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Towards an Automated Approach to Offender Profiling
Found in: Computational Science and its Applications, International Conference
By Richard Bache, Fabio Crestani
Issue Date:July 2008
pp. 537-545
Offender profiling seeks to infer characteristics of an offender from the observed features of crimes he or she has committed. Traditionally such an approach has been subjective and required expert opinion. Here we propose an approach based on Language Mod...
Application of Language Models to Suspect Prioritisation and Suspect Likelihood in Serial Crimes
Found in: Information Assurance and Security, International Symposium on
By Richard Bache, Fabio Crestani, David Canter, Donna Youngs
Issue Date:August 2007
pp. 399-404
Language Models are successfully applied to the problem of analysing crime descriptions from a police database with the purpose of prioritising suspects for an unsolved crime, given details of solved crimes. The frequency of terms in each description relat...
Building Tools and Libraries - In MS-DOS
Found in: IEEE Software
By Richard Bach
Issue Date:March 1995
pp. 115-116
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On the relationship between effectiveness and accessibility
Found in: Proceeding of the 33rd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval (SIGIR '10)
By Leif Azzopardi, Richard Bache
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 889-890
Typically the evaluation of Information Retrieval (IR) systems is focused upon two main system attributes: efficiency and effectiveness. However, it has been argued that it is also important to consider accessibility, i.e. the extent to which the IR system...
Estimating real-valued characteristics of criminals from their recorded crimes
Found in: Proceeding of the 17th ACM conference on Information and knowledge mining (CIKM '08)
By Fabio Crestani, Richard Bache
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 1001-1001
Offender profiling concerns making inferences about a criminal from the crime(s) he has committed. Where descriptionsof the crimes are recorded electronically, text mining techniques provide a means by which recorded characteristics of the offenders can be...