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Study on Usability Evaluation of Fourth Party Logistics Platform
Found in: Electronic Commerce and Security, International Symposium
By Zhai Lili, Lu Lu, Zhang Yunlong
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 109-113
According to the issues of the fourth party logistics platform usability, this paper analyzes the usability factors which influenced the platform from the perspective of third party logistics member and consignable company, and the evaluation index system ...
A Static Approach to Prioritizing JUnit Test Cases
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
By Hong Mei,Dan Hao,Lingming Zhang,Lu Zhang,Ji Zhou,Gregg Rothermel
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 1258-1275
Test case prioritization is used in regression testing to schedule the execution order of test cases so as to expose faults earlier in testing. Over the past few years, many test case prioritization techniques have been proposed in the literature. Most of ...
Can I clone this piece of code here?
Found in: 2012 27th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE)
By Xiaoyin Wang,Yingnong Dang,Lu Zhang,Dongmei Zhang,Erica Lan,Hong Mei
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 170-179
While code cloning is a convenient way for developers to reuse existing code, it may potentially lead to negative impacts, such as degrading code quality or increasing maintenance costs. Actually, some cloned code pieces are viewed as harmless since they e...
An Empirical Study of JUnit Test-Suite Reduction
Found in: Software Reliability Engineering, International Symposium on
By Lingming Zhang,Darko Marinov,Lu Zhang,Sarfraz Khurshid
Issue Date:December 2011
pp. 170-179
As test suites grow larger during software evolution, regression testing becomes expensive. To reduce the cost of regression testing, test-suite reduction aims to select a minimal subset of the original test suite that can still satisfy all the test requir...
Compact dual-band BPF for GPS and WLAN with two dual-mode stepped impedance resonators
Found in: Global Mobile Congress
By Xue-shun Zhang, Hong-wei Deng, Lu Zhang, Yong-jiu Zhao, Li Qiang
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 1-3
A compact dual-band microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) is proposed using two dual-mode stepped impedance resonators (SIRs). Either of the dual-mode SIRs can not only separately generate one passband but also control the passband performance. Due to the intri...
A Design and Research of the General Circuit on Ultrasonic Emissive
Found in: Pervasive Computing, Signal Porcessing and Applications, International Conference on
By Li Wen-qiang, Ma Fu-chang, Zhang Ying-mei, Yang Lu, Zhang Min-juan
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 851-854
This paper based on a self-designed general circuit on ultrasonic emissive, studies high-voltage pulse, driver pulse, monostable trigger circuit, RC charging and discharging process and resonant matching circuit of transducer. It also puts forward an expre...
Automatic checking of license compliance
Found in: Software Maintenance, IEEE International Conference on
By Hongyu Zhang, Bei Shi, Lu Zhang
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 1-3
Open source software facilitates software reuse as developers can learn from code in existing open source projects. However, license compliance is an important legal issue that should be taken into consideration during open source based software reuse. Ign...
Test generation via Dynamic Symbolic Execution for mutation testing
Found in: Software Maintenance, IEEE International Conference on
By Lingming Zhang, Tao Xie, Lu Zhang, Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Hong Mei
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 1-10
Mutation testing has been used to assess and improve the quality of test inputs. Generating test inputs to achieve high mutant-killing ratios is important in mutation testing. However, existing test-generation techniques do not provide effective support fo...
Jtop: Managing JUnit Test Cases in Absence of Coverage Information
Found in: Automated Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Lingming Zhang, Ji Zhou, Dan Hao, Lu Zhang, Hong Mei
Issue Date:November 2009
pp. 677-679
Test case management may make the testing process more efficient and thus accelerate software delivery. With the popularity of using JUnit for testing Java software, researchers have paid attention to techniques to manage JUnit test cases in regression tes...
VIDA: Visual interactive debugging
Found in: Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Dan Hao, Lingming Zhang, Lu Zhang, Jiasu Sun, Hong Mei
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 583-586
Software debugging is time-consuming and effort-consuming. Although software debugging, especially fault-localization, has been studied for long, few practical debugging tools have been developed and used by the industry. In this paper we present VIDA, a v...
A New Algorithm for Mining Sequential Patterns
Found in: Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, Fourth International Conference on
By Zhuo Zhang, Lu Zhang, Shaochun Zhong, Jiwen Guan
Issue Date:October 2008
pp. 625-629
AprioriAll and AprioriSome are very famous algorithms for mining sequential patterns, which are used to find motifs on a fixed min-support number. In this paper, we contribute a new algorithm that can find all motifs on any min-support numbers.
Partition-Based Parallel Constructing-Density-Tree Clustering
Found in: International Symposiums on Information Processing
By Yunpeng Zhang, Zhengjun Zhai, Lu Zhang, Yifei Bao, Weidi Dai, Fei Zuo
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 155-159
A Parallel Constructing-Density-Tree Clustering Algorithm based on Data Partitioning (PCAP) was presented. The PCAP automatically partitioned global data space into load-balanced subspaces, which were distributed to different processors to complete subspac...
User Feedback-Based Refinement for Web Services Retrieval using Multiple Instance Learning
Found in: Web Services, IEEE International Conference on
By Yanzhen Zou, Liangjie Zhang, Lu Zhang, Bing Xie, Hong Mei
Issue Date:September 2006
pp. 471-478
A critical step in the process of reusing existing WSDLspecified components is the discovery of potentially relevant Web Services. Traditional category based Web Service retrieval usually can achieve good recall but worse precision because some semanticall...
Controlling and Being Creative: Software Cybernetics and Creative Computing
Found in: 2014 IEEE 38th International Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops (COMPSACW)
By Hongji Yang,Lu Zhang
Issue Date:July 2014
pp. 19-24
Software Cybernetics emphasises controlling software while Creative Computing emphasises being creative, in the whole software life cycle. It seems that they conflict each other. Nevertheless, controlling and being creative are almost the two most importan...
Preserving Structure in Model-Free Tracking
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
By Lu Zhang,Laurens J. P. van der Maaten
Issue Date:April 2014
pp. 756-769
Model-free trackers can track arbitrary objects based on a single (bounding-box) annotation of the object. Whilst the performance of model-free trackers has recently improved significantly, simultaneously tracking multiple objects with similar appearance r...
The Client Assignment Problem for Continuous Distributed Interactive Applications: Analysis, Algorithms, and Evaluation
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
By Lu Zhang,Xueyan Tang
Issue Date:March 2014
pp. 785-795
Interactivity is a primary performance measure for distributed interactive applications (DIAs) that enable participants at different locations to interact with each other in real time. Wide geographical spreads of participants in large-scale DIAs necessita...
Prediction Model of Tongguan Elevation Changes in Flood Seasons
Found in: 2013 International Conference on Information Technology and Applications (ITA)
By Min Li,Xiaoping Du,Lu Zhang
Issue Date:November 2013
pp. 291-295
Accurate prediction of Tong guan Elevation has important realistic significance in flood control of lower Weihe River. The existing predictive models of Tong guan Elevation Changes cannot use the historical data to forecast the possible changes of the nest...
How Does Web Service API Evolution Affect Clients?
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS)
By Jun Li,Yingfei Xiong,Xuanzhe Liu,Lu Zhang
Issue Date:June 2013
pp. 300-307
Like traditional local APIs, web service APIs (web APIs for short) evolve, bringing new and improved functionality as well as incompatibilities. Client programs have to be modified according to these changes in order to use the new APIs. Unlike client prog...
Locating Need-to-Externalize Constant Strings for Software Internationalization with Generalized String-Taint Analysis
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
By Xiaoyin Wang,Lu Zhang,Tao Xie,Hong Mei,Jiasu Sun
Issue Date:April 2013
pp. 516-536
Nowadays, a software product usually faces a global market. To meet the requirements of different local users, the software product must be internationalized. In an internationalized software product, user-visible hard-coded constant strings are externaliz...
Effective Message-Sequence Generation for Testing BPEL Programs
Found in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
By Yitao Ni, Shan-Shan Hou, Lu Zhang, Jun Zhu, Zhong Jie Li, Qian Lan, Hong Mei, Jia-Su Sun
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 7-19
With the popularity of Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), quality assurance of SOA applications, such as testing, has become a research focus. Programs implemented by the Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (WS-BPEL), wh...
Anti-jamming Scheme Based on Zero Pre-shared Secret in Cognitive Radio Network
Found in: 2012 Eighth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security (CIS)
By Lu Zhang,Qingqi Pei,Hongning Li
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 670-673
Cognitive radio (CR) is a novel technology that promises to improve spectrum efficiency by allowing secondary users (SUs) to dynamically access spectrum without using by primary users. With offering great flexibility and software reconfigurability, unsecur...
Research and Design of Electric Power Private Cloud Data Storage Model
Found in: 2012 Fourth International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences (ICCIS)
By Linping Su,Lin Li,Lu Zhang,Xiaoqian Nie
Issue Date:August 2012
pp. 892-895
With the rapid development of cloud computing technology, the concept of cloud storage application appears. Faced with the unusually large amount of data in the electric power information system and the insufficient data redundancy because of storage space...
Research on Water Droplet Size Influencing Factors in Watered Fuel Oil Prepared by Mechanical Agitation
Found in: 2012 Third International Conference on Digital Manufacturing and Automation (ICDMA)
By Lu Zhang,Shuang Liu,Na Li,Ran Yu,Xiaomei Wu,Xiaojia Tang,Yimin Zhu
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 727-730
Water droplet size of disperse phase of watered fuel oil, which was prepared by a self-made mechanical micro-mixing device, was inspected under optical microscope. The effects of agitation speed, oil temperature and water content on water droplet size were...
Expression of TGF Beta Receptor 1 in Sika Deer Antler
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Lu Zhang,Xuechao Tian,Shoutang Wang,Dangdang Li,Bin Guo,Zhanpeng Yue
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 1479-1481
Deer antler is the unique mammalian tissue which can fully regenerate after losing. Therefore, deer antlers provide an excellent model to study the developmental regulation of mammalian tissues. The expression and regulatory mechanism of transforming growt...
Differential Expression and Regulation of Angiopoietin-1 in Mouse Ovary during Sexual Maturation and Luteal Development
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Xuechao Tian,Shoutang Wang,Dangdang Li,Lu Zhang,Zhikun Bai,Bin Guo,Zhanpeng Yue
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 1335-1338
Angiogenesis, the development of new blood vessels from preexistent vasculature, is recognized to play important roles during follicular development and atresia, ovulation, and the subsequent development and regression of corpus luteum. However, as an impo...
Isolation, Culture and Cryopreservation of Sika Deer Antler Dermis Layer Cells
Found in: Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, International Conference on
By Shoutang Wang,Lu Zhang,Xuechao Tian,Dangdang Li,Zhikun Bai,Bin Guo,Zhanpeng Yue
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 1542-1544
To study the biological characteristics of sika deer antler dermis layer cells, the dermis layer of growing tip in sika deer antler was collected and a culture and cryopreservation system in vitro for the dermis layer cells was established. The results sho...
The Enlightenment of Foreign Open Educational Resources
Found in: Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering, International Conference on
By Yuhai Li,Lu Zhang
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 110-113
In order to strengthen the construction of China Educational Resources and China Exquisite courses. By analyzing and researching the Development present situation and characteristics, dynamic mechanism, development mechanism, opening mechanism such five as...
Detecting Concurrency-Related Problematic Activity Arrangement in WS-BPEL Programs
Found in: Services Computing, IEEE International Conference on
By Yitao Ni,Lu Zhang,Zhongjie Li,Tao Xie,Hong Mei
Issue Date:July 2011
pp. 209-217
A composite web service often interacts with several partner web services hosted in different servers. These partner web services are represented as activities in a WS-BPEL program describing the composite web service. Invoking the maximal number of these ...
The Client Assignment Problem for Continuous Distributed Interactive Applications
Found in: Distributed Computing Systems, International Conference on
By Lu Zhang, Xueyan Tang
Issue Date:June 2011
pp. 203-214
Interactivity is a primary performance measure for distributed interactive applications (DIAs) that enable participants at different locations to interact with each other in real time. Wide geographical spreads of participants in large-scale DIAs necessita...
Detecting Navel Orange Canker with Hyperspectral Imaging
Found in: Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation, International Conference on
By Lu Zhang,Muhua Liu,Jing Li,Long Xue
Issue Date:March 2011
pp. 106-109
Detection of navel orange canker by hyper spectral imaging technique was proposed in this work. Navel orange was adopted as the experimental object. The hyper spectral images of navel oranges were collected between 400 nm and 1000 nm wavelength. Principal ...
A Novel LVRT Control Strategy of DFIG Based Rotor Active Crowbar
Found in: Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference
By Lu Zhang, Xinmin Jin, Liangyu Zhan
Issue Date:March 2011
pp. 1-6
Advanced a New Vector Data Query Optimization Method Based on Cost Function
Found in: Computational Intelligence and Design, International Symposium on
By Yanling Shang, Lu Zhang, Honghui Niu
Issue Date:October 2010
pp. 27-30
with the development of information technology, the bandwidth network resources begin not only more and more poor, but also restrict the vector data query speed. In order to improve the query speed, this paper proposed a novel vector data inquiry method wh...
Is operator-based mutant selection superior to random mutant selection?
Found in: Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Lu Zhang,Shan-Shan Hou,Jun-Jue Hu,Tao Xie,Hong Mei
Issue Date:May 2010
pp. 435-444
Due to the expensiveness of compiling and executing a large number of mutants, it is usually necessary to select a subset of mutants to substitute the whole set of generated mutants in mutation testing and analysis. Most existing research on mutant selecti...
Mining API mapping for language migration
Found in: Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Hao Zhong,Suresh Thummalapenta,Tao Xie,Lu Zhang,Qing Wang
Issue Date:May 2010
pp. 195-204
To address business requirements and to survive in competing markets, companies or open source organizations often have to release different versions of their projects in different languages. Manually migrating projects from one language to another (such a...
JDF: detecting duplicate bug reports in Jazz
Found in: Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Yoonki Song,Xiaoyin Wang,Tao Xie,Lu Zhang,Hong Mei
Issue Date:May 2010
pp. 315-316
Both developers and users submit bug reports to a bug repository. These reports can help reveal defects and improve software quality. As the number of bug reports in a bug repository increases, the number of the potential duplicate bug reports increases. D...
Automated Feedback for Quality Assurance in Software Engineering Education
Found in: Software Engineering Conference, Australian
By Rachel Cardell-Oliver, Lu Zhang, Rieky Barady, You Hai Lim, Asad Naveed, Terry Woodings
Issue Date:April 2010
pp. 157-164
This paper investigates the use of automated testing tools for improving the quality of programs produced by software engineering students. Our approach to software quality assurance utilizes open source, professional software engineering tools to measure ...
Inferring Resource Specifications from Natural Language API Documentation
Found in: Automated Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Hao Zhong, Lu Zhang, Tao Xie, Hong Mei
Issue Date:November 2009
pp. 307-318
Typically, software libraries provide API documentation, through which developers can learn how to use libraries correctly. However, developers may still write code inconsistent with API documentation and thus introduce bugs, as existing research shows tha...
Generating Effective Test Sequences for BPEL Testing
Found in: Quality Software, International Conference on
By Shan-Shan Hou, Lu Zhang, Qian Lan, Hong Mei, Jia-Su Sun
Issue Date:August 2009
pp. 331-340
With the popularity of Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), quality assurance of SOA applications, such as testing, has become a research focus. Programs implemented by Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL), which can...
An Improved DSSS-Based Flow Marking Technique for Anonymous Communication Traceback
Found in: Ubiquitous, Autonomic and Trusted Computing, Symposia and Workshops on
By Lu Zhang, Junzhou Luo, Ming Yang
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 563-567
The widely use of anonymous communication systems, which aim at protecting the privacy of Internet users, has posed significant challenges to the capability of tracing cyber crimes. To address the problems of anonymous abuse, Yu et al. recently developed a...
Test-Data Generation for Web Services Based on Contract Mutation
Found in: Secure System Integration and Reliability Improvement
By Ying Jiang, Ying-Na Li, Shan-Shan Hou, Lu Zhang
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 281-286
Software testing is one of the most important techniques used to assure the quality of Web Services at present. Test-data generation is an important topic in Web Services testing. The quality of test data will influence the efficiency and cost when testing...
User-Perceived Service Availability: A Metric and an Estimation Approach
Found in: Web Services, IEEE International Conference on
By Lingshuang Shao, Junfeng Zhao, Tao Xie, Lu Zhang, Bing Xie, Hong Mei
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 647-654
Web-service-related techniques have become popular to improve system integration and interaction. In distributed and dynamic environment, web services' availability has been regarded as one of the key properties for (critical) service-oriented applications...
Study on Health of Household: From Educational Human Capital and Wealth
Found in: Information Engineering and Electronic Commerce, International Symposium on
By Hongwei Hu, Lu Zhang, Dasong Deng
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 782-785
Health is an important goal human being pursuing for, and the related researches show that health is impacted by some factors such as household’s wealth and level of education. This paper brings forward a new research structure on health of household inclu...
TranStrL: An automatic need-to-translate string locator for software internationalization
Found in: Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Xiaoyin Wang, Lu Zhang, Tao Xie, Hong Mei, Jiasu Sun
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 555-558
Software internationalization is often necessary when distributing software applications to different regions around the world. In many cases, developers often do not internationalize a software application at the beginning of the development stage. To int...
Locating need-to-translate constant strings for software internationalization
Found in: Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Xiaoyin Wang, Lu Zhang, Tao Xie, Hong Mei, Jiasu Sun
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 353-363
Modern software applications require internationalization to be distributed to different regions of the world. In various situations, many software applications are not internationalized at early stages of development. To internationalize such an existing ...
A Novel Node Information Update Multicast Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Found in: Networks Security, Wireless Communications and Trusted Computing, International Conference on
By Zhu Yonghua, Dong Zhiling, Pan ShunHong, Wang Lu, Zhang Qian, Wu Junjie
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 167-170
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are composed of a large number of sensor nodes which are connected by wireless channels. Some of these sensor nodes are regarded as critical nodes which are responsible for the management of the other nodes in their sphere. T...
Access Control Scheme for Workflow
Found in: Computer Engineering and Technology, International Conference on
By Lijun Gao, Lu Zhang, Lei Xu
Issue Date:January 2009
pp. 215-217
Access control is an important security measure in workflow system. Based on the analysis of many access control models, by emphasizing the weakness existing in the present workflow system, a new access control model is proposed with the introduction of ta...
A Non-parametric Approach to Pair-Wise Dynamic Topic Correlation Detection
Found in: Data Mining, IEEE International Conference on
By Yang Song, Lu Zhang, C. Lee Giles
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 1031-1036
We introduce dynamic correlated topic models (DCTM) for analyzing discrete data over time. This model is inspired by the hierarchical Gaussian process latent variable models (GP-LVM). DCTM is essentially a non-linear dimension reduction technique which is ...
A Novel Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Information Fusion
Found in: Computer Science and Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Qi Bing, Jun Lu, Zhang Jing
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 577-580
This paper presented a novel image enhancement algorithm using information fusion (fusionEnhance) to preserve image edges in the image filtering. The proposed algorithm firstly defined fuzzy-based region entropy inspired by the concept of local entropy and...
Reviews on Well-Known Evaluation Norms of Web-Based Courses
Found in: Computer Science and Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Yan Dong, Lu Zhang, Baoping Li
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 529-531
With the development of the information and communication technology, the web has been very broadly integrated into various areas and units for education. Web courses, as an important learning resource, are evaluated through some norms.In this paper, we ma...
Early Filtering of Polluting Method Calls for Mining Temporal Specifications
Found in: Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference
By Hao Zhong, Lu Zhang, Hong Mei
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 9-16
Temporal specifications can describe the legal call sequences of API libraries. With these specifications, verification tools can find defects in existing clients automatically. However, temporal specifications are often not provided due to the high cost o...
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