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Energy-Efficient Virtual Machine Consolidation
Found in: IT Professional
By Pablo Graubner,Matthias Schmidt,Bernd Freisleben
Issue Date:March 2013
pp. 28-34
A novel approach to virtual machine (VM) consolidation, based on energy-efficient storage migration and live VM migration, is implemented using Eucalyptus, an open source clone of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Several experiments demonstrate the potent...
Energy-Efficient Management of Virtual Machines in Eucalyptus
Found in: Cloud Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Pablo Graubner,Matthias Schmidt,Bernd Freisleben
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 243-250
In this paper, an approach for improving the energy efficiency of infrastructure-as-a-service clouds is presented. The approach is based on performing live migrations of virtual machines to save energy. In contrast to related work, the energy costs of live...