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Computing in Astronomy: Applications and Examples
Found in: Computer
By F. Alexander Bogert,Nicholas Smith,John Holdener,Eric M. De Jong,Andrew F. Hart,Luca Cinquini,Shakeh E. Khudikyan,David R. Thompson,Chris A. Mattmann,Kiri Wagstaff,Joseph Lazio,Dayton L. Jones,Alice Allen,Lior Shamir,Peter Teuben
Issue Date:September 2014
pp. 62-69
This article includes the following "mini-articles" about applications and examples of computing in astronomy: "Visualizing the Universe: Using Modern Graphics Cards to Understand the Physical World," by F. Alexander Bogert, Nicholas Sm...
Online Classification for Time-Domain Astronomy
Found in: 2013 IEEE 13th International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW)
By Kitty K. Lo,Tara Murphy,Umaa Rebbapragada,Kiri Wagstaff
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 24-31
The advent of synoptic sky surveys has spurred the development of techniques for real-time classification of astronomical sources in order to ensure timely follow-up with appropriate instruments. Previous work has focused on algorithm selection or improved...
Generalized clustering, supervised learning, and data assignment
Found in: Proceedings of the seventh ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD '01)
By Annaka Kalton, Jungsoon Yoo, Kiri Wagstaff, Pat Langley
Issue Date:August 2001
pp. 299-304
Clustering algorithms have become increasingly important in handling and analyzing data. Considerable work has been done in devising effective but increasingly specific clustering algorithms. In contrast, we have developed a generalized framework that acco...
Alpha seeding for support vector machines
Found in: Proceedings of the sixth ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD '00)
By Dennis DeCoste, Kiri Wagstaff
Issue Date:August 2000
pp. 345-349
With over 800 million pages covering most areas of human endeavor, the World-wide Web is a fertile ground for data mining research to make a difference to the effectiveness of information search. Today, Web surfers access the Web through two dominant inter...