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Applying AI to Structural Safety Monitoring and Evaluation
Found in: IEEE Intelligent Systems
By Paolo Salvaneschi, Mauro Cadei, Marco Lazzari
Issue Date:August 1996
pp. 24-34
<p>Four decision-support systems: Mistral, Damsafe, Kaleidos, and Igor--provide powerful, AI-based tools for evaluating structural data. Safety managers, engineers, and authorities are using the systems to handle safety problems in structures.</p&...
MI---an object oriented environment for integration of scientific applications
Found in: Proceedings of the ninth annual conference on Object-oriented programming systems, language, and applications (OOPSLA '94)
By Andrea Spinelli, Marino Rocca, Mauro Cadei, Paolo Salvaneschi
Issue Date:October 1994
pp. 99-107
Scientific and engineering software is often produced by integration of existing software components of the size of a whole program. However, on the average, scientific software was not developed for reusability and is quite distant from the user model of ...