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Human GITRLaa50-177 Expressed in Bac-to-Bac Baculovirus Expression System
Found in: BioMedical Engineering and Informatics, International Conference on
By Li Tang, Sheng-Jun Wang, Chao-Ming Mao, Jun Chen, Zheng-Jun Hu, Jun-Feng Bao, Qi-Xiang Shao, Hua-Xi Xu
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 910-914
Glucocorticoid induced tumor necrosis factor receptor ligand (GITRL) is a type II transmembrane protein with homology to TNF receptor superfamily members, and its human receptor (hGITR), an ortholog of the recently discovered murine glucocorticoid-induced ...
Application of Support Vector Machine in TCM Diagnosis
Found in: Intelligent Systems, WRI Global Congress on
By Jun-Feng Yan, Yan Zhan, Wen-Feng Zhu
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 338-342
The paper expounds the thinking, methodologies and characteristics about the technology of support vector machine which is applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) Diagnosis. The research shows that it is feasible to search syndrome factors decision-...
Experimental Study of Syndrome Elements Based on the Rough Set Theory
Found in: Information and Computing Science, International Conference on
By Jun-Feng Yan, Ying-Ying Peng, Wen-Feng Zhu
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 39-41
This article introduce the method of acquiring the syndrome related to the syndrome elements based on the rough set theory. Through the JOHNSON experimental study on spleen and YANG asthenia, we have a set of related data and then analyzed the result.
Sandbox System Based on Role and Virtualization
Found in: Information Engineering and Electronic Commerce, International Symposium on
By Zhen Li, Jun-Feng Tian, Feng-Xian Wang
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 342-346
We present a sandbox system based on role and virtualization applied to intrusion detection, which overcomes some drawbacks of traditional sandbox system: heavy workload of administrating user’s access control information, imprecision of access control, se...
Differential coexpression analysis in gene modules level and its application to type 2 diabetes
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM)
By Lin Yuan,Wen Sha,Jun Zhang,Chun-Hou Zheng,Jun-Feng Xia
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 193-196
More and more studies have shown many complex diseases are contributed jointly by alterations of numerous genes. In this paper, we propose a gene differential coexpression analysis algorithm in the level of gene sets and apply the algorithm to a publicly a...
Orthognathic Soft-Tissue Prediction Based on Three-Dimensional Graphics Model Recovery
Found in: Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics, International Conference on
By Shaoyin Wang,Jun Feng,Xiaodong Wang,Hongtao Shang
Issue Date:September 2011
pp. 325-332
In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for mandibular soft-tissue prediction to simulate the facial appearance post-operation. Specifically, the prediction problem is firstly cast to the framework of statistical deformable model recovery. To overcome ...
Analysis of Integrity Vulnerabilities and a Non-repudiation Protocol for Cloud Data Storage Platforms
Found in: Parallel Processing Workshops, International Conference on
By Jun Feng, Yu Chen, Wei-Shinn Ku, Pu Liu
Issue Date:September 2010
pp. 251-258
Data storage technologies have been recognized as one of the major dimensions of information management along with the network infrastructure and applications. The prosperity of cloud computing requires the migration from server-attached storage to network...
Face Appearance Reconstruction Based on a Regional Statistical Craniofacial Model (RCSM)
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By Yan-fei Zhang, Ming-quan Zhou, Guo-hua Geng, Jun Feng
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 1670-1673
The reconstruction of facial soft tissue is an essential processing phase in a few of fields. In this paper, we propose a face appearance reconstruction algorithm based on a Regional Statistical Craniofacial model called RSCM. Specifically, the shape of th...
Road Surface Condition Recognition Method Based on Color Models
Found in: Database Technology and Applications, International Workshop on
By Li Hong, Lin Jun, Feng Yanhui
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 61-63
A computer vision technique has been applied to analyze and research road surface meteorology. The original color data in HIS and RGB models has constituted feature vectors. Robust technique has been used to remove outliers before image process. And a BP n...
Wear Mechanism of Coated Tool During High Speed Machining
Found in: Digital Manufacturing and Automation, International Conference on
By Hu-Ping An, Zhi-Yuan Rui, Jun-Feng Guo, Rui-Cheng Feng
Issue Date:December 2010
pp. 914-919
A methodology based on high speed cutting experimental test and observational methods for analyzing wear course of coated tool in milling cast iron and quenched and tempered 45 steel by coated cemented carbide inserts is introduced. The applied coatings we...
Sky-MCSP-R: An Efficient Graph-Based Web Service Composition Approach
Found in: 2013 20th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC)
By Pengjiao Sun,Pengcheng Zhang,Wenrui Li,Xuejun Guo,Jun Feng
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 589-594
Aiming at optimizing Web service composition which satisfies user's multiple QoS constraints, an efficient graph-based Web service composition approach, named Skyline improved Multi Constraint Shortest Path-Relax (Sky-MCSP-R), is proposed. Firstly, the app...
Analysis on the Characteristics of Surface Runoff and Baseflow in Qingshitan Reservoir
Found in: 2013 Third International Conference on Intelligent System Design and Engineering Applications (ISDEA)
By Pei-Li Han,Jun-Feng Dai,Rong-Jie Fang,Yu-Lin Zheng,Qin-Xue Xu
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 350-353
Taking inflow runoff into Qingshitan reservoir in Guilin city during 1958-1990 year as the research object, the digital filter technology is used to the base flow separation for runoff. The annual change characteristics of surface runoff and base flow is a...
Impact of Water Level Fluctuations on Soil Seed Bank along Riparian Zone in JingJiang River
Found in: 2013 Third International Conference on Intelligent System Design and Engineering Applications (ISDEA)
By Long-Yi Yuan,Zhang-Yong Liu,Yong-Jun Feng,Xin-Hua Xue
Issue Date:January 2013
pp. 840-845
Riparian seeds contained in the seed bank are the potential plant population in a riparian ecosystem, and the basis of the settlement, survival, reproduction and spread of plant population. Moreover, they play a pretty important role in the process of spec...
An Evaluation Method of Standardization Level of Chain Operation and Its Application
Found in: Service Sciences, International Joint Conference on
By Jun Feng,Yun-lai Zhang,Qian-jie Liu
Issue Date:May 2012
pp. 90-94
Standardization is the basic requirement of chain operation, it relates the chain's development speed and success. Calculation standardization level don't get enough attention. Referring to 6¦Ò quality management theory, using discrete coefficient method...
A Computational Pipeline for LC-MS/MS Based Metabolite Identification
Found in: Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, IEEE International Conference on
By Bin Zhou,Jun Feng Xiao,Habtom W. Ressom
Issue Date:November 2011
pp. 247-251
Metabolite identification is the major bottle-neck in LC-MS based metabolomic investigations. The mass-based search approach often leaves a large fraction of metabolites with either no identification or multiple putative identifications. As manual verifica...
Sensitivity Analysis of Equipment Procurement Project Organization Environment Based on BP Neural Network
Found in: Instrumentation, Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control, International Conference on
By Sun Jun-Feng,Liu Wo-ye
Issue Date:October 2011
pp. 557-560
Firstly, this paper found the indexes system of equipment procurement project organization environment and the indexes system of equipment procurement project organization design. Secondly, the sensitivity analysis model of equipment procurement project or...
Implementation of JXTA-based P2P System Access from Web Service
Found in: Power Electronics and Design, Asia-Pacific Conference on
By Jing Mei Li, Nan Ding, Jing Li, Peng Fei Yang, Guo Fang Yang, Hai Yang Guan, Sheng Nan Jin, Chao Yu Wang, Jun Feng Wang
Issue Date:May 2010
pp. 23-26
An heterogeneous distributed system using middleware to finish the visit to each other between P2P and Web Service system is brought forward, and the safety and veracity of visit the service must be ensured. The blue print of middleware is to adding the fu...
Client Designing for Mobile E-commerce System Based on .NET
Found in: Computer Modeling and Simulation, International Conference on
By Xiao-jun Feng,Jia Jia,Hui-dan Wang
Issue Date:January 2010
pp. 407-410
In the study of discussion regarding the status of mobile e-Commerce in domestic and overseas, it was proposed to make use of .NET framework which has a local database on mobile devices to develop an e-Commerce platform in order to successfully achieve the...
A Searching Model of Trustworthy Supply Chain - TSFM
Found in: International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering
By Jun-Feng Tian, Qiu-Ge Sun, Qian Liu
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 304-308
The lack of trust is one of the most important problems that affect supply chain cooperation. Selecting trustworthy members is an effectual way to solve this problem. Based on this, in this paper, we introduce the idea of trust management in network securi...
A Nonlinear Filter Based on Row and Column Operation for Positive Impulsive Noise Reduction
Found in: Information Processing, Asia-Pacific Conference on
By Shuyue Chen, Yun Qiu, Jun Feng
Issue Date:July 2009
pp. 44-46
The positive impulsive noise may be caused by electron radiation in the photo-electronic imaging system. A novel nonlinear filter based on row and column filtering(RCF) was presented and its denoise and detail preservation properties were analyzed. Accordi...
Algorithm of Optimization for Global Supply Chain Layout under Random Conditions
Found in: Electronic Commerce and Business Intelligence, International Conference on
By He Jun Feng, Xiao Wei
Issue Date:June 2009
pp. 250-253
This paper discusses the global supply chain, especially about the prioritization scheme of layout for the maximization of investors’ income. Different from the past studies which used certainty planning model, we introduce the Monte Carlo method with thin...
3D object retrieval based on visual keywords using Relative Angle Context Distribution
Found in: Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, International Workshop on
By Qizhen He, Jun Feng, Horace H. S. Ip
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 246-249
In this paper, we proposed a new 3D object retrieval method based on the visual keywords. In our method, the visual keywords are generated from the clusters of Relative Angle Context Distribution, which provides a statistical shape context that captures lo...
Constrained Clustering Objects on a Spatial Network
Found in: Computer Science and Information Engineering, World Congress on
By Wenting Liu, Jun Feng, Zhijian Wang
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 636-639
Clustering is one of the most important analysis tasks in spatial databases. However, in many real applications, it is more meaningful constrained clustering objects on a spatial network (e.g. road network including traffic information). The existing metho...
Formal Interaction Specification in a Reflective Information Model
Found in: Intelligent Information Technology Application Workshops, International Symposium on
By Peng Ye, Shi Ying, Wen-Jie Yuan, Jun-Feng Yao, Ju-Bo Luo, Ming Hu
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 1017-1020
As to a reflective information model for reusing software architecture(RIM4RSA) which is constructed and designed on the basis of architectural reflection theory, this paper proposes the way of specification by which the interaction in the RIM4RSA can be f...
Multi-thresholds Clustering Objects in a Road Network
Found in: Computer Science and Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Wenting Liu, Jun Feng, Zhijian Wang, Hao Shan
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 686-689
Threshold selection is an important topic and also a critical preprocessing step, which directly affects the accuracy of the clustering in a road network. This paper analyzes the necessity of multiple thresholds selection in a road network, extracts the si...
Multi-Granularity Aggregation Index for Data Stream
Found in: Cyberworlds, International Conference on
By Jun Feng, Ying Wang, Jiayu Yao, Toyohide Watanabe
Issue Date:September 2008
pp. 767-771
Aggregate information is important for data stream processing systems, especially, to get any user-specified time window queries and evolution analysis over data stream. To solve this problem, inthis paper, we propose an integrated structure for managing s...
Comparative Study of Three Feature Selection Methods for Regional Land Cover Classification Using MODIS Data
Found in: Image and Signal Processing, Congress on
By Shijin Li, Yuelong Zhu, Jun Feng, Ping Ai, Xi Chen
Issue Date:May 2008
pp. 565-569
Selecting suitable features is very crucial for achieving successful classification of land cover types. This paper presents a comparative study of three typical feature selection methods for the task of regional land cover classification using MODIS data....
Research on Entropy-based Collaborative Filtering Algorithm
Found in: E-Business Engineering, IEEE International Conference on
By Chunhui Piao, Jing Zhao, Jun Feng
Issue Date:October 2007
pp. 213-220
Based on the brief introduction to the user-based and item-based collaborative filtering algorithms, the problems related to the two algorithms are analyzed, and a new entropy-based recommendation algorithm is proposed. Aimed at the drawbacks of traditiona...
Fine-grained access control for GridFTP using SecPAL
Found in: Grid Computing, IEEE/ACM International Workshop on
By Marty Humphrey, Sang-Min Park, Jun Feng, Norm Beekwilder, Glenn Wasson, Jason Hogg, Brian LaMacchia, Blair Dillaway
Issue Date:September 2007
pp. 217-225
Grid access control policy languages today are generally one of two extremes: either extremely simplistic, or overly complex and challenging for even security experts to use. In this paper, we explicitly identify requirements for an access control policy l...
Resource usage policy expression and enforcement in grid computing
Found in: Grid Computing, IEEE/ACM International Workshop on
By Jun Feng, Glenn Wasson, Marty Humphrey
Issue Date:September 2007
pp. 66-73
To date, not enough attention has been paid to issues surrounding the description and enforcement of policies for controlling Grid resources. These policies define the permitted or desired usage scenario(s) allowed by resource providers, virtual organizati...
A Statistical Assembled Model for Segmentation of Entire 3D Vasculature
Found in: Pattern Recognition, International Conference on
By Jun Feng, Horace H. S. Ip
Issue Date:August 2006
pp. 95-98
We introduce a novel statistical deformable model called SAMTUS for the segmentation of soft tissue tubular structures. The model is composed of an assembly of statistically deformable tubular segments whereby the junctions of the tubular branches are used...
Policy-Directed Data Movement in Grids
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By Jun Feng, Lingling Cui, Glenn Wasson, Marty Humphrey
Issue Date:July 2006
pp. 319-326
One of the guiding principles of the Grid is local (site) autonomy. Resource owners maintain control over their resources even when those resources are part of a larger Grid. In other words, resource sharing in Grids must be subject to the policies of the ...
Proactive Route Planning Based on Expected Rewards for Transport Systems
Found in: Tools with Artificial Intelligence, IEEE International Conference on
By Naoto Mukai, Toyohide Watanabe, Jun Feng
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 51-57
Route planning is one of the important tasks for transport systems. Appropriate policies for route selections improve not only profitability of transport companies but also convenience of customers. Traditional ways for establishing the policies depend on ...
Toward Seamless Grid Data Access: Design and Implementation of GridFTP on .NET
Found in: Grid Computing, IEEE/ACM International Workshop on
By Jun Feng, Lingling Cui, G. Wasson, M. Humphrey
Issue Date:November 2005
pp. 164-171
No summary available.
Eliminating Replica Selection - Using Multiple Replicas to Accelerate Data Transfer on Grids
Found in: Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Conference on
By Jun Feng, Marty Humphrey
Issue Date:July 2004
pp. 359
Data-intensive, high-performance computing applications often require the efficient transfer of terabytes or even petabytes of data in wide-area, distributed computing environments. To increase the efficiency of wide area data movement, researchers have de...
A 3D Geometric Deformable Model for Tubular Structure Segmentation
Found in: Multi-Media Modeling Conference, International
By Jun Feng, Horace H. S. Ip, Shuk H. Cheng
Issue Date:January 2004
pp. 174
In this paper, we present a relational-tubular (ReTu ) deformable model for segmenting a complex and the entire tubular network structure with branches in close proximity of each other. Specifically, we incorporate a priori knowledge of the target anatomy ...
Index Structure for Managing Multi-levels of Road Networks on Distributed Environment
Found in: Information Technology: Coding and Computing, International Conference on
By Jun Feng, Toyohide Watanabe
Issue Date:April 2003
pp. 315
With a view to attaining the sharability and consistency of map information under distributed environment, we proposed a Multi-level/Multi-theme map information model to maintain maps in consistency with original source datasets. However, the distributed m...
Detection of conserved microRNAs in Saccharum Officinarum Using Microarray
Found in: Information Science and Engineering, International Conference on
By Shaoning Chen, Xuehong Yin, Junli Feng, Jianguang Zhang, Jishuang Chen
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 4823-4826
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) reported previously from Arabidopsis. thaliana and other seven plant species, by both experimental validation and prediction, were used to identify potential miRNAs in Saccharum officinarum which is an important food and bio-energy crop....
Sketch RR-Tree: A Spatio-Temporal Aggregation Index for Network-Constrained Moving Objects
Found in: Innovative Computing ,Information and Control, International Conference on
By Jun Feng, Chunyan Lu, Ying Wang, Toyohide Watanabe
Issue Date:June 2008
pp. 4
Traffic aggregate information is important for Intelligent Transportation Systems. There are two issues in obtaining such information, one is how to aggregate traffic data stream efficiently, and another is how to process the
Mutual information mining for component law and development of new recipes of topical herbs for atopic dermatitis
Found in: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM)
By Da-Can Chen,Wei Zhao,Jun-Feng Liu,Qing Wu,Xiu-Mei Mo,Jian-Ke Pan,Rui-Qiang Fan,Hong-Yi Li,Lie-Hui Liao,Zhao-hui Liang
Issue Date:December 2013
pp. 7-8
Traditional Chinese medicines (CM) topical herbs for atopic dermatitis are mainly consist of nourishing the blood, dryness-moistening, dry-dampness, skin-moisturizing and itching-relief, of which therapeutic principles are taken as dryness-moistening to re...
A Framework of Reflective Mechanism for Supporting OWL-S Requirements Specifications Evolution
Found in: Computer Science and Software Engineering, International Conference on
By Yao Jun-feng, Ying Shi, Yuan Wen-jie, Ye Peng, Luo Ju-bo, Jia Xiang-Yang
Issue Date:December 2008
pp. 288-291
The process of traditional requirements acquisition and analysis is generally completed by domain experts and requirements analysts, which will greatly restrict the requirements modeling automatization degree and user’s participation degree in the requirem...
A Mathematical Investigation on Retrieval Performance Evaluation Measures of Information Retrieval Algorithm
Found in: Information Technology: Coding and Computing, International Conference on
By Song Jun-feng, Zhang Wei-ming, Xiao Wei-dong
Issue Date:April 2005
pp. 806-810
Retrieval performance evaluation measures of information retrieval algorithm are the foundation of evaluating and improving information retrieval algorithm. In this paper precision and recall are analyzed mathematically, and a theorem is proved: a good IR ...
Large scale image clustering with support vector machine based on visual keywords
Found in: Proceedings of the Tenth International Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining (MDMKDD '10)
By Horace H. S. Ip, Jun Feng, Tian-Tian Chang
Issue Date:July 2010
pp. 1-8
Support Vector Machine Clustering (SVMC) is a model-based clustering method designed primarily for solving 2-class clustering problems. In this paper, we generalize the SVMC method to multi-class clustering via two different strategies, namely One-Against-...
Joint Contract of Mixed Distribution System
Found in: Information Science and Engineering, International Conference on
By Jun-feng Di, Ming-nan Yu, Huan-ming Li
Issue Date:December 2009
pp. 4915-4918
This paper studies a mixed channel system including a traditional retail channel with added service and an Internet channel. After analyzing decentralized and centralized supply chain, we conclude that the decentralized supply chain ought to be coordinated...
Simulation of the Passive Regional Satellite Navigation System Based on HLA
Found in: Computer Modeling and Simulation, International Conference on
By Ying Liao, Wang-hua Pan, Xue-rong Yang, Xiang-jun Feng, Yuan-lan Wen
Issue Date:April 2008
pp. 416-421
No summary available.
A Framework on Runtime Verification for Software Behavior
Found in: Intelligent System Design and Engineering Application, International Conference on
By Zhi-bing Wang,Chang-yun Li,Sheng-long Hu,Jun-feng Man
Issue Date:January 2012
pp. 20-23
With the wide application of software, the scale of software systems is constantly expanding, and their structures and behaviors become more and more complicated. Therefore, people have more request and wish for their correctness, availability, reliability...
Use of the Cooperative Game Model for Water Rights Trade
Found in: Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering, International Conference on
By Li Wu, Jun-feng Tian, Hui-cheng Zhou
Issue Date:August 2010
pp. 228-232
Based on the market characteristics of water rights trade in China, the bidding strategies and benefit functions of both trade sides under the water rights quasi-market are proposed, then the cooperative game model for water rights trade is established, an...
Virtual Instrument of Measuring Machine Tool Guide Way Straightness Based on EST
Found in: Information and Computing Science, International Conference on
By Zhang Jun-feng, Wang Yan-yan
Issue Date:June 2010
pp. 170-172
Based on the LabVIEW software and EST (error separation technology), virtual instrument is built for measuring machine tool guide way straightness. The general structure and measure principle are presented. Then, it discusses the realizing method of system...
Analysis and Research of Vibration Feeder Based on Finite Element Method
Found in: Information and Computing Science, International Conference on
By Yan-yan Wang, Jun-feng Zhang
Issue Date:May 2009
pp. 325-328
Based on finite element method and ANSYS software, vibration feeder is fatigue break influenced by exciting force alternate load. This paper introduces the rational finite element model of vibration feeder. It discusses harmonic response analysis and disco...
A Methodology for Rapid Assembly Modeling of Components with Typical Assembly Feature
Found in: Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, International Conference on
By Gui-dong Li, Lai-shui Zhou, Lu-ling An, Zhi-guo Wang, Jun-feng Ji, Chang-bai Tan
Issue Date:April 2009
pp. 179-183
In assembly modeling process, standard parts and some existing components with typical assembly feature are often inserted into the assembly model of a product directly and the design time could be reduced if these components are to be effectively managed....
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