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Privacy: Front and Center
Found in: IEEE Security & Privacy
By Ann Cavoukian,Alan Davidson,Ed Felton,Marit Hansen,Susan Landau,Anna Slomovic
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 10-15
In the 10 years since IEEE Security & Privacy's initial launch, privacy has moved from being a side story occasionally covered in the newspaper to a central issue of our times. With the Internet, through the rise of online social networks, track...
Privacy and Identity Management
Found in: IEEE Security and Privacy
By Marit Hansen, Ari Schwartz, Alissa Cooper
Issue Date:March 2008
pp. 38-45
When developing an identity management system, designers must consider the system's purpose and particular privacy needs. A set of guidelines and advice can help them make these determinations.
User-Centric Identity Management: New Trends in Standardization and Regulation
Found in: IEEE Security and Privacy
By Pete Bramhall, Marit Hansen, Kai Rannenberg, Thomas Roessler
Issue Date:July 2007
pp. 84-87
The European Commission-funded Privacy and Identity Management for Europe project (Prime) proposes a solution driven by the EU Privacy Directive, which puts the user in control wherever possible. This article focuses on that project and how it interacts wi...
Experiences Running a Web Anonymising Service
Found in: Database and Expert Systems Applications, International Workshop on
By Claudia Golembiewski, Marit Hansen, Sandra Steinbrecher
Issue Date:September 2003
pp. 482
The research project
Eighth ACM workshop on digital identity management (DIM 2013): identity at the crossroads
Found in: Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC conference on Computer & communications security (CCS '13)
By Thomas Groß, Marit Hansen
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 1493-1494
The Workshop Digital Identity Management has evolved during the last decade as one of the most interesting events on identity management issues. Starting from a community with a background mainly in computer science, it has developed towards an interdiscip...
Privacy and identity management for everyone
Found in: Proceedings of the 2005 workshop on Digital identity management (DIM '05)
By abhi shelat, Dieter Sommer, Gerard Lacoste, Henry Krasemann, Jan Camenisch, Jimmy Tseng, Marit Hansen, Ronald Leenes, Simone Fischer-Hubner
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 20-27
The shift from a paper-based to an electronic-based society has dramatically reduced the cost of collecting, storing and processing individuals' personal information. As a result, it is becoming more common for businesses to "profile" individuals in order ...