using Multi-Attribute Predicates for Mining Classification Rules
Found in: Computer Software and Applications Conference, Annual International
By M.-S. Chen
Issue Date:August 1998
pp. 636
No summary available.
A Radix-4 Redundant Cordic Algorithm with Fast On-Line Variable Scale Factor Compensation
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By C. Li, S. Chen
Issue Date:April 1997
pp. 639
No summary available.
Optimal file allocation in multi-level storage systems
Found in: Managing Requirements Knowledge, International Workshop on
By P. P. S. Chen
Issue Date:June 1973
pp. 277
No summary available.
Integrated Network Design Tools (INDT): a suite of network design tools for current and next generation networking technologies
Found in: Computers and Communications, IEEE Symposium on
By B.T. Doshi, C.A. Funka-Lea, P. Harshavardhana, J. Gong, R. Nagarajan, S. Ravikumar, S. Chen, Y. Wang
Issue Date:July 1997
pp. 332
Integrated Network Design Tools (INDT) is a suite of tools being developed at Bell Labs. This suite of tools is built on a flexible software architecture based on C++ and can provide optimal network design for a mix of private line, switched voice and swit...
Model-Based Object Recognition Using Range Images by Combining Morphological Feature Extraction and Geometric Hashing
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By C-S. Chen, Y-P. Hung, J-L. Wu
Issue Date:August 1996
pp. 565
No summary available.
Incremental Learning for Vision-Based Navigation
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By J. Weng, S. Chen
Issue Date:August 1996
pp. 45
No summary available.
On the Number of Acceptable Task Assignments in Distributed Computing Systems
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By K.G. Shin, M.-S. Chen
Issue Date:January 1990
pp. 99-110
<p>A distributed computing system and cooperating tasks can be represented by a processor graph G/sub p/=(V/sub p/, E/sub p/) and a task graph G/sub T/=(V/sub T/, E/sub T/), respectively. An edge between a pair of nodes in G/sub T/ represents the exi...
Standardizing the Construction of a Digital Forensics Laboratory
Found in: Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering, IEEE International Workshop on
By Patrick S. Chen, Lawrence M. F. Tsai, Ying-Chieh Chen, George Yee
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 40-47
Along with the increasing problems of cybercrime, digital forensics-related issues have become more and more important and serious. Digital forensics often involves the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation and interpretation of digital d...
A Hierarchical Test Scheme for System-On-Chip Designs
Found in: Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition
By J. Li, H. Huang, J. Chen, C. Su, C. Wu, C. Cheng, S. Chen, C. Hwang, H. Lin
Issue Date:March 2002
pp. 0486
System-on-chip (SOC) design methodology is becoming the trend in the IC industry. Integrating reusable cores from multiple sources is essential in SOC design, and different design-for-testability methodologies are usually required for testing different cor...
Compression of 3D Objects with Multistage Color-Depth Panoramic Maps
Found in: Data Compression Conference
By C.-M. Tsai, W.-Y. Chang, C.-S. Chen, G. Y. Tang
Issue Date:April 2002
pp. 0475
No summary available.
Adaptive minimum-BER linear multiuser detection
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By S. Chen, A.K. Samingan, B. Mulgrew, L. Hanzo
Issue Date:May 2001
pp. 2253-2256
An adaptive minimum bit error rate (MBER) linear multiuser detector (MUD) is proposed for DS-CDMA systems. Based on the approach of kernel density estimation for approximating the bit error rate (BER) from training data, a least mean squares (LMS) style ad...
Thinning Noisy Binary Patterns Using Human Visual Symmetry
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By Y-S. Chen, Y-T. Yu
Issue Date:August 1996
pp. 146
No summary available.
Using difficulty of prediction to decrease computation: fast sort, priority queue and convex hull on entropy bounded inputs
Found in: Foundations of Computer Science, Annual IEEE Symposium on
By S. Chen, J.H. Reif
Issue Date:November 1993
pp. 104-112
Studies have indicated that sorting comprises about 20% of all computing on mainframes. Perhaps the largest use of sorting in computing (particularly business computing) is the sort required for large database operations (e.g. required by joint operations)...
Fast Convolution with Laplacian-of-Gaussian Masks
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By J. S. Chen,A. Huertas,G. Medioni
Issue Date:April 1987
pp. 584-590
We present a technique for computing the convolution of an image with LoG (Laplacian-of-Gaussian) masks. It is well known that a LoG of variance a can be decomposed as a Gaussian mask and a LoG of variance a1 < a. We take advantage of the specific spect...
PIRE: a global living laboratory for cyberinfrastructure application enablement
Found in: The Fifth Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference: Intellect, Initiatives, Insight, and Innovations (TAPIA '09)
By B. Furht, J. Caraballo, N. Bowen, P. Martinez, S. Chen, S. Graham, S. Luis, S. M. Sadjadi, Y. Deng
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 1-29
This Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE) is a 5-year long project funded by the National Science Foundation that aims to provide 196 international research and training experiences to its participants by leveraging the established p...
An optical calibration manipulator system
Found in: IEEE-NPSS Real Time Conference
By P.-A. Amaudruz, F. Berghaus, S. Chen, R. Helmer, C. Holmberg, K. Hoyle, I. Kato, P. Kitching, A. Konaka, M. Lenckowski, D. Morris, S. Oser
Issue Date:June 2005
pp. 130
The K2K experiment at KEK is searching for neutrino oscillations by measuring the neutrino beam flux at both a 1 kt water Cherenkov detector (front detector) close to the neutrino source, and at the super Kamiokande detector 250 km away. Part of the optica...
An Augmented Reality based Simulation of Obstetric Forceps Delivery
Found in: Mixed and Augmented Reality, IEEE / ACM International Symposium on
By R. Lapeer, M. S. Chen, J. Villagrana
Issue Date:November 2004
pp. 274-275
During the process of human childbirth, obstetric forceps delivery is a justified alternative to Caesarean section when vaginal delivery proves difficult or impossible. Currently, training of forceps interventions is done on a real case due to the lack of ...
Issues in the transmission, analysis, storage and retrieval of surveillance video
Found in: Multimedia and Expo, IEEE International Conference on
By D. Doermann, A. Karunanidhi, N. Parkeh, M.A. Khan, S. Chen, H.T. Ozdemir, M. Miwa, K.C. Lee
Issue Date:July 2003
pp. 161-164
Increased network capabilities and the prevalence of wireless networks have provided an environment where data and compute intensive surveillance applications can be realized as part of existing infrastructures. Nevertheless, careful consideration must be ...
On-Line Recognition of UML Diagrams
Found in: Document Analysis and Recognition, International Conference on
By E. Lank,J. Thorley,S. Chen,D. Blostein
Issue Date:September 2001
pp. 0356
Abstract: Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams are widely used by software engineers to describe the structure of software systems. Early in the software design cycle, software engineers informally sketch initial UML diagrams on paper or whiteboards. T...
Maximum likelihood discriminant feature spaces
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By G. Saon, M. Padmanabhan, R. Gopinath, S. Chen
Issue Date:June 2000
pp. II1129-II1132
Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) is known to be inappropriate for the case of classes with unequal sample covariances. There has been an interest in generalizing LDA to heteroscedastic discriminant analysis (HDA) by removing the equal within-class covari...
On-line algorithms for combining language models
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By A. Kalai, S. Chen, A. Blum, R. Rosenfeld
Issue Date:March 1999
pp. 745-748
Multiple language models are combined for many tasks in language modeling, such as domain and topic adaptation. In this work, we compare on-line algorithms from machine learning to existing algorithms for combining language models. On-line algorithms devel...
Reducing the computational requirement of the orthogonal least squares algorithm
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By E.S. Chng, S. Chen, B. Mulgrew
Issue Date:April 1994
pp. 529-532
The orthogonal, least squares (OLS) algorithm is an efficient implementation of the forward regression procedure for subset model selection. The ability to find good subset parameters with only linear increase in computational complexity makes this method ...
A novel approach to the speaker identification over telephone networks
Found in: Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on
By H.-C. Wang, M.-S. Chen, T. Yang
Issue Date:April 1993
pp. 407-410
The authors propose a channel equalization approach to overcome the channel variation in speaker identification over a telephone system. A set of inverse channel spectra is chosen to form a basis for generating the estimated channel equalization filter. Wh...
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