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Parallel Interactive Visualization of 3D Mantle Convection
Found in: Computing in Science and Engineering
By Kirk E. Jordan, David A. Yuen, David M. Reuteler, Shuxia Zhang, Robert Haimes
Issue Date:December 1996
pp. 29-37
<p>In 3D simulation of thermal convective flows that change with time, each run can generate gigabytes of data. A client-server visualization tool called pV3, running on a parallel computer, allows data exploration during computation instead of by po...
Enabling High-Performance Computing as a Service
Found in: Computer
By Moustafa AbdelBaky,Manish Parashar,Hyunjoo Kim,Kirk E. Jordan,Vipin Sachdeva,James Sexton,Hani Jamjoom,Zon-Yin Shae,Gergina Pencheva,Reza Tavakoli,Mary F. Wheeler
Issue Date:October 2012
pp. 72-80
With the right software infrastructure, clouds can provide scientists with "as a service" access to high-performance computing resources. An award-winning prototype framework transforms the Blue Gene/P system into an elastic cloud to run a repres...
Systematic Reduction of Data Movement in Algebraic Multigrid Solvers
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel & Distributed Processing, Workshops and Phd Forum (IPDPSW)
By Hormozd Gahvari,William Gropp,Kirk E. Jordan,Martin Schulz,Ulrike Meier Yang
Issue Date:May 2013
pp. 1675-1682
Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) solvers find wide use in scientific simulation codes. Their ideal computational complexity makes them especially attractive for solving large problems on parallel machines. However, they also involve a substantial amount of data m...
Performance Modeling of Algebraic Multigrid on Blue Gene/Q: Lessons Learned
Found in: 2012 SC Companion: High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SCC)
By Hormozd Gahvari,William Gropp,Kirk E. Jordan,Martin Schulz,Ulrike Meier Yang
Issue Date:November 2012
pp. 377-385
The IBM Blue Gene/Q represents a large step in the evolution of massively parallel machines. It features 16-core compute nodes, with additional parallelism in the form of four simultaneous hardware threads per core, connected together by a five-dimensional...
Modeling the Performance of an Algebraic Multigrid Cycle Using Hybrid MPI/OpenMP
Found in: 2012 41st International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP)
By Hormozd Gahvari,William Gropp,Kirk E. Jordan,Martin Schulz,Ulrike Meier Yang
Issue Date:September 2012
pp. 128-137
The rise of multicore cluster architectures has led to intense interest in using a combination of MPI and OpenMP to more effectively program these machines. We present a performance model for hybrid implementation of the solve cycle of algebraic multigrid ...
Modeling the performance of an algebraic multigrid cycle on HPC platforms
Found in: Proceedings of the international conference on Supercomputing (ICS '11)
By Allison H. Baker, Hormozd Gahvari, Kirk E. Jordan, Martin Schulz, Ulrike Meier Yang, William Gropp
Issue Date:May 2011
pp. 172-181
Now that the performance of individual cores has plateaued, future supercomputers will depend upon increasing parallelism for performance. Processor counts are now in the hundreds of thousands for the largest machines and will soon be in the millions. Ther...