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Learning Blood Management in Orthopedic Surgery through Gameplay
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By Jing Qin, Yim-Pan Chui, Wai-Man Pang, Kup-Sze Choi, Pheng-Ann Heng
Issue Date:March 2010
pp. 45-57
Orthopedic surgery treats the musculoskeletal system, in which bleeding is common and can be fatal. To help train future surgeons in this complex practice, researchers designed and implemented a serious game for learning orthopedic surgery. The game focuse...
Fast Rendering of Diffusion Curves with Triangles
Found in: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
By Wai-Man Pang,Jing Qin,Michael Cohen,Pheng-Ann Heng,Kup-Sze Choi
Issue Date:July 2012
pp. 68-78
Diffusion curves are a new kind of primitive in vector graphics, capable of representing smooth color transitions among boundaries. Their rendering requires solving Poisson's equation; much previous research relied on traditional solvers, which commonly re...