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Creating Green Awareness Using IT: The Case of Hong Kong
Found in: IT Professional
By Wai-Ming To,Andy W.L. Chung,Linda S.L. Lai
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 44-49
Creating green awareness through educational programs is crucial to the success of sustainable development. Several initiatives in Hong Kong use cloud technologies, online interactive games, competitions, and physical equipment to raise green awareness amo...
Internet Diffusion in China: Economic and Social Implications
Found in: IT Professional
By Linda S.L. Lai,Wai-Ming To
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 16-21
This article explores the economic and social implications of Internet diffusion in China. With the penetration rate and application of e-commerce technologies expected to surge in the next three years, IT professionals will have ample opportunities to eng...
The Emergence of China in the Internet Market
Found in: IT Professional
By Linda S.L. Lai,Wai-Ming To
Issue Date:January 2012
pp. 6-9
China now has the world's largest Internet population and is a leading player in the Internet market. Learn about the growth of Internet applications and potential business opportunities in China.
Mobile Banking and Payment in China
Found in: IT Professional
By Wai-Ming To,Linda S.L. Lai
Issue Date:May 2014
pp. 22-27
The number of Internet users in China was more than 590 million at the end of June 2013. Among these users, 460 million accessed the Web through mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets. Many Chinese are now using cellphones to perform a wide range of...
Cloud Computing in China: Barriers and Potential
Found in: IT Professional
By Wai-Ming To,Linda S.L. Lai,Andy W.L. Chung
Issue Date:May 2013
pp. 48-53
Many cities in China are seeking to establish cloud computing facilities for public and business services. However, despite large investments in the cloud, there are still several barriers to strategic cloud deployment in China.