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Wrist Coordination in a Kinematically Redundant Stabilization Task
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Haptics
By Lorenzo Masia,Valentina Squeri,Etienne Burdet,Giulio Sandini,Pietro Morasso
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 231-239
We investigated how the control of a compliant object is realized by the redundancy of wrist anatomy. Subjects had to balance a one degree-of-freedom inverted pendulum using elastic linkages controlled by wrist flexion/extension (FE) and forearm pronation/...
Adaptive Training Strategy of Distal Movements by Means of a Wrist-Robot
Found in: International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interaction
By Lorenzo Masia, Nestor Nava Rodriguez, Maura Casadio, Pietro Morasso, Giulio Sandini, Psiche Giannoni
Issue Date:February 2009
pp. 227-233
This paper presents the design, and performance of a high fidelity three degree-of-freedom wrist exoskeleton robot, for neuroscience study, training and rehabilitation. The IIT-Wrist is intended to provide kinesthetic feedback during the training of motor ...
Neural Network of a Cognitive Crow: An interacting map based architecture
Found in: Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems, IEEE International Conference on
By Vishwanathan Mohan, Pietro Morasso
Issue Date:July 2007
pp. 55-64
Studies on animal reasoning can serve as a very relevant guide in building artificial systems that autonomously evolve their cognition and develop new skills in structural/functional coupling with their environments. New Caledonian crows display sophistica...
Analysis of fMRI Time Series with Mixtures of Gaussians
Found in: Neural Networks, IEEE - INNS - ENNS International Joint Conference on
By Vittorio Sanguineti, Claudio Parodi, Sergio Perissinotto, Francesco Frisone, Paolo Vitali, Pietro Morasso, Guido Rodriguez
Issue Date:July 2000
pp. 1331
In this paper, we discuss the application of the mixtures of Gaussians model for density estimation to the analysis of fMRI time series. We show that, in a classical sensorimotor paradigm (finger-tapping), the performance of the proposed method (in terms o...