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System Testing a Scientific Framework Using a Regression-Test Environment
Found in: Computing in Science and Engineering
By Hanna Remmel,Barbara Paech,Peter Bastian,Christian Engwer
Issue Date:March 2012
pp. 38-45
Testing a scientific framework is a challenging task, given the framework's large variability. The approach taken here is to apply software product line engineering, using variability modeling to support the selection of test applications and test cases. S...
Multigrid Methods on Adaptively Refined Grids
Found in: Computing in Science and Engineering
By Peter Bastian, Christian Wieners
Issue Date:November 2006
pp. 44-54
Using multigrid solvers in the adaptive finite element method yields a powerful tool for solving large-scale partial differential equations that exhibit localized features such as singularities or shocks. In addition to describing the basic method and rela...
Prediction of Delays in Public Transportation using Neural Networks
Found in: Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation, International Conference on
By Jan Peters, Bastian Emig, Marten Jung, Stefan Schmidt
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 92-97
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A Case Study on a Quality Assurance Process for a Scientific Framework
Found in: Computing in Science & Engineering
By Hanna Remmel,Barbara Paech,Christian Engwer,Peter Bastian
Issue Date:May 2014
pp. 58-66
In the quality assurance of scientific frameworks, both the special characteristics of scientific software and the large variability in frameworks must be accounted for. In previous research, the authors developed a process for handling the variability of ...
Supporting the testing of scientific frameworks with software product line engineering: a proposed approach
Found in: Proceeding of the 4th international workshop on Software engineering for computational science and engineering (SECSE '11)
By Barbara Paech, Christian Engwer, Hanna Remmel, Peter Bastian
Issue Date:May 2011
pp. 10-18
Testing scientific software involves dealing with special challenges like missing test oracle and different possible sources of a problem. When testing scientific frameworks, additionally a large variety of mathematical algorithms and possible applications...