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A Model-Integrated, Guideline-Driven, Clinical Decision-Support System
Found in: IEEE Software
By Janos L. Mathe, Jason B. Martin, Peter Miller, Ákos Lédeczi, Liza M. Weavind, Andras Nadas, Anne Miller, David J. Maron, Janos Sztipanovits
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 54-61
Using evidence-based guidelines to standardize the care of patients with complex medical problems is a difficult challenge. In acute care settings, such as intensive care units, the inherent problems of stabilizing and improving vital patient parameters is...
Stock Selection Using Rule Induction
Found in: IEEE Intelligent Systems
By George H. John, Peter Miller, Randy Kerber
Issue Date:October 1996
pp. 52-58
<p>Quantitative investors -- or quants, as they are known on Wall Street--try to make investment decisions using mathematical models that describe the behavior of a stock's future price in terms of presently observable variables. This differs from th...