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Enabling High-Performance Computing as a Service
Found in: Computer
By Moustafa AbdelBaky,Manish Parashar,Hyunjoo Kim,Kirk E. Jordan,Vipin Sachdeva,James Sexton,Hani Jamjoom,Zon-Yin Shae,Gergina Pencheva,Reza Tavakoli,Mary F. Wheeler
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 72-80
With the right software infrastructure, clouds can provide scientists with "as a service" access to high-performance computing resources. An award-winning prototype framework transforms the Blue Gene/P system into an elastic cloud to run a repres...
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Found in: Circuits and Systems, Midwest Symposium on
By Kamran Entesari, Ahmad Reza Tavakoli
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 983-986
this paper presents a fully integrated reflective-type phase shifter (RTPS) using active inductors in 0.18°m CMOS technology. Due to employing active inductors, the proposed phase shifter is extremely compact and has very low loss. It has an insertion loss...