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Discovering Frequent Episodes and Learning Hidden Markov Models: A Formal Connection
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
By Srivatsan Laxman, P.S. Sastry, K.P. Unnikrishnan
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 1505-1517
This paper establishes a formal connection between two common, but previously unconnected methods for analyzing data streams: discovering frequent episodes in a computer science framework and learning generative models in a statistics framework. We introdu...
Analysis of Stochastic Automata Algorithm for Relaxation Labeling
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By P.S. Sastry, M.A.L. Thathachar
Issue Date:May 1994
pp. 538-543
<p>A parallel stochastic algorithm for relaxation labeling is analyzed. For the case of symmetric compatibility functions, it is proved that time algorithm will always converge to a consistent labeling.</p>