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Gone in 15 Seconds: The Limits of Privacy Transparency and Control
Found in: IEEE Security & Privacy
By Alessandro Acquisti,Idris Adjerid,Laura Brandimarte
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 72-74
Even simpler or more usable privacy controls and notices might not improve users' decision-making regarding sharing of personal information. Control might paradoxically increase riskier disclosure by soothing privacy concerns. Transparency might be easily ...
Sleights of privacy: framing, disclosures, and the limits of transparency
Found in: Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS '13)
By Alessandro Acquisti, George Loewenstein, Idris Adjerid, Laura Brandimarte
Issue Date:July 2013
pp. 1-11
In an effort to address persistent consumer privacy concerns, policy makers and the data industry seem to have found common grounds in proposals that aim at making online privacy more "transparent." Such self-regulatory approaches rely on, among other thin...