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Experiential Media and Digital Culture
Found in: Computer
By Thanassis Rikakis,Aisling Kelliher,Nicole Lehrer
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 46-54
Multidisciplinary value structures and a design approach focusing on combining efficiency, reflection, and quality of experience will foster the true hybrid physical- digital culture that is foundational to solving complex societal problems. The Web extra ...
A home-based adaptive mixed reality rehabilitation system
Found in: Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Multimedia (MM '11)
By Diana Siwiak, Margaret Duff, Michael Baran, Nicole Lehrer, Thanassis Rikakis, Todd Ingalls, Yinpeng Chen
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 785-786
This paper presents an interactive home-based adaptive mixed reality system (HAMRR) for upper extremity stroke rehabilitation. This home-based system is an extension of a previously designed and currently implemented clinical system. The goal of HAMRR is t...
Found in: Proceedings of the international conference on Multimedia (MM '10)
By Assegid Kidane, David Lorig, David Tinapple, Diana Siwiak, Isaac Wallis, Loren Olson, Meng Chen, Michael Baran, Nicole Lehrer, Stjepan Rajko, Tatyana Koziupa
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 1425-1428
Thrii is a multimodal interactive installation that explores levels of movement similarity among its participants. Each of the three participants manipulates a large spherical object whose movement is tracked via an embedded accelerometer. An analysis engi...
Adaptive mixed reality stroke rehabilitation: system architecture and evaluation metrics
Found in: Proceedings of the first annual ACM SIGMM conference on Multimedia systems (MMSys '10)
By Hari Sundaram, Nicole Lehrer, Thanassis Rikakis, Yinpeng Chen
Issue Date:February 2010
pp. 293-304
This paper presents a novel system architecture and evaluation metrics for an Adaptive Mixed Reality Rehabilitation (AMRR) system for stroke patient. This system provides a purposeful, engaging, hybrid (visual, auditory and physical) scene that encourages ...