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Heterogeneous information fusion: A novel fusion paradigm for biometric systems
Found in: Biometrics, International Joint Conference on
By Norman Poh,Amin Merati,Josef Kittler
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 1-8
One of the most promising ways to improve biometric person recognition is indisputably via information fusion, that is, to combine different sources of information. This paper proposes a novel fusion paradigm that combines heterogeneous sources of informat...
Model and Score Adaptation for Biometric Systems: Coping With Device Interoperability and Changing Acquisition Conditions
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By Norman Poh, Josef Kittler, Sebastien Marcel, Driss Matrouf, Jean-Francois Bonastre
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 1229-1232
The performance of biometric systems can be significantly affected by changes in signal quality. In this paper, two types of changes are considered: change in acquisition environment and in sensing devices. We investigated three solutions: (i) model-level ...
Performance Generalization in Biometric Authentication Using Joint User-Specific and Sample Bootstraps
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Norman Poh, Alvin Martin, Samy Bengio
Issue Date:March 2007
pp. 492-498
Biometric authentication performance is often depicted by a detection error trade-off (DET) curve. We show that this curve is dependent on the choice of samples available, the demographic composition and the number of users specific to a database. We propo...