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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Virtualizing Batch Systems: Performance-Energy-Dependability Trade-Offs
Found in: 2013 IEEE/ACM 6th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC)
By Marcello Cinque,Domenico Cotroneo,Flavio Frattini,Stefano Russo
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 264-268
Performance, energy efficiency, and dependability are key characteristics of batch systems, which can be differently affected when adopting virtualization. Scientific literature usually analyzes the variation with respect to different configurations of one...
Analysis of bugs in Apache Virtual Computing Lab
Found in: 2013 43rd Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN)
By Flavio Frattini,Rahul Ghosh,Marcello Cinque,Andy Rindos,Kishor S. Trivedi
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 1-6
Understanding the bugs in software platforms is extremely valuable for developers, especially during the testing phase. However, this is a rarely investigated issue for open source Cloud platforms till date. In this paper, we present the analysis of 146 bu...
Assessing time coalescence techniques for the analysis of supercomputer logs
Found in: 2012 42nd Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN)
By Catello Di Martino,Marcello Cinque,Domenico Cotroneo
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 1-12
This paper presents a novel approach to assess time coalescence techniques. These techniques are widely used to reconstruct the failure process of a system and to estimate dependability measurements from its event logs. The approach is based on the use of ...
Enabling on-line dependability assessment of Android smart phones
Found in: Dependable Systems and Networks Workshops
By Marcello Cinque
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 286-291
The increasing complexity of smart phones introduces new dependability threats. Often, novel applications and features are delivered with scarce testing, due to the impressive market pressure. Despite these concerns, there is still little understanding on ...
Automated Generation of Performance and Dependability Models for the Assessment of Wireless Sensor Networks
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Computers
By Marcello Cinque,Domenico Cotroneo,Catello Di Martino
Issue Date:June 2012
pp. 870-884
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are widely recognized as a promising solution to build next-generation monitoring systems. Their industrial uptake is however still compromised by the low level of trust on their performance and dependability. Whereas analyt...
Effective Data Dissemination for Large-Scale Complex Critical Infrastructures
Found in: Dependability, International Conference on
By Christian Esposito, Catello Di Martino, Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 64-69
Large-scale complex infrastructures are emerging as new computing platforms for the federation of world-wide mission critical systems over the Internet. However, standard approaches to data dissemination are still not adequate to the scale of these systems...
Assessing and improving the effectiveness of logs for the analysis of software faults
Found in: Dependable Systems and Networks, International Conference on
By Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo, Roberto Natella, Antonio Pecchia
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 457-466
Event logs are the primary source of data to characterize the dependability behavior of a computing system during the operational phase. However, they are inadequate to provide evidence of software faults, which are nowadays among the main causes of system...
An effective approach for injecting faults in wireless sensor network operating systems
Found in: Computers and Communications, IEEE Symposium on
By Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo, Catello Di Martino, Alessandro Testa
Issue Date:June 2010
pp. 567-569
This paper presents an effective approach for injecting faults/errors in WSN nodes operating systems. The approach is based on the injection of faults at the assembly level. Results show that depending on the concurrency model and on the memory management,...
AVR-INJECT: A tool for injecting faults in Wireless Sensor Nodes
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, International
By Marcello Cinque,Domenico Cotroneo,Catello Di Martino,Stefano Russo,Alessandro Testa
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 1-8
As the incidence of faults in real Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) increases, fault injection is starting to be adopted to verify and validate their design choices. Following this recent trend, this paper presents a tool, named AVR-INJECT, designed to auto...
Dependability Evaluation and Modeling of the Bluetooth Data Communication Channel
Found in: Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing, Euromicro Conference on
By Gabriella Carrozza, Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo, Stefano Russo
Issue Date:February 2008
pp. 245-252
This work presents a measurement-based dependability evaluation of the Bluetooth data communication channel, i.e., the Baseband layer. The main contribution is the definition of the Baseband?s error/recovery model according to the Markov chains formalism. ...
Modeling and Assessing the Dependability ofWireless Sensor Networks
Found in: Reliable Distributed Systems, IEEE Symposium on
By Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo, Catello Di Martinio, Stefano Russo
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 33-44
This paper proposes a flexible framework for dependability modeling and assessing of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The framework takes into account network related aspects (topology, routing, network traffic) as well as hardware/software characteristics...
How Do Mobile Phones Fail? A Failure Data Analysis of Symbian OS Smart Phones
Found in: Dependable Systems and Networks, International Conference on
By Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Ravishankar K. Iyer
Issue Date:June 2007
pp. 585-594
While the new generation of hand-held devices, e.g., smart phones, support a rich set of applications, growing complexity of the hardware and runtime environment makes the devices susceptible to accidental errors and malicious attacks. Despite these concer...
Collecting and Analyzing Failure Data of Bluetooth Personal Area Networks
Found in: Dependable Systems and Networks, International Conference on
By Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo, Stefano Russo
Issue Date:June 2006
pp. 313-322
This work presents a failure data analysis campaign on Bluetooth Personal Area Networks (PANs) conducted on two kind of heterogeneous testbeds (working for more than one year). The obtained results reveal how failures distribution are characterized and sug...
Automated Logging of Mobile Phones Failures Data
Found in: Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing, IEEE International Symposium on
By Paolo Ascione, Marcello Cinque, Domenico Cotroneo
Issue Date:April 2006
pp. 520-530
The increasing complexity of mobile phones directly affects their reliability, while the user tolerance for failures becomes to decrease, especially when the phone is used for business- or missioncritical applications. Despite these concerns, there is stil...
An Automated Distributed Infrastructure for Collecting Bluetooth Field Failure Data
Found in: Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing, IEEE International Symposium on
By Marcello Cinque, Fabio Cornevilli, Domenico Cotroneo, Stefano Russo
Issue Date:May 2005
pp. 329-336
The widespread use of mobile and wireless computing platforms is leading to a growing interest on dependability issues. Several research studies have been conducted on dependability of mobile environments, but none of them attempted to identify system bott...
Mining Invariants from SaaS Application Logs (Practical Experience Report)
Found in: 2014 Tenth European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC)
By Santonu Sarkar,Rajeshwari Ganesan,Marcello Cinque,Flavio Frattini,Stefano Russo,Agostino Savignano
Issue Date:May 2014
pp. 50-57
The increasing popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) stresses the need of solutions to predict failures and avoid service interruptions, which invariably result in SLA violations and severe loss of revenue. A promising approach to continuously monitor...
Event Logs for the Analysis of Software Failures: A Rule-Based Approach
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
By Marcello Cinque,Domenico Cotroneo,Antonio Pecchia
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 806-821
Event logs have been widely used over the last three decades to analyze the failure behavior of a variety of systems. Nevertheless, the implementation of the logging mechanism lacks a systematic approach and collected logs are often inaccurate at reporting...
A survey on resiliency assessment techniques for wireless sensor networks
Found in: Proceedings of the 11th ACM international symposium on Mobility management and wireless access (MobiWac '13)
By Alessandro Testa, Antonio Coronato, Catello Di Martino, Marcello Cinque
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 73-80
Resiliency is becoming one of the most important non functional properties of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), as their adoption is more and more hypothesized in critical application scenarios. Hence, assessing the resiliency of WSN applications, protocols...
Integrated support for handoff management and context awareness in heterogeneous wireless networks
Found in: Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Middleware for pervasive and ad-hoc computing (MPAC '05)
By Domenico Cotroneo, Luca Foschini, Marcello Cinque, Paolo Bellavista
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 1-8
The overwhelming success of mobile devices and wireless communications is stressing the need for the development of mobility-aware services. Device mobility requires services adapting their behavior to sudden context changes and being aware of handoffs, wh...