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Powering a Data Center Network via Renewable Energy: A Green Testbed
Found in: IEEE Internet Computing
By Kim-Khoa Nguyen,Mohamed Cheriet,Mathieu Lemay,Michel Savoie,Bobby Ho
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 40-49
Today's information and communications technology (ICT) services emit an increasing amount of greenhouse gases. Carbon footprint models can enable research into ICT energy efficiency and carbon reduction. The GreenStar Network (GSN) testbed is a prototype ...
Service-Oriented Virtual Private Networks for Grid Applications
Found in: Web Services, IEEE International Conference on
By Hanxi Zhang, Michel Savoie, Scott Campbell, Sergi Figuerola, Gregorx von Bochmann, Bill St. Arnaud
Issue Date:July 2007
pp. 944-951
Emerging Grid applications desire not only high bandwidth but also the ability to control the topology and traffic engineering of the underlying networks, through web service interfaces. To achieve that goal, we present an advanced User Controlled Lightpat...
Towards a Service-oriented Participatory Design Studio Supported by UCLP
Found in: Services Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Sandy Liu, Bruce Spencer, Martin Brooks, Michael Jemtrud, Konstantin Privalov, John Spence, Michel Savoie, Bobby Ho
Issue Date:September 2006
pp. 525-526
The Participatory Design Studio (PDS)1 provides users across mutiple sites the ability to effectively participate in a common design session. Users are provided a variety of shared resources, including the underlying high-speed network, cameras, displays, ...
A Cycle-Based Rerouting Scheme for Wavelength-Routed WDM Networks
Found in: Parallel Processing Workshops, International Conference on
By Hanxi Zhang, Oliver Yang, Jing Wu, J. Michel Savoie, Tong Shan, Guoqiang Wang
Issue Date:August 2004
pp. 427-433
In this paper, we propose a cycle-based rerouting scheme (CRS) for link restoration in wavelength-routed WDM networks. The CRS is based on a scalable set of P-cycles covering a mesh network. Instead of using these P-cycles as enhanced self-healing rings as...