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Support of Probabilistic Pointer Analysis in the SSA Form
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Ming-Yu Hung,Peng-Sheng Chen,Yuan-Shin Hwang,Roy Dz-Ching Ju,Jenq-Kuen Lee
Issue Date:December 2012
pp. 2366-2379
Probabilistic pointer analysis (PPA) is a compile-time analysis method that estimates the probability that a points-to relationship will hold at a particular program point. The results are useful for optimizing and parallelizing compilers, which need to qu...
Combination of Zero-Forcing Nulling and Fuzzy Parallel Multistage Detection for MIMO Systems
Found in: Networking and Services, International conference on
By Tseng Shu-Ming, Yu Hung-Chieh, Huang Yao-Min
Issue Date:June 2007
pp. 34
We propose zero-forcing (ZF) nulling followed by fuzzy parallel multistage detection for multi-input multi-output system. The parallel detector consists of two or more stages, the first stage give estimate of the substreams and the second stage refines thi...
Compiler support for speculative multithreading architecture with probabilistic points-to analysis
Found in: Proceedings of the ninth ACM SIGPLAN symposium on Principles and practice of parallel programming (PPoPP '03)
By Jenq Kuen Lee, Ming-Yu Hung, Peng-Sheng Chen, Roy Dz-Ching Ju, Yuan-Shin Hwang
Issue Date:June 2003
pp. 25-36
Speculative multithreading (SpMT) architecture can exploit thread-level parallelism that cannot be identified statically. Speedup can be obtained by speculatively executing threads in parallel that are extracted from a sequential program. However, performa...