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Individual Privacy and Online Services
Found in: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
By Minh Chau, Eric K. Clemons
Issue Date:January 2011
pp. 1-10
We explore consumer trade-offs between better performance through tailoring of online services to their individual needs and greater privacy as a result of reduced disclosure of personal information. We show that individuals have different willingness to a...
Some context fuzzy clustering methods for classification problems
Found in: Proceedings of the 2010 Symposium on Information and Communication Technology (SoICT '10)
By Bui Cong Cuong, Hoang Thi Minh Chau, Le Hoang Son
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 34-40
In this paper, we will propose a two-context fuzzy clustering algorithm (2C-FCM) and its parallel solution so called P2C-FCM for the classification problems. Some initial experiments show the effectiveness of P2C-FCM and 2C-FCM when comparing with traditio...
Detecting the presence of nodes in MANETs
Found in: Proceedings of the second workshop on Challenged networks CHANTS (CHANTS '07)
By Bjorn Scheuermann, Martin Mauve, Thi Minh Chau Tran
Issue Date:September 2007
pp. 43-50
While mobility in the sense of node movement has been an intensively studied aspect of mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs), another aspect of mobility has not yet been subjected to systematic research: nodes may not only move around but also enter and leave th...