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A parallel data distribution management algorithm
Found in: 2013 IEEE/ACM 17th International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT)
By Moreno Marzolla,Gabriele D'Angelo,Marco Mandrioli
Issue Date:October 2013
pp. 145-152
Identifying intersections among a set of d-dimensional rectangular regions (d-rectangles) is a common problem in many simulation and modeling applications. Since algorithms for computing intersections over a large number of regions can be computationally d...
Server consolidation in Clouds through gossiping
Found in: A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, International Symposium on
By Moreno Marzolla,Ozalp Babaoglu,Fabio Panzieri
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 1-6
The success of Cloud computing, where computing power is treated as a utility, has resulted in the creation of many large data centers that are very expensive to build and operate. In particular, the energy bill accounts for a significant fraction of the t...
A RESTful Approach to the OGSA Basic Execution Service Specification
Found in: Internet and Web Applications and Services, International Conference on
By Sergio Andreozzi, Moreno Marzolla
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 131-136
The BES specification has recently been proposed by the OGF as the standard job submission and management
Enhanced resource management capabilities using standardized job management and data access interfaces within UNICORE Grids
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By M. Shahbaz Memon, A. Shiraz Memon, Morris Riedel, Bernd Schuller, Daniel Mallmann, Bastian Tweddell, Achim Streit, Sven van de Berghe, David Snelling, Vivian Li, Moreno Marzolla, Paolo Andreetto
Issue Date:December 2007
pp. 1-6
Many existing Grid technologies and resource management systems lack a standardized job submission interface in Grid environments or e-Infrastructures. Even if the same language for job description is used, often the interface for job submission is also di...
Open Standards-Based Interoperability of Job Submission and Management Interfaces across the Grid Middleware Platforms gLite and UNICORE
Found in: e-Science and Grid Computing, International Conference on
By Moreno Marzolla, Paolo Andreetto, Valerio Venturi, Andrea Ferraro, Shiraz Memon, Shahbaz Memon, Bastian Twedell, Morris Riedel, Daniel Mallmann, Achim Streit, Svan van de Berghe, Vivian Li, David Snelling, Katerina Stamou, Zeeshan Ali Shah, Fredrik Hedman
Issue Date:December 2007
pp. 592-601
In a distributed Grid environment with ambitious service demands the job submission and management interfaces provide functionality of major importance. Emerging e-Science and Grid infrastructures such as EGEE and DEISA rely on highly available services th...
A P2P Resource Discovery System Based on a Forest of Trees
Found in: Database and Expert Systems Applications, International Workshop on
By Moreno Marzolla, Matteo Mordacchini, Salvatore Orlando
Issue Date:September 2006
pp. 261-265
The convergence of the Grid and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) worlds has led to many solutions that try to efficiently solve the problem of resource discovery on Grids. Some of these solutions are extensions of P2P DHT-based networks. We believe that these systems ar...
Efficient Performance Models in Component-Based Software Engineering
Found in: EUROMICRO Conference
By Simonetta Balsamo, Moreno Marzolla, Raffaela Mirandola
Issue Date:September 2006
pp. 64-71
Performance evaluation of Component-Based software systems should be performed as early as possible during the software development life cycle. Unfortunately, a detailed quantitative analysis is often not possible during such stages, as only the system out...
Tree Vector Indexes: Efficient Range Queries for Dynamic Content on Peer-to-Peer Networks
Found in: Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing, Euromicro Conference on
By Moreno Marzolla, Matteo Mordacchini, Salvatore Orlando
Issue Date:February 2006
pp. 457-464
Locating data on peer-to-peer networks is a complex issue addressed by many P2P protocols. Most of the research in this area only considers static content, that is, it is often assumed that data in P2P systems do not vary over time. In this paper we descri...
Resource Discovery in a Dynamic Grid Environment
Found in: Database and Expert Systems Applications, International Workshop on
By Moreno Marzolla, Matteo Mordacchini, Salvatore Orlando
Issue Date:August 2005
pp. 356-360
Resource discovery in a Grid environment is a critical problem, as a typical Grid system includes a very large number of resources, which must be readily identified and accessed to run applications. Traditional Grid discovery algorithms perform poorly, as ...
Reliable Distribution of Data Using Replicated Web Servers
Found in: Database and Expert Systems Applications, International Workshop on
By Moreno Marzolla
Issue Date:August 2005
pp. 305-309
In this paper we describe an algorithm for accessing files over replicated Web Servers. The algorithm breaks the request for a document W, which is assumed to be replicated among N different servers, into N requests such that any K replies are sufficient t...
UML-PSI: The UML Performance Simulator
Found in: Quantitative Evaluation of Systems, International Conference on
By Moreno Marzolla, Simonetta Balsamo
Issue Date:September 2004
pp. 340-341
In this paper we describe UML-Ψ , a software performance evaluation tool based on process-oriented simulation. The tool can be used to evaluate performances of software systems described as annotated UML diagrams. UML-Ψ transforms the software model into a...
A Performance Monitoring System for Large Computing Clusters
Found in: Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing, Euromicro Conference on
By Moreno Marzolla
Issue Date:February 2003
pp. 393
In this paper we describe the architecture of PerfMC, a Performance Monitoring system for Clusters of Workstations (CoW); a prototype implementation of the architecture is also presented. PerfMC is driven by an XML configuration file, and uses the Simple N...
Dynamic resource provisioning for cloud-based gaming infrastructures
Found in: Computers in Entertainment (CIE)
By Gabriele D'Angelo, Moreno Marzolla, Stefano Ferretti
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 1-20
Modern massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) allow hundreds of thousands of players to interact with a large, dynamic virtual world. Implementing a scalable MMOG service is challenging because the system is subject to high workload variability, but ne...
Parallel discrete event simulation with Erlang
Found in: Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Functional high-performance computing (FHPC '12)
By Gabriele D'Angelo, Luca Toscano, Moreno Marzolla
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 83-92
Discrete Event Simulation (DES) is a widely used technique in which the state of the simulator is updated by events happening at discrete points in time (hence the name). DES is used to model and analyze many kinds of systems, including computer architectu...
Performance evaluation of UML software architectures with multiclass Queueing Network models
Found in: Proceedings of the 5th international workshop on Software and performance (WOSP '05)
By Moreno Marzolla, Simonetta Balsamo
Issue Date:July 2005
pp. 37-42
Software performance based on performance models can be applied at early phases of the software development cycle to characterize the quantitative behavior of software systems. We propose an approach based on queueing networks models for performance predic...